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  1. Correct, not all ELM readers display Trans Temp Mate of mine had the same issue and I spent an hour trying things and couldn't get it working. I had a spare in the car that I wasn't using, plugged it in and bam everything worked as expected.
  2. Just noticed there are a couple of brackets not required, correct equation is: (((A*256)+B)*(1/8)-32)*(5/9)
  3. Managed to get it working in Celsius with the below settings
  4. Thread revival..... OBD Fusion is available for IOS and it does Trans Fluid Temp Similar settings as the Torque app Currently only showing in F not C but I'm sure it can be changed in the settings, I'll have a play when I get a chance
  5. Its on facebook, so must be true
  6. Hey Puff, What did that system cost in total? My summer bill was $960.00 Last year was more, need something to reduce the air con bill. All other quarters are around $500
  7. NSW EATN8S / Autotech TH400 XR6T Sedan - WSID 9.33 @ 145
  8. Love the Fkn Send it...lol
  9. NSW EATN8S / Autotech TH400 XR6T Sedan - WSID 9.38 @ 145
  10. NSW EATN8S / Autotech A6 XR6T Sedan - WSID 9.38 @ 145
  11. NSW Massimo / Hoontune A6 F6 Sedan - WSID 9.32 @ 160
  12. rednose


    Selling my CarPC as I never got around to installing it and really can't be bothered anymore. It's a few years old now but it's all basically brand new. Only turned on to install Windows and Centrafuse. Asking price: $400 Case http://www.mo-co-so.com/Black-Box-Mobile-Carputer-Case-p/mcs-bbm.htm Mobo and CPU Zotac-nm10-itx https://www.cnet.com/products/zotac-nm10-itx-wifi-motherboard-mini-itx-intel-atom-d510-nm10/specs/ HDD GSkill 64 GB SSD https://www.tweaktown.com/reviews/3025/g_skill_falcon_ii_64gb_2_5_inch_solid_state_disk/index.html RAM Corsair 2GB DDR2 2x1GB sticks GPS BU-353 http://www.dieselboss.com/Travrout/antenna.htm Power Supply M2-ATX - 160W http://www.mini-box.com/M2-ATX-160w-Intelligent-Automotive-DC-DC-Power-Supply CGA to VGA convertor https://www.converters.tv/products/vga_to_pal/40.html Here's a clip of Centrafuse
  13. NSW Tony Flash / HOON tune A6 F6 Sedan - WSID 9.28 @ 156
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