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  1. Hi Ben,


    Have you ever tired cleaning the Throttle body on you XR6T. ? either cleaning sprays or physically/manually cleaning the throttle area---mosy preferred method


    It looks a bit harder to get to than the non Turbo version engines.


    Thanks in advance.  Cheers

  2. Still kicking ya old fark?

    1. BenDoCo


      Yeah Rab - still alive


      I haven't been here for ages though


      How is everything down in Mexico?

  3. Forgot to ask this morning Jet The 2 txt's I sent last night? Did you hear about that certain White F6 that we both laugh about?
  4. Richie owns g6e jet....remind me about him when you ring as well...another story grrrr He only runs 310 I think it is and it has nothing after about 5 grand -- and I mean nothing hahaha... was tuned up in the country somewhere when he bought it and it needs a proper tune so once the f6 stretched a bit he walked past him Tall stories are easy to tell.... One of the girls video'd them leaving but I cant remember who so I'll ask around.. A monday phone call is on the cards please big fella
  5. it farted 2nd to 3rd but that section of MN Rd is good qulity Jet so traction is there even for my car ( Oh f*ck when you ring next time ask me about 215... hahahaha ) From what I heard from a couple of the guys, he has 2 speeds atm...that may change in the future but I'm with you -- Oh hi there number 3 .. good to see you
  6. Watched that F6 give it a squirt leaving Parafield last night Jet........ very very smooth all the way through 4 gears Nice work mate
  7. Lee?? Sprint?? Wonder if we've met
  8. Nah in that case I reckon it's the friggen nizpoo stretched again up near that area so I'll hoist it and check Cheers heaps young fella
  9. How many k's had he done on the power level he's at Jet b4 he heard it?? Me hear a funny noise (but only once in a while)
  10. hoo friggen ray..... I can seeeee --- Cheers Chris I'll just go back and read everything now hahahaha
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