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  1. Its been done, but as 4321 said its every loom from the fgx into the fg. You can get an adapter harness for the fg mk2 icc into a fg but there is still a few issues doing that
  2. @masda74 Hows the new screen going mate? thinking of getting a few myself
  3. Psi billet Components make these billet ones for a grand
  4. espoig


    Bout time your back in a falcon
  5. Mine rocked up today, pretty nice bit of kit. What radiator cap is everyone gonna run? around 21-25lbs?
  6. Stainless normally sounds more raspy, mild steel normally sounds better in my opinion just need to make sure its protected so it doesn't rust
  7. What radiator you thinking? Im tossing up between the pwr one or maybe a universal csf one
  8. I'm not in any rush for it, do what you gotta do
  9. Yeah parrallel is fine with me Might need too clean your inbox mate, can't message you
  10. I don't want too pay a grand for a pwr radiator though
  11. Anybody know if a bf radiator will radiator will fit an fg?

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