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Found 2 results

  1. Brake pad and rotor suggestions

    Hey lads Happy new year soon! But car parts is life lol. So I am in dire need for new rear rotors and brake pads all round as I'm getting heavy shudder, I took it into a mechanic who put front dba t3 rotors on and new crap repco brake pads all round and have been back 4 times to try and figure out why the shudder. I got the rear stock brembo rotors machined, no help. I gave up on mechanics and decided just to do things myself. I changed them out with another set of second hand rotors, no go too. So I'm just going to change them out with some new DBA t3 rear rotors and brake pads all round and see if that fixes it. However I've done some research on brake pads and HOLY sh*t there is a lot to choose from! So my question is to all the barra gods out there is, where should I start??? I'm heavy on the brakes often but no track days as of yet and I hate hate hate brake dust!!! I have learnt ceramic is the way to go for little brake waste and am willing to pay a bit extra to get good performance with no rim muck........ I'm in Brisbane, has anyone had any dealings with Brakes direct? or know anywhere that does rotors and brake pads at a reasonable price? P.s. I've got 4 pot brembo fronts and 1 pot OEM rear. Cheers
  2. Hi peoples, Thought Id start a new thread as everything I can find on DBA vs RDA is pretty old stuff (2011 and before) and thought I'd get more replies starting a new thread. Just after peoples opinions on the two brands of rotors and I know everyone is going to say DBA but just wanted to see if the premium is worth it or whether the RDA will be ok. I will eventually be doing full set of everything, so F + R rotors all round, F + R pads and braided lines and I assume fresh Dot 5.1 fluid. 1) So from the posts I've read, some people have been stating that there is a difference in quality between the RDA Gold rotors (I think its the drilled and slotted ones) and the standard rotors (slotted and all the rest). Is this true? are the gold RDA rotors built differently to the other ones available? I was considering buying off some company called Rapid RS as I've seen the name before and a few people here have bought from them. I think I read somewhere that they import the standard rotors from china and do all the slots, drilling and whatever in Australia. So is there any difference between rotor quality of gold RDA vs slotted RDA ?? will one handle higher temps than the other? does one warp/wear out less than the other? and so on. 2) Also what are some peoples examples of how long rotors have lasted. Most cases where people have said 10000kms or 5000kms from RDA, haven't mentioned whether it was on the goldies or just the standard rotors? Just trying to gauge what average drivers are getting km wise from these and also the DBA T3 slotted rotors? Prefer people who have been there and done that to give me their opinions, rather than someone who has just put them on or only done 10000kms. I think I read here someone did 65000kms on RDA golds with no issues? but yeah then you get others who get stuff all kms too :/ 3) Has anyone out there used the 'brembo' brand brake pads yet? Not sure if its a relatively new product line or whether they have been around for a while? I was talking to Matt from race brakes and told him that I was after a decent pad, with good grip, low dust, no noise and relatively inexpensive and this is what he suggested to me. A lot of ppl go the ferrodo ds I think they are called or performance ? But yeah... decent stopping power, Low dust and Low noise is what I'm after so seeing if anyone has used them before? I'm too lazy to clean my wheels all the time so bulk brake dust will just get on my nerves and I am willing to sacrifice some performance if it means little dust and NO noise. Again, I think I read somewhere that you should put a certain type of grease or something so that the brakes don't squeal/squeak under light braking (and hard braking for that matter) The car in question is a 2008 FG Sedan Auto and I don't ever take it to the track or drags, etc. Car is completely stock too, but one day (when I clear one of my other loans or actually save up 3K) then ill do my tune, blah blah blah and hopefully hit low 300's (or more than likely 290something). This is purely my weekend car (plus a couple days during the week) as its pretty hard not to drive my car vs my gfs ford laser but trying to keep my kms down (done 10,000kms in 4 months of ownership and used to do that many kms in 12 months lol). I don't really do lots of heavy braking (I prefer to brake earlier with less pressure on the pedal and come to a smooth stop as opposed to those who brake from 80 to 0 in like less than 5metres) and I do the whole handbrake up after I stop at the traffic lights If I've been heavy on the breaks before the lights. Also when I'm heavy on the brakes its usually a few stops from 100ish and never more than 5 mins worth of 'decently paced' driving The issue so far I am seeing is the cost side. I'm getting the territory rear calipers done so will need a pair of DBA42107S and DBA42108S and those are $460 and $440 delivered. Where as the RDA golds will set me back $425 plus delivery, so significantly cheaper (or if the slotted ones are decent too, they are as cheap as $325 a set I think). And as I have now ran out of mod money, it will take a bloody long time for me to save and my vibrations under braking is getting stupid (cant even do 70km braking without shudder) and yeah its got 93000kms so I'm guessing front diff bushes need to be done as well? But Fraud have said the shudder is most likely discs needing machining but figure may as well do all of it at the same time Again, apologies for the LONG POST....I always do this whenever I start typing about my car but any answers of peoples experiences would be good. People with similar driving habits like me would be the best info (I.e. someone who doesn't thrash their car all the time, and does daily driving and not track or crazy short distance stopping, so that I can get a decent opinion). For example, I am considering buying the Monroe gt sport shocks and kings but probably 60-75% of people here will bag them out and say they are sh*thouse and that I shouldn't put anything in other than billys or koni reds, but I figure, for half the price I can see how long it will last and whether its does a good enough job (if they handle like new OEM or slightly better than OEM, then that will be enough for me). Surely a 60,000km is good enough indicator that its not terrible? I've noticed a few ppl have done the gt shocks without complaints so maybe the RDA rotors aren't too bad? Of coarse if they are still sh*t (even goldies) and will wear out even under light to moderate braking then If I have to bight the bullet and pay for the premium DBA's then I will. Just hoping I don't have too, but would rather spend the money if it will last me longer than 2 sets of RDAs (if that makes sense?). SORRY AGAIN FOR MY LONG POST !!! look forward to the flood of replies to come soon hahaha Cheers, Peter

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