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  1. Spotted me hey hahaha - yep got a bit lucky on that one! Hopefully some footage around of me at speed up the hill but see what happens I'm at 6:38 and again 11:38 if you're looking. Think it was just the two. Bonus Sprint shots! I bought 4 pics from The Sports Photo, check out the full gallery here
  2. If I change suspension it will be to those! Was thinking a camber kit at the least though... The rear swaybar is stock, only the front is upgraded. The control blade bushes are almost certainly in need of attention too, despite being Superpro...they have been in there a while now!
  3. Yeah Tim I was pretty happy! Definitely going in the 1000m in 2020. Unlikely to have more power. Money will go to maintenance and handling mods if anything. Last year was tune tweaking literally in the line up and we never got it down pat properly. 2017 was my last entry in to the 1000m and I think I still had 42lb injectors at that point. Don't actually know what the power level is at these days, but it's not much more than before. Should get down to the 1/4 an a cool night and see what mph it runs. I have still never beated my 11.94 @120mph from way back in 2010. Kept
  4. Thanks lads! The official Sprint album went up tonight so here's a couple more shots! Love this one Driver briefing, I'm over there on the left. Giving a fellow Ford driver a lift back down the hill after he had an injector O ring failure when he pulled up after his run. Not a good thing when fuel is pouring out the bottom of the engine bay! Probably booting along at about 130 or so here...I'm keen AF for actual video footage from the media team
  5. Quick colour balance play on these two - far too yellow in the originals from FB
  6. Forgot to put these in Big thanks to Anneliese Arelette Photography for this next one https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=365433713493288&ref=br_rs
  7. Thanks John. It took farking hours to put together and I hit back once by accident just as I finished a post. Terrible tragedy. I look forward to learning more info about how it happened so we can learn from it. Caught you all napping! Cheers dude. It's fun posting race info...I did enter Powercruise as well and drove two sessions with 2L of coolant missing. Oops. I have replaced radiator with a new (170,000km) stock unit and still need to replace water pump. Air con died and was causing 30A engine fuse to blow if I switched on the AC. New com
  8. That last crazy lap I got within 0.2 seconds of my lap 2 PB despite the slow start and skids. I think I can shave a second and a half off if I string it all together with grip the whole time, maybe 2 if it's a really clean lines lap. I'm hoping for some cool footage and action pics from the media. You can see a drone hanging around a chicane in one section, Brad Frost my mate from here and prior Racewars events was part of the media team, had a GoPro and reckoned he got some good footage of me absolutely hooking too, so fingers crossed! Bonus
  9. On to the best part - Hill climb vids! Lap 1 - never had a hillclimb before so racing flat out around blind corners on the wrong side of the road was unnerving, let me tell you! No interior video for this lap, sorry. Also I think the phone camera anti shake does funny things to the motion on the tight corners. Result was 1:49:39 and 17th - but the whole field hadn't run yet so I knew that my position would fall Lap 2 where increased conf
  10. I had an early night and headed down to Middleton Beach the next morning to see what was going to happen to the event. It is run by CAMS in conjunction with Racewars staff and is a separate event, so it went ahead. Media from the TV networks were around the public access pit area trying for interviews apparently. I didn't go looking, it was time to concentrate on the racing ahead of me and get myself ready mentally. Briefing at the base of the hill we had to contend with With that over Racers assembled in bays and the more serious o
  11. Sunday arrived and the 1000m solo runs were first up. Jose in the ITP Supra set a national record of 338km/h, and about ten minutes later Willall Racing beat it with 351km/h. Jose in his blue Supra later had a fairly big off after his chute failed to open. The car runs small brakes up front to fit the front runner wheels so there was no way he could stop in time. He was somewhat injured but he survived relatively unscathed from what I understand. Very lucky. Then the worst case scenario happened. As I said, I didn't race in the VMAX on Sunday, and the airstrip e
  12. Also visited the National ANZAC Centre that night solo and quietly got some history in: You can hop on and aim these guns using the hand winders by the way. This next gun was VERY easy to move using the tiny brass winder handle as big as a thumb on a circular path of maybe 10cm diameter. I'm talking single finger, barely had to push it and it rotated a degree or two! Even the big cannon only took a b
  13. Looking back at 2017 results I got 229.30km/h over 800m and 241.40 over the 1000m, so that year I picked up 12.1km/h in the final 200m. Going from my 242.59km/h over 800m and guesstimating for increased wind resistance at higher speeds I might have grabbed another ten km/h with another 200m this year, which would put me at 252km/h. I'm not sure why I didn't spend the extra $75 on VMAX (again). Would have been nice to have a real number...see if it returns next year. Anyway back to the pics IATs were up at 67° at o
  14. They sat in storage for about 24 hours...heaps of room! Now, I left work early at 4pm Friday arvo so I could make the 4.5 hour (!) drive down that night. Not wanting to be punched in the head by a wheel and tyre combo if I had an off on the way down, I discovered that you can fit 3.8 race tyres in the boot of a Falcon. One in spare well and one slightly poking through the 60% fold seat, with double seatbelts buckled across it just in case. Finally fuelled up and all stickers on I left the suburbs at 6:
  15. So I fronted up to scrutineering and got given a list of things to fix, fixed them and returned and passed Added another pass sticker to the laundry list (missing the 2013 sticker sadly) A couple of days later I hit 368,888km Drove to Albany end of Feb for a Rufus Du Sol concert (fun) and ended up realising I would tick over 370,000km on the way down to RW Removed the old banner and took a pic of the normal windscreen since
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