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  1. Tailshaft CV

    Does anyone have any ideas as to why the rear tailshaft cv on a BF ute would be running out of travel and riding on the very edge of the outer race? I installed a new rear cv along with a new centre bearing and I disassembled the centre cv and regreased it. Everything bolted back up fine and there where no noises or vibrations at all until about 200km later when I did a 3rd gear pull, when I let off there was a grinding noise coming from the back and a bad vibration. I pulled over to check but didnt see anything obvious and when I drove off the grinding was gone. I thought all was good so I boosted it again and the noise came back and stayed but was much louder with worse vibrations. In the pictures you can see the contact marks on the old and new inner race, the grease cap has been pushed into the diff flange and you can see where the ball bearings would have been sitting on the rounded over part off the outer race. I dont know if its related but something has messed with the diff gear contact pattern and theres metal particles throughout the diff from the gears. The preload on the pinion was so tight that the pinion was almost seized but that could have been from the cv forcing itself into the diff? Its got me stumped, the diff hasnt moved off the leaf springs and I dont think its possible to assemble the tailshaft wrong as the cvs only go one way to have the boot fitting properly. The new rear cv is 100% the same as the one I just replaced.
  2. FG Falcon driveline noise

    Does anyone know if a f100 centre bearing works on our tailshafts? I’ve heard they can be used as it has the same bearing ID, you just need to modify the mounts. They look a lot stronger too
  3. Tcm issue

    I found this pdf which explains how the obd2 system works http://www.fordservicecontent.com/ford_content/catalog/motorcraft/OBDSM1105.pdf There is a section on the zf and it explains how the tcm runs its tests and detects faults. It explians the P0701 code - If the diagnostic software tries to enter two contradictory failure mode strategies or if there are contradictory output states commanded versus the expected output states, a P0701 fault is stored. Still not quite sure what that means, could be a faulty tcm. I have a few spare tcms so I might try swapping it out along with the solenoids and doing a module reprogram and see what happens.
  4. Tcm issue

    I recently picked up a ba Ute that has had a zf conversion, the Ute has a bf 6 speed engine loom, bf abs module and bf ecu but I’m unsure if they are all from the same donor car. Not sure about the cluster and other modules if they are the original ba units or replaced with bf modules. The problem I’m having is the tcm doesn’t seem to want to talk to the ecu, I’m getting a p0701 code tcm out of range and other can bus errors. I still have all 6 gears and the car drives fine most of the time but sometimes it will change itself to 4th and be stuck there until I turn the car off and on again. The gear indicator on the dash is constantly flashing and the box will slip in 3rd, 4th and 5th and sometimes slam into 4th. When it slips in 5th it will change by itself into 6th while still in manual mode. The previous owner had the zf rebuilt 3 times until it was realised that something else other than the power level was killing the box. It’s a stage 2 xft box and should be up to the task of handling the power. Could there be some module that isn’t quite compatible with something in the car and causing the tcm to freak out? The flashing gear indicator seems to be a limp mode thing but I always have 6 gears. I get 5 long beeps about a minute after starting the car which come back every 10 minutes or so, this could be related to the oil pressure sensor which isn’t hooked up because when it is the oil light is constantly on. I’ve heard there can be issues with the oil pressure sensor on conversions. Would anyone have any idea what’s causing these problems or what to check? Could it be as simple as a module that needs reprogramming or pairing to the ecu? Thanks
  5. Cylinder head core plug

    It’s definitely not made of steel or aluminium, I just thought it might have a purpose. I’ll machine a new plug out of aluminium and press it in. Thanks
  6. Cylinder head core plug

    Does anyone know what the big plug at the back of the cylinder head is called? It’s kind of like a core plug but It seems to be made of zinc or magnesium and is 10mm thick, I’d say acts as a sacrificial anode and is meant to corrode before your head does. Mine has just corroded through which I have never heard of happening and I can’t find any info about it.
  7. Kinugawa Compressor Housing Problem

    Turns out the backplate wasn't machined properly, I've managed to modify the stock backplate to work with new housing.
  8. Has anyone had problems fitting a Kinugawa 0.7 housing to their stock 3582? Mine seems like its sitting too deep and causing the wheel to rub slightly on the centre of the wheels radius, no rubbing on the sides and the side clearance is fine. Could it be a problem with the backplate machining maybe?
  9. Hey guys ,how do I change the fuel filter on fg ute 2010. The KISS way if you please lol


  10. TR6060 into BF

    Hi guys, needing some advice from anyone that may have done this. I've just picked up a TR6060 from an fg to replace the zf auto in my bf sedan. I'm aware of what needs to be done but I've heard the crossmember needs to be changed out, Can I use the fg manual crossmember or do I need a T56 crossmember? Do the bf and fg manual tailshafts both use the same yoke? Id rather leave the auto wiring harness in place and just bridge the neutral switch. Will the car freak out and not be drivable when it can't find the auto computer? Obviously I'll get a tuner to sort out the ecu at the end. Thanks
  11. Weird idle after cam swap

    Solved!! left battery unplugged over night and it starts and runs fine now
  12. Weird idle after cam swap

    Yesterday I put in a set of atomic stage 3 camshafts into my bf turbo. I wanted to do some data logging with them as I had just installed a wideband O2 sensor. These cams ran quite well untuned even on boost but ideally needed tuning, so I put the stock cams back in. I have had the atomic cams in before and have had no problems after putting the stock cams back in, but this time the car ran very rough but eventually settled down. I reflashed the ecu with my custom tune and that helped but I'm still having a problem with high idle. The car will rev up to 2000rpm as soon as I start it and after about 5 seconds it will drop down to 1000rpm. If I just tap the throttle very quickly and softly the revs will jump up the 2500rpm and stay there. The car drives fine but it try's to drive by itself and will take off without me accelerating. When I turn the car off the engine doesn't stop smoothly, it's shakes around just before it stops. The problem doesn't seem to be with the cams anymore, I've rechecked the timing and it's spot on. I have also cleaned the throttle body, checked for vacuum leaks and sprayed hoses with carb cleaner to see if there's a leak anywhere but there isn't. I have even replaced the TPS but I'm still having the same problem and I have no idea why. Sorry for the long winded post. Thanks
  13. Twin Wastegate Sizing

    Manifold is twin pulse and turbo is a twin scroll gt42, I may as well go twin as I already have 1 tial 44mm, but manifold currently has no wastegate ports welded to the collector so I could go single 60mm and sell the other 2 wastegates.
  14. Twin Wastegate Sizing

    Just thought I'd ask first as I already had a 38 and a 44 laying around but I was more curious than anything else. Looks like I'll go twin 44mm
  15. Twin Wastegate Sizing

    Anyone know if it's possible to run 2 different sized wastegates on a twin scroll manifold, say a 38mm and a 44mm together. Would you run into any tuning or boost control issues?

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