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  1. fr33r

    Future of Site - Discussion

    Is there a specific thread for builds? I will contribute to what ever model is adopted. If members are paying then some transparency around what is being supported would be good. Most people, including myself, are not aware of what is takes to run a site like this.
  2. fr33r

    Aftermarket Engine Mount options

    Thanks for the reply. Suspected as much but had to ask. I have the trans mount but it also should not be used without the engine mounts. Do you know if running one mount on the passenger side is a option?? Would control the lift but not transfer all the NVH....
  3. Hi all, Does anyone know of stronger engine mounts to suit FG that do not have the same NVH as the tough mounts? There are Torque Master V-Series but only to suit BA and BF. No FG option I haven't been able to find any other options. Thanks in advance, cheers
  4. fr33r

    What Piston Is This?

    It should be stock although I have seen ads for F6 short motors with these pistons. Either my car has an F6 bottom or those ads were incorrect. Not a big deal now though as I will replace rods and pistons with aftermarket. I have attached a pic of the inside, has Mahle cast on the inside
  5. fr33r

    Thread Sealant

    Tape is no good. Stag jointing paste does everything and I have had good results with it. https://www.autobarn.com.au/stag-jointing-paste-200-gram-tube-sg200
  6. fr33r

    What Piston Is This?

    I have just pulled my motor down, it is a Mk1 G6ET. Question, is this the stock piston XR6T type piston or F6??? It is a Mahle piston and has ORT-ED which I thought came on the F6...
  7. fr33r

    Flow Of Euro 4 Cat Vs Previous Fg Turbo Cat

    The insulation stock cover will go over the venom cat to give a similar to stock appearance. Only difference will be stainless steel tubings.
  8. Sounds good guys, thanks. Will run the Rockford Fosgate 360.3 and just disconnect the OEM sub wiring. Cheers
  9. Could someone please confirm, with premium sound, if the ICC detects the subwoofer amp then it high passes the door speakers and low passes to the sub? And, if I disconnect the std amp then I will get a full signal on the 4 door channels?? The reason I ask is I will be doing a full install over christmas and want to ensure I get a complete signal to the processor. Would prefer to control the high/low pass at the processor not the ICC. Thanks in advance
  10. fr33r

    G6E Mags Post Your Photos!

    6 pots on the front and 4 pots on the rear. Cheers
  11. fr33r

    G6E Mags Post Your Photos!

    Bit late on the reply but here are mine, Vossen CV3 20x9 front 20x10 rear
  12. fr33r

    Valve Train Specs

    Looked through all the valve spring threads I could find but this is a question I could not find answered: What are the valve spring dimensions, id and od for top and bottom, valve stem size, are they 7' collets? Installed height is 1.49 I believe? Just doing my research....thanks in advance.
  13. I had some good news earlier this week from the bank. They found in my favour and have refunded the money. A very good result and a little lucky. I will be more careful in the future.
  14. I just use the Mothers brand from Supercheap. More case of how often rather than brand. The car gets a full buff and polish every 3 to 4 months and I go over it with the spray on wax after every wash which is fortnightly or after a long trip. 20x9 +32 with 245/35 on the front. HTG 345mm. Will just touch near full lock going up driveways if I am not careful, otherwise fine 20x10 +40 with 285/30 on the rear. HTG 335-340 depending on fuel, guards rolled and pumped 5mm. No problems so far... Only it is now off the road cause the battery dropped a cell, I may have killed it with the stereo while doing the work on it...oem less than 2 yrs old.
  15. With these brakes the fronts will have a hard time, jeez they are strong. Good around town when they are cool but warm them up and they really bite well. Invos are good too although I can only compare to the oem dunlops and nexens that I had on the std wheels. Fronts pull up well when the nexens would have locked up. Haven't had a chance to light up the rears yet. I only have std power atm so the 285s are over kill for now... I have the dark red LED tail lights to go on this week and think I will also get the matching front lights but tossing up with the mk2 projectors.... A matter of taste but I like the audi style lights too.

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