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  1. that's a positive.. as long as he isnt expecting sexual favours.. unless you are cool with that.. in which case got nuts..
  2. Feckin hope I remembered how to upload photos or keithy will have a spaz.. Anyway cracked the sh*ts at the garden and my old chainsaw packed it in.. Got the mini boss 181.. Jesus it can cut..
  3. Fark pixy.. I mean holy sh*t.. I remember looking at your plans ages ago. That water is not good. If this is on the lower levels and the waterproofing is gone behind your retaining.. well sh*t.. Damn man. Not slagging all builders but that 'your fault not mine' is something ive heard way too many times. Just recently did a walk through of a mates house after they finished framing it all up and two of the roof trusses had massive fractures in them. Builder agreed they needed to be replaced but said they couldnt enact the 16 week penalty if he didnt complete if they made him get them replaced. I <3 Bananas me man.. they could fracture at any point. Pixy ive got no advice you probably havent heard. Just take it one step at a time mate. You deserve that house to be brilliant.
  4. Yummmm... foood...... is that a new bub?
  5. My bank actually told me 'we tell the valuer what we want the place to be worth depending on whether we have met our targets for the month or not'
  6. Some of us happen to like sandy vaginas.. keeps us on our toes.. Its an 05.. so pretty much basic interior. Previous owner did a dodgey job of putting on a pod filter and an alpine sound system (typical boy racer mods). It has aircon and cruise control so does me fine for the drive to work and back.. except for when it blows radiator coolant out the bonnet scoop..
  7. Didnt realise the new radiator was so much thicker than the old one. Didnt check fan clearance.. first drive the fan cut straight through the upper radiator hose. So I parked my car on the side of the road for a day
  8. Replaced the radiator with a new aluminium one.. no more coolant leak.
  9. Go stripey that's awesome news mate! Where abouts you buying? 14x8m shed hey demon... I might need to revise my shed size lol..
  10. Hey dude.. new job almost been in it for a year.. going great.. its definitely easier on the body since I dont have to take work home with me.. House is good. Cant remember what I posted up last time.. But I have cut down almost all the bigger trees in the yard.. Cleared nearly 400m2 of garden beds.. Got an application underway to build a new shed at the bottom of the block, going for 12.0m x 7.5m with 3.3m to the eaves. Aiming to build a granny flat in one end of it. Existing 6mx6m shed will be removed and hopefully that area (nice and flat) will be turned into a pool/outdoor entertaining area. Once the granny flat is done my plan is to live in that while knocking over some big renos on the house. My application to council to go up another story was rejected, then I also got knocked back on a relaxation of the boundary clearance requirements. So since I am on a corner block, but the house is positioned like a diamond (not parallel faces to boundaries) so the north and eastern points are at minimum offset to boundary, I have NFI what I am going to do with it. Did contemplate knocking the whole I <3 Bananasing lot down and starting again.. Thinking of extending it off the south western face but stepping the structure down, split level kinda thing to follow the lay of the land. However the western aspect is very exposed and gets damn hot in summer.
  11. sh*t and fan is always exciting in my job. Except it usually means a politician promised something that we cant do, or someone died. How are we all today?
  12. Haha nope no pics.. but I can nail some awesome pics of 3 x 6 foot high dividers if you want?
  13. Haha.. that's true for most.. but in my case.. what windows?
  14. Haha.. depends on where you work in the government. You wouldnt believe it walking through the main building.. but the few of us that actually work get put in a special building so we dont make everyone else feel bad..
  15. Guessing they grabbed whatever cheap rubber they had lying around to road worthy it for sale.
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