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    NSW EATN8S / Autotech TH400 XR6T Sedan - WSID 9.33 @ 145
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    Lazys Bf2 Xr6 Turbo

    Love the Fkn Send it...lol
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    NSW EATN8S / Autotech TH400 XR6T Sedan - WSID 9.38 @ 145
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    NSW EATN8S / Autotech A6 XR6T Sedan - WSID 9.38 @ 145
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    NSW Massimo / Hoontune A6 F6 Sedan - WSID 9.32 @ 160
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    Thanks guys
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    Selling my CarPC as I never got around to installing it and really can't be bothered anymore. It's a few years old now but it's all basically brand new. Only turned on to install Windows and Centrafuse. Asking price: $400 Case http://www.mo-co-so.com/Black-Box-Mobile-Carputer-Case-p/mcs-bbm.htm Mobo and CPU Zotac-nm10-itx https://www.cnet.com/products/zotac-nm10-itx-wifi-motherboard-mini-itx-intel-atom-d510-nm10/specs/ HDD GSkill 64 GB SSD https://www.tweaktown.com/reviews/3025/g_skill_falcon_ii_64gb_2_5_inch_solid_state_disk/index.html RAM Corsair 2GB DDR2 2x1GB sticks GPS BU-353 http://www.dieselboss.com/Travrout/antenna.htm Power Supply M2-ATX - 160W http://www.mini-box.com/M2-ATX-160w-Intelligent-Automotive-DC-DC-Power-Supply CGA to VGA convertor https://www.converters.tv/products/vga_to_pal/40.html Here's a clip of Centrafuse
  8. rednose

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    NSW Tony Flash / HOON tune A6 F6 Sedan - WSID 9.28 @ 156
  9. Drainage is my biggest issue though, as there's a couple of spots where the water pools and doesn't drain.
  10. Decking done Dragon trees in pots Just need to do the pebbles around the pool and the pots. Starting to look good now.
  11. Hopefully all issues get sorted so you can move on. Been a pretty dreadful experience
  12. Thanks man Artificial FTW!!! Wanted to plant the real thing but I've been told the real ones don't like salt and chlorine and being so close to the pool I had to go with something else. https://designerplants.com.au/product/laurel-hedge-extendable-trellis-screen-2-meter-1-meter/ I got it for $69 per panel, they spread to 2.5 meters but they aren't as dense. I got 10 panels and kept them at 1.2m wide to get that look.
  13. Thanks mate, It came out exactly as I thought it would. 2/3rd's of the yard done now. Decking, pergola and BBQ to go now. Hopefully be done by Christmas and I can spend some more money on the car next year. It's been neglected...lol
  14. Hedging and grass done. Decking next...
  15. Framework for decking completed Pretty happy with the way it turned out.

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