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  1. Managed too crash the falcon coming home from the parents late at night on fathers day in the wet. Rear slipped out and I managed too avoid everything except 1 speed sign in the rear quarter writing off of the car. Planning too just buy a na and swap everything over, question is ecu wise which is going to be easier? Mine was a 2008 fg turbo
  2. Yeah not as bad as I first thought, probably end up getting a 3070 for my new build
  3. Yeah the pricing for them is getting out of hand
  4. Same sh*t, just at a circuit instead of the drags
  5. Not anymore unfortunately, PVS automotive are working on a new paddle shifter/wheel setup though for FGs no eta at the moment though
  6. The pilot sport 4s are pricey, but probaly the best all weather "street" tyre you'll find without going too slicks
  7. I've got the sf04s in 19s on mine with 9.5 on the front and 10.5 on the rear, would recommend
  8. I haven't used their intercoolers, but had on of their oil coolers in my skyline and had no complaints
  9. I've found these for the rear (https://www.independentmotorsports.com.au/arp-wheel-stud-kit-kit-100-7703) can these be used in the front or does anyone know where I can get them?
  10. Pretty sure 1,2,3,4 are just barb fittings you will have too measure them for size. The hoses are just e85 safe hose Im guessing. 8, 9 are quick connect fuel line fittings im pretty sure
  11. espoig


    4 inch full exhaust
  12. Golf R for me, still go the falcon as well. Just means I can build the falcon for big hp
  13. Just go all out and go the efr 9280 on 1.45 rear divided t4 housing
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