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The What's Pi$$Ing You Off Thread


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The local Coles use to sell the Dr Peppers in the cooler fridge things at the ends of the isles, now they just sell them in the imported section with the IRNBRU.

Pisses me off because they aren't cold now when I buy them so need to fridge/freeze them before hand.


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My first speeding ticket :(

Was my own fault, it was a 60 zone that's dead straight for 5km and I just wasn't paying attention. Got done for 12 over and it was in the old '92 Falcon, if I was in my new one, I would have set cruise to 60 cause I know the Highway Patrol are always hanging around cause so many people speed there. Didn't even notice I was over till I saw the car and looked down, my mind was elsewhere...

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