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  1. I'm not in any rush for it, do what you gotta do
  2. Yeah parrallel is fine with me Might need too clean your inbox mate, can't message you
  3. I don't want too pay a grand for a pwr radiator though
  4. Anybody know if a bf radiator will radiator will fit an fg?
  5. Il wait for version 3 when hopefully most of the bugs are fixed with the upped asking price 😂 It doesn't even have as good specs as the sh*tty ebay tier android headunits
  6. I <3 Bananas you still got those wheels? Thought they sold ages ago
  7. Can anybody at racewars pick me up a couple of cans/six pack of the race wars beer and il transfer you the money
  8. Accommodation fell through last minute this this year, will be entering for sure next year though
  9. Started on the softest setting for a couple of days, probably softer and more refined than stock for sure,but actually give you confidence to go around corners fast. Now have them set too 5 up front and 5 in the rear, which is the medium setting. Not overly stiff but definitely handles alot more precise, will give you a update when I take the car out too the twisties on the weekend 👍
  10. Just installed some shockwork coilovers in mine and it has absolutely transformed the car, cant recommend them enough
  11. Think he was trying too sell it last I heard, then decided against it
  12. If you still have the card, pm me some details and il buy it off you

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