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  1. Brake upgrade for 2007 bf turbo

    Need at least 18s for brembos too fit, even then some 18s don't fit all depends on the style of the wheel
  2. Forum Icon

    Mini turbo looks good
  3. Future of Site - Discussion

    Im always happy too throw some money somewhere, you guys have always been helpful too me
  4. BA XT mk2 Turbo Wagon Conversion

    Deadly thread mate, should be a weapon when its done
  5. Known Issues Fg Xr6T

    Yep, hood liners spend more time hanging than they do on the roof
  6. Diy Tuning

    Gods work
  7. My 2010 XR50T Ute

    Yeah cant wait too see it
  8. FG G6E aftermarket boot garnish

    Haven't seen anyone mass produce one yet, there's a few guys I've seen with them, but they have all custom made them themselves
  9. FGX Subwoofer Audio RCA preout EQ Upgrade

    Damn that's a good bit of info
  10. Diy Tuning

    Can't wait guys
  11. Boost guages

    Bright sh*t is just distracting I find at night for me
  12. how to get to fuel pump 07 territory turbo

    Have too drop the tank

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