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  1. Keep us posted very interesting stuff
  2. Ssshhh I know know, I just want bigger brakes like the hsv gts
  3. Yeah the rear 4 pots are I <3 Bananasing tiny, I wish they were bigger
  4. Damnit now I want a -16 one, I already have one of the old ones
  5. Stop leaving such big 11s everywhere then Roland and the engine wont be struggling as much 🤣
  6. They are absolute sh*t, bought them and then chucked em straight in the bin. Proceeded to buy another cover and weld on 2 -12 fittings instead much better idea
  7. Went roll racing tonight and the box stopped shifting into 3 quickly at high rpm and just looses boost instead
  8. https://fordforums.com.au/showthread.php?t=11474439
  9. They will probably release a v4 soon, still alot of guys over on ford forums having problems with them
  10. Do all fg have seat airbags?
  11. espoig

    Door not locking

    I went through the same thing, try changing the battery in the remote, I swapped out the battery in the remote the first time, didn't change anything. Then put another new battery in and fixed my problem for 6 dollars, its worth a try
  12. espoig

    Door not locking

    Does the car flash when you press the lock button on the remote? I had a similar problem but turned it was just a sh*tty battery in the remote
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