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  1. someone buy this off me please??? [emoji106] Sent from my SM-G965F using Tapatalk
  2. I decided to pull them and get them fixed. picked up the repaired pair couple weeks ago [emoji1690][emoji106] cant believe they are still around tbh [emoji23]
  3. ^^ [emoji106] when I vinyl wrap going a breeze type colour...maybe matte maybe gloss dunno. anybody want this POS? just listed on gumtree. need $500 minimum for you blokes??? can post probs $25-50 with auspost. also still selling a set of rims lol $950 advan RG staggered, $1850 rays gram lights 57CR square set...cant move much on these....maybe $50 [emoji23][emoji1696][emoji111]
  4. Im sorry I dont have that switch that makes me a stupid rude internet kent. I like to communicate using sentances? big whoop....still made you read it though bahhahaa [emoji57] You got a Ford again or what you driving these days? Still dating that chick or married with kids now bahahaha Ive missed too much to understand that reference keifer Sutherland.
  5. hahaha late 30s are cranky lol that will be me soon enough bahahah and that's good that you managed to quit so easily. I got down to 10 odd smokes a day 3 years ago (was pack a day easy). Tried patches, gum, champix nothing worked. Tried vaping and bam no ciggies.....its a rewarding feeling when you help a 50yr smoker have their first day, week, month of no ciggies. Some people NEED a replacement....something that feels like youre still smoking....once the habit is broken, then the cutting down/quitting is a lot easier [emoji1690] anyways....that's enough of my sh*t for today....if anyone ha
  6. hahahah nah nothing negative towards you dude....I appreciate the suggestion as I know ralph will probs read it bahahahah but yeah it wasnt me being an asshole as such....it was that my replies/ "online presence" proved I was a noob and asked way too many dumb questions. I was always paranoid something was broken or on its way out when in reality I was just overanalyzing (except its only half true cause some of the issues are still there but I drown them out these days). I guess when you're as wise as old mate, replying to stupid questions would get old hahahah plus the fact I can never reply
  7. tbh....im actually happy with the stock stuff (in terms of keeping OEM colour screen, etc). I did the ghey sub polarity thing....worked good. But I was thinking a sub and amp and maybe an amp to push the stock speakers more? but then if that happens might as well change the oem speakers too. slipperly fkn slope [emoji23] same thing happened with brakes...thought hey 4pots front......then oh 6 pots arent much more. then oh I should buy new rotors and pads....then im 700 off from 6/4 combo so im like f@k it hahahha was very close to going the shockworks kit....(old mate adamant it would outperf
  8. I thought you've been on here longer than me? myself and mr wiggum never really got along too well. me being an askhole was the term I remember [emoji23][emoji23] Id happily entertain the idea tbh, but the last issue I had was leaving my car for any extended periods of time. its still my daily afterall....
  9. Anybody have drive in drive out audio reccommendations? NOR preferred (osborne park and surrounds is best). Not going with anything crazy, sub upgrade maybe amp or 2. Last time ive paid for audio was like 13yrs ago (Alberts Joondalup) Also reccommendations for installing brembo 6/4 upgrade. Ill be sourcing parts...just want a legit operation....it will be all new so dont stress haters [emoji23]....was gunna go Monsta Torque....or will any decent mechnic do? Already have 328mm teritory rears, so shouldnt be much more chopping? ive decided WA suspensions will be my new kents. they can do the
  10. https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/tuart-hill/wheels-tyres-rims/genuine-set-of-4-advan-rg-satin-black-2-damaged-/1205417418?ref=ais new advert ^ TLDR $475, prove they are going on a turbo falcon and have the bolt on spacers free. I need $1350 for aircon in house asap and have rent due tomorrow so trying to do both lol actually ill do 450 for any of you c@rnts reading this [emoji106][emoji1690][emoji111]
  11. hahaha yep exactly that...except the gear changed into 2nd I swear lol so I overcorrected like a noob. sh*t happens and all that....so couldn't wait to have wheels fixed so new ones were done [emoji13] just sick of poor kents offering me $400....the rear tyres were $200 each and 80% is probs wrong cause I only did 2500kms I think. Id rather see it on another falcon but hey im sure some jap car will eventually buy it lol
  12. tried to be drift king....180 degree into a kerb [emoji23] expensive lesson....but now I have sexier rims and nitto invos lol probs sell again in 6months cause now I want 19s again (3-4 month wait) and need satin black in my life again [emoji13]
  13. http://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/tuart-hill/wheels-tyres-rims/damaged-wheels-genuine-advan-rg/1191986847?utm_source=com.samsung.android.messaging&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=socialbuttons&utm_content=app_android someone buy my old wheels ^^^ if you have hookups in the know....shouldnt cost more than $100ish per wheel to fix (the buckle was apparently concerning, but my mate said hes had wheels fixed in worse condition). Ill throw in the 20mm bolt on spacers if you want them (should be worth $50 2nd hand....think I paid over $100?) $500 take the lot and fix it yourself [emoji106]
  14. I wouldnt have a clue?. hopefully someone smart can answer [emoji23]
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