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  1. Did you watch the teaser after the end credits?
  2. http://www.yellowpages.com.au/vic/clayton/terrys-motor-trimming-aust-pty-ltd-13534542-listing.html Haven't used him for the Falcon but he fixed a few early 90s VN/VR Commodores I've had.
  3. Agreed with rab I don't rate his movie plots but he definitely knows how to direct actors into getting the best out of themselves. He relaunched Travolta's career with Pulp Fiction and don't get me started on that Christoph Waltz dude from Django and Inglorious Basterds. Bloke picked up two oscars from two Tarantino films.
  4. Merry Christmas fellow members!
  5. Star Wars episode 7 felt a lot like Star Wars episode 4 with different characters.
  6. Looks like the quality control officer down there at Ford must have been sleeping on the job.
  7. "Expecting more power than the 335 XR8s." "Will be fitted with a new turbocharger..." Why would they bother engineering for that now when FPV wouldn't do it to the FG F6? With 310kw they'll run out the door regardless.
  8. Can't get banned for hwy talk as there's no racing on hwy anymore. Just p platers in fully hectic single spinners.
  9. Just ring up Volkswagen. They are skilled at cheating the EPA!
  10. Best colour that came out on the BA's! Keith, couldn't you just get two tunes for the car? One that passes emissions and another for 'track work' for those times you want to give it a bit of a boot? Is there much lenience in an E85 emission compared to 98? Obviously the clutch is on its last legs but a weak as pi$$ tune would at least get you mobile.
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