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  1. how much hurt would semis cause to the tailshaft / diff with normal driving and no launches?
  2. Awesome sounds good thanks ill defs look into them, ahhh okay, its just a weekender for now just the right foot tends to get heavy when I see clubby go past 🤪
  3. ahhh yes thanks kieth but its more of a problem in 2nd and 3rd gear and reaching 4000rpm tends to power skid, wouldnt mind getting some traction, would a fresh set of top end tyres be a start? Cheers
  4. No, im after the correct maximum width without stretching mate I could possibly toss up a new set of mags but might try correct width and top end tyres if that will help? im not really sure thanks mate!
  5. Hey lads, recently upgraded to 400kw, running kumho ectsas ps91/71s struggle for traction in 2nd and 3rd, really just after some perfomance tyres no slicks theyre 18x9 rear and 18x 8.5 front. what cuold be best stretched tyre for max grip? sorta looking at the michelin pilot sports 4 255/35/18? just wondering if anything better out there? cheers
  6. thanks, I was thinking if I was to go e85, I could do the turbo upgrade also and what not, just unsure on the most responsive turbo set up would be for it as id like to keep it to similar spool time maybe allow for a few rpm to be added full boost by 3100 - 3200rpm?
  7. Cheers mate, would you have any idea on how strong the manual tr6060 is?
  8. Not to revive an old thread but, is highflowing the gt3582 r the next turbo upgrade from the f6 turbo? still wanting the responsiveness as I have now but understand that I will gain a few rpm of spool due to bigger wheel... with supporting mods on 98 im making 546hp, 770nm manual and have full boost by 2900, (18 psi).. Cheers
  9. Hi All, after buying a ute at the end of the year, oil pump gears shattered and am getting it fixed soon hopefully, now while this is getting fixed should I get aftermarket headstuds, harmonic balancer, hd timing chain and guides? from atomic or another source? do I really need half of these? running 460hp has a few mods already, just trying to future proof it, sorry if this has been asked 1000 times... Maybe upgrading to a different turbo in the near future, probably a 76 G2, car will only ever see 98 and doubt it will see any track either, just a nice quick street car..
  10. Awesome Thanks mate, looks like ill be going in that direction.
  11. Hi All, Is the gtx3576 gen 2 worth the upgrade over the stock fg turbo, mine is dying and need to upgrade or replace? cant find much on the gen 2s. The car will only ever see street and used on 98 fuel, wanting a bit more go but dont want to start breaking driveline parts either. Thanks in Advance
  12. Hi All, FG XR6T Oil pump failure, will need a shop to replace and inspect my engine. Whos good around gold coast and brisbane area? Thanks alot, Sam
  13. Awesome Thanks mate, what turbo is on the fg f6 310s? gt3582? does that also say m12 on ?
  14. Similar Question, just bought a fg xr6t ute, was wondering what turbo it has on it as I bought it from a dealer but has mods/tune already, says m12 garret on it, does the stock fg turbo have that on it? what is the stock fg turbo? a gt3576? Cheers Sam
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