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  1. I have a BA Ute that has always had pretty average brakes no matter what I did. I just thought it was because of the stock ba brakes so I upgraded the fronts to 4 piston brembos and that made absolutely no difference. When I bled the brakes after the upgrade I noticed something wasn’t right with the front right caliper, there was nowhere near the amount of fluid coming out as opposed the left caliper, which bled fine. The pedal has always felt fine and the car does stop fine but they don’t feel anything like the brakes on my bf sedan. A few months later after not washing the car for a while I noticed the front left rim is black with brake dust and the front right is very clean. I can’t see the problem being with the master cylinder as the front and rear are pairs, it can’t be the caliper itself because I noticed the lack of fluid dripping out of the hardline when the hose was disconnected from the stock caliper. Could this be a problem with the abs pump? Maybe a blockage in the pump or something further down that brake line?
  2. Hey mate, I’m after a ba xr6t Ute left axle. Let me know if you still have them, will be happy to pay good coin. 

  3. It’s an XFT built engine with about 30k km and it runs smooth, I’ve never noticed or felt anything weird other than the balancer bolt coming loose often. Could it be time for a proper balancer like an atomic or Ross?
  4. So the balancer is either not up to the job or there’s and engine balance problem? The car does see high rpm regularly
  5. Has anyone used an arp balancer bolt? I’ve heard you can torque the arp more than the standard bolt. My bolt keeps coming loose every few months and I’m using a powerbond balancer. Torquing the standard bolt to 125nm and using plenty of loctite it still comes loose. The balancer is still a very tight press fit so I don’t think it’s been wearing on the key.
  6. Don’t worry about measuring it, I’d say it’s definitely a fg diff then. Thanks guys
  7. Yes it is 2.73 ratio but the label on the diff is gone so I can’t tell if only the gears had been swapped into the original diff or if the whole diff was swapped. If the fg diff is 50mm then that confirms it.
  8. I can’t find the thread discussing the different lengths between the b series and fg Ute diffs and I cant remember what’s what, I’ve just pulled the axles out of my ba turbo Ute and put them next to what I know are bf xr8 axles and the ones I pulled out are about 25mm longer. I’m quite sure turbo and xr8 diffs are the same. The Ute has also had a zf conversion so I wouldn’t be surprised if the whole diff was swapped out. Would that mean I have an fg diff in my ba?
  9. I wanted to run it on a 4 cylinder, but I guess there is no way for the average person to go in there and define things like sensor types and crank trigger patterns. I know there are much better standalone ecu options out there but it was just an idea I was toying with
  10. Anyone know if a Barra ecu can be used on a completely different engine? As you can change the number of cylinders and firing order. It would need a different crank trigger and obviously a complete remap of the speed density tables but could it be possible?
  11. Could have come from anywhere I guess. Car runs fine so I won’t go digging into it
  12. The only steel line left is the return line everything else is braided line. Definitely sparkly gold/brass colour and a lot of it. I assume pump gears are steel not brass? Could have come from the servo maybe?
  13. I’ve just drained my tank of e85 as I’m switching back to 98 and I noticed a fair amount of metal shavings as well as some white clumps coming out of the surge tank. The shavings looks like brass particles. I wouldn’t think there’d be any brass components in a 044, but I’m unsure of what pump is in the tank. Anyone know what it could be from? Thanks
  14. Sounds amazing, especially when it’s on gate
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