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  1. Thanks for the reply...FYI...One of the bolts that secures the under dash fuse box panel happens to be an earth...
  2. Guys, On and FG where is the closest point to the fuse box I can ground a cable. Is there a ground point behind the drivers side kick panel? Any help is appreciated.
  3. I did the turbo bolts on Saturday... The were a couple on the turbo housing that were loose, and the bottom two studs on the on the turbo to manifold were missing. Managed to bolt the missing ones...though the front lower one was very hard to get too...so I couldn't tighten it 100%... Used just a normal extension...thinking I should've bought a wobble bar to get to that one...
  4. Does the same technique apply if the actual stud is missing too?
  5. Guys, Got into the old mans BF XR6T the other day and it sounded like a tractor, I popped the bonnet and had a look around the turbo area; I noticed the bolts that hold the exhaust housing on the turbo were loose, one bolt had backed out all the way. I also tried to have a look at the turbo to manifold bolts, the top two were there, the front bottom one I couldn't see, and the rear bottom I couldn't see with the heat shielding on etc... Has anyone manged to re do the bottom two turbo to manifold bolts without actually removing the turbo and manifold? I have bought the studs and bolts but I was having another look at how to do it last night and it seems these bolts are very difficult to get at. Is there some technique or specific wrench that can make the job easier? I'm also curious how Ford Service tightened the bolts seeing as it was part of the service schedule. Any info or advice is appreciated.
  6. From memory to turn it right off, you have to keep holding down the DSC button until the DSC light starts to flash on and off...I would say holding it down for a good ten seconds...
  7. Guys, Anyone know off hand the torque specs for genuine FG XR6T plugs?
  8. boost69

    FG XR6T

    Yeah thanks guys...I will start with the plugs...when Ford finally restocks them...(I paid for them like over three weeks ago)...
  9. You know, I've always thought it could be the wheel hub not sitting snugly on the axle...because when my brakes are applied and I'm going over the same bumps it sort of muffles the clunks out a bit... It wouldn't have been my first guess...but when Ford has dropped the cradle numerous times and changed all these linkages, and even replaced the shock and the problem persists...you start to clutch at straws...lol
  10. My FG still has the clunk...been to Ford more times than I can remember..and it remains one of the greatest mysteries of the universe...
  11. boost69

    FG XR6T

    Guys, My FG seems like its lost some punch... was wondering whether the spark plugs could be causing this drop in performance. The car has done around 126,000KMS and the plugs have never been changed...could the plugs be causing this lack of acceleration urgency? I always assumed worn plugs would missfire etc... I also have read that with new cars the voltage can be increased to accommodate a worn out spark plug... I have ordered genuine ones from Ford, but they seem to be scarce at the moment and no Ford dealers currently stock them. (they're on back order) Is there anything else that would cause a gradual decline in performance?
  12. Guys, For anyone that's interested a silver FG Mark II F6 just sold at Pickles Govt Auction for $38,100. It was a 10/12 compliance, silver and unmarked with 69,231kms.

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