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  1. Great advice. Good plan, I'll let you know how I go
  2. very minor inconvenience in exchange for the rest of her I'lll see what I can figure out. might just have to tape down a pillow
  3. my 155cm wife man, gotten too used to her taller car - if I can make her more comfortable then I get to go for more falcon cruises instead of boring rav-4 drives haha "take the plug out of the drivers seat and extend it to the passenger side..." so can I have both driver and passenger (ex-driver) seat working or only one will be wired up?
  4. I want to raise the height of my passenger seat. is there a way? do any models have an electric passenger seat? could I install a piece underneath the seat to raise the height? could I install a drivers seat and route the buttons to the left side so that it can be adjusted? any other ideas? what can be done?
  5. This is the worst part of our lock down If they tell us we're out of lock down on a Friday, I'm there Saturday morning if this happens
  6. Great to know with some care I should be able to enjoy 300 until I'm ready for the next big stage. Yeah no kickdown is a good one. I don't even like doing it on stock power. Feels too much like dropping the clutch in a manual which I don't do every time I want to get on it so why do it in an auto... Would rather the delay of it selecting my gear before injecting more fuel for a kickdown. I wonder if that can be tuned into the zf. I'll ask when my zf gets tuned
  7. 8-10k just on the box?! It's that how much it is now? I've been reading older threads when people were saying 3k was a rip off haha Daaamn 💰
  8. Yeah, tune your car to make less power to make the transmission live longer. My first tune should land around the 300kw mark with the stock gt3576. I'm hoping that with some care I might just be on the lucky side and get to keep my transmission healthy until I'm ready to do the next big round. Gives me comfort to hear you've managed to hold 500kw for 25 thousand kms. What did you do to look after it?
  9. Install a more efficient trans cooler to keep it cool
  10. I've heard many times that 'how you drive it' will affect how long the zf will last. I can't seem to find anything about what that actually means. 1. Manually select the gear before planting it 2. Throttle it at lower RPM to limit torque 3. Back off throttle to 20% and manually shift before throttling in again Am I on the right track? Any other maxims to follow?
  11. I do have upgraded valve springs, maybe I'm thinking about this too much then? There seem to be two opposing opinions here so how could the motor blow with the tune? Just if the sensors don't work? I'd like to be able to plant it at altitude in the snowy mountains in winter and not have a issue. Does this make the mod mandatory or can it be tuned to account for those conditions? valve springs head studs Cat x force 3.5 catback Antz stage 2 ic Kpm 1000-S walbro 460
  12. Have had some time to digest the comments above and have spoken to another couple of tuners (all reputable). As you know, the first said I must fix the turbo. Second said it doesn't matter but easier to tune with it done and third said not to bother. I'm wondering, having done some more research, the worst part of this is running too lean. Would a closed circuit tune not be able to account for that? I've got 1000-s kpm injectors and a 460walbro so surely they'll have enough left in them to shoot more fuel in should the conditions start leaning out? Is this logic sound o
  13. Gaz, I'm asking a theoretical question aided by fake numbers (as edited above), of course he doesn't know the exact numbers, that's dumb. He said that there exists a max psi that the small turbo can hit (18psi... Maybe bjc was being sarcastic like you, I dunno. 🌴 Throwing you some shade). I'm being curious, this is a cool topic after all. So if there is a maximum psi that can be achieved, then is that because there is a limit to small turbo psi and a max wastegate relief? then it follows that there is a limit to max actual boost (max turbo psi less max wastegate relief)
  14. Bjc, are you saying 18 because of some logic around: Max overboosted psi from turbo mechanically possible is say 24psi and stock wastegate can attenuate 6psi, hence max possible is 18? Wondering then if the earlier comments about going over 18 psi are down to a gauge reading psi incorrectly? What makes you sure that it will max at 18?
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