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  1. DBA42108S is a 328mm rotor (Early BF / Territory rear), I believe the Brembo rears are 330mm. I have heard of people making that disc work with spacers but that's not something I would try. You may just have the wrong discs
  2. I disagree, I moved to a 4" x-force system and I prefer the sound of my previous twin 2.5" x-force
  3. I have tried a fair few tyres in my day and highly rate the Toyo R888's, they held over 450kws in 2nd gear. Tyres were 295/30/19 and car was on e70 at just under 480 rwkws I now have the car on 98 and am right on the 400kw mark running Zestino 295/30/19 Gredge 07R (not the S) This would be the best tyre I have ever used, it holds 2nd gear no problem and they are half the price of the Toyo's Anybody looking for grip at a decent price should look at these. They also have an RS version which is rated at a lower treadwear rating so should be better again.
  4. Aeropro will be releasing an FG Fascia kit soon
  5. I'm currently looking at the Aeropro kit aswell, I just dont get why they didnt design it with the controls down the bottom. Having the screen higher up would have been heaps better. Still, its a nice kit and I prefer it over the Kayhan as you can choose a quality head of choice, and update it as often as you wish.
  6. Which shaft did you break? Stock one?
  7. 700hp ones are actually 1000hp rated and plenty for 99.9% of the falcons on the road. The only reason they were downgraded to 700hp is due to the release of the 1400hp ones.
  8. Going off what I saw with this turbo on a 2.5L WRX I was expecting good results but those numbers on relatively low boost is awesome. When my Precision needs replacing I might try one. May even try the 1050, God help my stock motor...lol
  9. Opened his own shop called HOON Tune, has since merged with Aaron from Precision Automotive Racing and they are now called Precision Racing https://precisionracing.com.au/
  10. Coming along nicely, well done and sorry for your loss
  11. If you only want 370 then I would choose a GTX3576R over the 82R. Will almost spool as good as the stock turbo and easily get you the power you are chasing
  12. 20psi is way too much boost for 350kw.
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