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  1. awesome, will keep an eye out and start storing parts in my shed until it's time to get it all built
  2. thanks everyone. How cool that with PCMTec it can feed into an existing steering wheel button. this will be really cool to have I reckon noted on the power comment tryme, I'd probably be sitting on a 300 daily drive tune and the button should push me into a high 300s tune, so would need to upgrade my turbo - just not going to put a massive turbo on. Minimum 350kw with the button but I reckon closer to 380kw. hopefully that should be enough to notice something haha
  3. That would suck No I'm not planning to use nos. I want a tune that is button activated while driving so that it's LIKE hitting the nos button in a game. Just a tune running more psi so you get the sensation of it as you plant it down a straight at the tracks and hit the button to swap to a more powerful tune. Just an added fun factor
  4. This actually sounds perfect since I would only use it sparingly I love that I can ask a question like this and there are people here who figure out out. If anyone does something like this before I am able to, let us know!
  5. oh damn, extra expensive? What parts would I need? I would have thought it's just a module with different tunes preloaded on it and I select between them whenever I want. Am I dreaming?
  6. Ok guys, hear me out Here's what I want to do Picture a day at the tracks, coming through the corners nicely on a low power tune for the track, keeping the rear in line and tackling the corners nicely. Then, out of a corner into a straight, foot down... What's missing is a button that changes tunes to a higher kw tune so that when you hit the straight, you can press the 'nitrous' button, Turbo psi increases, injectors open up, etc and you get a solid pull along the straight. Switch back to the track tune and hit the corners again. Obviously would be nice on
  7. Yeah makes sense. Thought I'd put it up here from some earlier advice to use this group but yeah you're right, we can ignore this thread
  8. Sweet. I'm keen to do at least SOME work on the car myself so that's great. I'll add that to my list along with installing a Battery Relocation kit
  9. Awesome, good to know. Blakehurst Auto Repairs. They came well recommended and their shop is packed full of XR6 turbo's that they build up for power. They really seem to know what they're doing
  10. awesome, I'll get into those too - I love driving a car that holds it's line well, even if it is heavy. Any car pushed correctly can be a hell of a lot of fun - don't need to keep up with a miata aroudn a corner to enjoy the falcon... are coilovers something ok to diy with youtube or is it best to take it to a shop? I figure camber is best left to the experts. Thoughts?
  11. yeah transmission service is high on my list. Will look into the cooler and PWR units too asap That's good news, the reason I wanted a low km car really It's the billet oil pump but not sure if it is the gears too - I'll know tonight whne I pick my car up finally it ended up being that the brakes were fine but the bushes were farked - all replaced now
  12. My vision for my FG is to have 300+ KW on a set up that handles well on wide open corners. I know it won't be a WRX on train tracks but I imagine that we can get it handling well, especially on those big country roads that have nice long corners, rather than quick hairpins that are not good for heavy cars. So, has anyone been able to build a good set up to get the most handling out of these cars? Any favourite roads you guys have to take a nice spirited drive? Any good high speed race tracks suited to the falcon?
  13. Hi all, Recently bought an FG mk1 and I love it. My quickest car before this was a 350gt and I was blown away by the power of the XR6T stock. I want to coax a bit more power out of my car and I want it to be reliable all day. No stress if I want to abuse it one day and drive casually the next - I want it to outlast my right foot. Have now had the following done: Valve springs head studs machined head Oil pump Bushes Reservoir tank changed Full service (not including transmission) New larger exhaust valves (couldn't ge
  14. Awesome response, so much work to do! It's at just under 80k now. Does that change much? I got it two months ago. The coolant kept blowing up after I drove up hills, not hard driving. Brakes would shudder too. Oil was leaking from the head. Have now had the following done: Valve springs head studs machined head Oil pump Bushes Reservoir tank changed Full service (not including transmission) New larger exhaust valves (couldn't get new stock ex valves so went with a custom set that are a bit larger)
  15. I'm starting to think that mid 300s would suit me for what I want it for, perhaps with the precautions you'd take on a higher powered set up so that the car doesn't start falling apart. I'd like to keep it for years and hundreds of thousands of kms without too much going wrong outside of normal maintenance given driving style Thoughts?
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