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  1. 20psi is way too much boost for 350kw.
  2. Agreed, when I went to the PTE 6235 I found it pretty quiet, turned out to be a fantastic turbo for its size.
  3. I don't think it fits, completely different turbo. Will probably need a custom exhaust manifold aswell
  4. Fuel and maintenance are included as it is a novated lease. It works for me as I use the maintenance and fuel for both my cars I lose roughly $250 per week out of my pay (part pre-tax, part post tax), take into account the $120 per week it would cost me to fuel both cars, Rego and insurance for the BMW plus included maintenance and the BMW is costing me $50 per week give or take So over the 5 year period the BMW is costing me 13K plus a residual of around 14K which works out to around 27K Don't forget this is just a bonus, I lease a car purely to reduce my taxable income
  5. Not really, Currently I have a 2014 BMW 328i leased through work (Wife's daily) for tax purposes. That cost me 64K, ex-demo The M2's I am looking at are 2017-18 models, they seem to be around the 65K mark So really nothing changes for me, just means I drive an M2 daily instead of my XR6T which is 12 years old now. If anything it will be cheaper to run the M2 and it will only consume about half the fuel the taxi does
  6. Might wire it up so when the key is at the off position that fuse gets no power Hopefully that should do it. Don't really want to swap ICC's as the car will likely become a weekender by early next year. Looking at getting a smaller daily, maybe an M2
  7. Would it need pairing? Pretty sure that if you keep your existing BEM then nothing needs to be paired
  8. Hey Bud, You wouldn't happen to know which part of the icc needs replacing? I'm facing the same issue and CBF pulling the fuse out all the time. Due to COVID the car is sitting at home more than normal so probably a good time to remove the ICC and replace what ever needs replacing Cheers
  9. Another option is: https://products.liqui-moly.com/oils/top-tec-atf-1800-1.html
  10. I'm also curious. Autotech recently tuned a Subaru that made 450rwks with a GTX3584RS, customer wasn't happy with the slow spool (Circuit car), so they tried a G35 (900 I think) It made just under the 446rwkws but came on a hell of a lot earlier. Customer was very happy. I'd love to see a G35-900 on a falcon
  11. Correct, not all ELM readers display Trans Temp Mate of mine had the same issue and I spent an hour trying things and couldn't get it working. I had a spare in the car that I wasn't using, plugged it in and bam everything worked as expected.
  12. Just noticed there are a couple of brackets not required, correct equation is: (((A*256)+B)*(1/8)-32)*(5/9)
  13. Managed to get it working in Celsius with the below settings
  14. Thread revival..... OBD Fusion is available for IOS and it does Trans Fluid Temp Similar settings as the Torque app Currently only showing in F not C but I'm sure it can be changed in the settings, I'll have a play when I get a chance
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