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  1. Have booked with Zane for my retune, looking forward to him getting it properly sorted for me. Valve spring upgrade happening this week ahead of Zane’s tune
  2. By full exhaust I’m talking about from, and including the dump pipe back
  3. Appreciate your feedback. Yes I’m looking at other tuner options, nothing really jumping out at me with the rep of tuners here
  4. Hi, have G6ET with 355rwkw, currently have a full xforce system with the twin 2.5” pipes. Other mods include a Walbro 400, PW stage 1 intercooler, 1000cc injectors, GTX3582 gen 2 with flapper mod and porting etc. Had hoped for more kw from the recent tune, a couple people have suggested that single exhaust 4” system would help, thoughts? Reluctant to change the exhaust unless it’ll make a difference, wasn’t cheap to buy being a full stainless one. Thanks
  5. Cheers, a good 6-7mm clearance
  6. The brembos brakes fitted well with plenty of clearance
  7. Thanks, Koya were awesome, had cad specs on hand for my wheels/offset and the brembo 6 pots, the guy said they’ll fit okay. Doing a test fit next Thursday... fingers crossed. Cheers for the advice
  8. I’m running 20” rims Koya SF07 (20x9 offset is 30) front with but yeah will need to look very closely at the fitment as on F6s there’s like only a few mm clearance with 19s
  9. A guy I know has some 6 pot brembos with rotors that he is looking to sell, they’re 9 years old. They’re in good alround order with plenty of meat on the rotors. I asked him how much he wants and he’s asked me to make him an offer. What’s a fair price to pay? I’m going to use them on my G6ET but will of course first need to do a test fit for wheel clearance etc. The car running super low springs too so I need to be careful with using spacers. Thanks
  10. Got car back fromtuner, achieved 355rwkw and 802nm, suffered bad heat soak with follow up runs typically dropping 30rwkw. Not too sure that the car feels that much different to drive over the old mods. Definitely sounds better with the huge induction noise and turbo whine but just not quite going as well as I’d anticipated, not sure what to do next
  11. Where in the 300s will these mods get my G6ET on 98 fuel: Walbro 400 (already fitted) 1000cc injectors (to be fitted) PW stage 1 intercooler and piping (already fitted) X-force - full system with the twin 2.5 pipes (already fitted) GTX3582R gen2 with modded exhaust housing (36mm flapper, porting etc), and 14psi actuator. Just picked up last week, to be fitted. Tune being done on a roller dyno, will be go in the next few weeks when the tuner is free. Thanks
  12. Turbo upgrade, have a G6ET with a stock 3576 turbo with the porting and flapper mod, looking to upgrade to the GTX3582R Gen 2. When ordering I just want to make sure I’m getting everything needed, my questions 1) there’s a couple options around the flapper size and the actuator size - what is recommended? 2) Also reading through I understand I need a couple reducers but can’t see any details to guide me on what exactly I need to order? Current supporting mods: Walbro 400 pump, 1000cc injectors, P/W stage 1 intercooler, and a full xforce (twin 2.5”) exhaust. Cheers for your help
  13. karlp2

    Retune question

    Retune question... So a few months back I had some mods done to my G6ET, and had overboost issues sending it into limp mode, tuner made adjustments to back off the boosting between gear changes - well that’s how he explained it anyway. I’ve since had the stock turbo flapper and porting mod done through my regular mechanic. With a retune how much more boost can I run and what sort of extra power do you think I can get? Current mods include: walbro 400 fuel pump, Siemens 630cc injectors, a Process West stage one intercooler and piping, a full x-force stainless exhaust from the dump pipe back (running the twin 2.5” pipe system), the current tune is running 13 pound of boost, on a hub dyno it made 337 rwkw and 713nm, so probably more like just over 300 true kw at the wheels. I’m trying to justify what I’ll get for the retune cost. Cheers.
  14. How do I get my iPhone to take a smaller pic?

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