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  1. So.. im defs buying a Tailshaft, need it for the peace of mind haha I guess, gj drivelines or hardy spicer for manual ute? Most of them are two pieces, is that the go? Seen a carbon fibre write up but not many shops do them besides the ones in the states.
  2. haven't got any real good photos as of yet but this should do, p s mind the missing center caps 😂
  3. So... ended up biting the bullet and just received some 15x10 Jegs for the rear of my xr6t ute Shave a bit off the banjo bolt on the rear brakes and had the guards rolled and they fit pretty snug wrapped in mickey thompsons et Streets 275/50/15 on a lowered ute looks good. Now to test the stock shaft out... wont be launching at all! just trying to eliminate power skidding at 4000rpm.😂 surely would be okay, guess time will tell...
  4. awesome, ive got the f6 turbo can you swap the gen 2 3582 in it ?
  5. would be good to see those numbers for 98
  6. On 98? when would full boost be with that setup?
  7. What are the bolt ons? bigger turbo which results in more lag?
  8. is there really any way to get 450kw on 98 without a built engine? ive seen up to 430kw on 98 unsure of happy dyno but no tuners really push on 98 for obvious reasons
  9. How is the gtx3576? was interested in one.
  10. yeah ive read that also, was yours auto or manual? would of been some fun
  11. awesome, is that pushing the factory engine with 21psi on 98?
  12. that's an inbetween the gtx3582 and 84?
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