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  1. I managed to get my tub realigned & the diff re-centred by the dealership under warranty. All I had to do was bend my axles in my original diff, argue with the dealership wether they were or not, finally get the diff replaced, poorly; take it back because the new diff was making a screeching noise during hard cornering, pick it up after they couldn't fix it, get onto Ford direct & kick up a stink, take my car back to the dealership. More head scratching, in & out a few times, noticed paint was worn though where the wheel was rubbing on the tub at some stage while trying to figure out what was going on at home for them, get that resprayed & tub aligned, still making noise, take it back again & again, finally get one of my axles shortened by 35 thou... 3 months later & in total 7 trips to the dealership & probably 50 odd phone calls- now it looks sweet. Just like it should've always been. Got them to take off the mud flaps & respray rear of the tub too. Totally worth all the hassles & head aches. Love ford, always a pleasure.
  2. My wife said to me last night "It's like you treat our relationship like some kind of game!" Which unfortunately cost her 12 points and a bonus chance.
  3. Bag of ice....... Anyone else said that one yet?
  4. A little bit of appreciation can go a long way. Payment is pretty good too.
  5. Just make someone up to speak to. It'll stop you from going crazy.
  6. Drugs. Either take lots of them to make you feel good, or sell lots of them & let all the money make you feel good. Either way- drugs are always the answer. Failing that, just work at the issues in your life that are bringing you down in a logical way in a positive manner & happiness won't be too far away. Chin up mate. Things could always be much much worse.
  7. You cant go past Milwaukee. For the price & a 5 year warrantee. Hilti is the bees knees, but a different battery & charger for every piece & nowhere near the range of pieces..... Seriously can't go past Milwaukee.
  8. Ahhh, gotcha . Cool cool. Thought you may have been talking about a secret button hidden under the passenger seat that releases 175 extra horsepower or something equally as ridiculous....... Hoping that you were talking about a secret button hidden under the passenger seat......
  9. Performance mode???!!!!! This is an ZF thing, yeah? Or, have I been missing out on something for the last 10,000kms? That would be so funny.
  10. I am sooooo sick of not winning the f'ing lottery.
  11. Don't even get me started about the missis....... F'ing miserable c. But then again, if I had to put up with me all the time.........
  12. My favourite sexual position is the JFK. I splatter all over her while she screams and tries to get out of the car to run for her life.
  13. I can't think of anything worse after a night of drinking than waking up next to someone and not being able to remember their name, or how you met, or why they're dead.
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