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  1. That looks great ! All back n blue is sooooooooo right 😃
  2. . ........and I have , it no response 😕
  3. Yeah the vf comm module has a rear camera rca input which is triggered into the Alpine when you drop the Ferkin into reverse. When a climate control button/knob/lever is adjusted , then the module just tells the head unit that it’s in reverse and the climate display is sent via the rca for a short time. Sooooooo simple that’s it’s annoying 🤬 I suggested posting on the employers business farcebook to my boss, but he hasn’t done it yet
  4. Sometimes when I have questioned the availability of special items, and the answer is like ‘.....order 50 items and we will build/supply them to you.......’ . So I wonder what the demand is for a Canbus module with rca output and rear camera input to replace the ford fg series1 display ? Me - 1
  5. I had a meeting with the aerpro rep on Friday and complimented him on the vf comm canbus/display interface, to which he smiled and agreed that yes it was good. Then I requested the same interface but modified to suit my FG series 1. He laughed but said he would ask the question back at the office. And I will annoy him until I get one 😎
  6. So I’ve yet to complete the Alpine upgrade with the factory display, steering wheel switches, and rear camera still to do. But the sound from the Alpine is definitely worth the effort! Better dynamic range and stereo separation , and the extra quality power has the original speakers working betterer. And with front/rear/sub rca out, a lot more can be done in the future. All this puts a smile on my face 😀
  7. I had to fit a Kenwood d/din unit to a vf comm yesterday, using a aerpro kit that made things easy. The canbus module sent all the climate control display info to the Kenwood via the rear camera input by telling the unit that the car was in reverse . Anyway it just pissed me off cos it worked well and I can’t bloody get one for my FG 🤬
  8. Hi Bullet ! yes you are right - I was trying some reverse cameras in front of the screen, with the plan of located the screen underdash. Yes it’s primitive ....and I’m a bit embarrassed ..... but I haven’t found anything else that worked. The reverseddisplay was a camera that would not mirror the image.😕 Getting pointers from another harness was also my plan, and there is another brand coming out with a different climate display, so modifications in the future was on the cards. Sorry I can’t help you to progress any further with the display interface, but keep trying 😃
  9. Sorry I’m not on the Aust ford forum. So far my icc is still plugged in as normal and I haven’t touched the main connector. This idea to get the icc display up to the alpine ILX-007 is basic with average results, but it shows the climate controls . And it shows the CD display , which is good as I’m running it into the Alpine via the AUX input. No I haven’t touched the cga.
  10. Having a 5 min play ........mmmmmm maybe another option with the factory top display unit 🤔
  11. This is the rear of the Alpine iLX-W650E ( #24 is for the steering wheel switches connection )
  12. Well picked ! Those 15mm of extra space will make it easier to plug in the main power n speaker plug. I haven’t modified the Ford icc side mount brackets so getting the power plug in with my 007 Alpine is a bit fiddley, as is the USB plug which is right next to it.
  13. Sorry but the unit I have installed is the discontinued Alpine ILX-007, which is the ‘father’ of the w650
  14. That’s the ticket ! Keep at it and share your progress 😃
  15. I’m in the process of locating the top ford icc display to the lower pocket and not disconnecting the main icc harness at all. I hope to get the display to the rear of the pocket area and mount the front section of the clip in pocket back in. Soooooooo a casual look at my fg will see just a normal area in front of the shifter with the cig socket and aux still there, but a display that is visible though the the ‘gaps’...........maybe 🤔
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