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  1. Super Barra Stickers!!

    Ebay Link > http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/182417651269?ssPageName=STRK:MEUNSOLD:IT
  2. Big Barra BF Build

    All the little fiddly stuff left really like wiring, modify tailshaft, cooler pipes, exhaust etc haha
  3. Big Barra BF Build

    Bit of an update.. New engine mounts. Allen key sump bolts. TH400 cable fitted up. Speedflow braided fuel lines throughout. Socket head bolts for the bellhousing. Ecliptechs V2 version of their shift light, tidy little unit! Motor is now in..
  4. Big Barra BF Build

    Its been hydro dipped.
  5. Big Barra BF Build

    These are bf cams.
  6. Big Barra BF Build

    Yeah we have the resources so thought may aswell, my old boy is an engine builder by trade and what ever it makes on 30psi..
  7. Big Barra BF Build

    Yeah of course, whys that??
  8. Big Barra BF Build

    The other parts of the build that I missed. We recently finished the head for the motor and consists of.. - Faced/glass beaded. - Race ported head specs and port matched to the inlet manifold. - Standard valve seats removed and larger aftermarket ones inserted to suit the oversize Supertech titanium valves inlet/exhaust with single groove collets. - Supertech valve springs with titanium retainers. - New lifters. - Stock cams. Also finished of the surgetank set-up aswell... - 3litre surgetank with x2 Walbro 460s inside, all factory lines removed and replaced with braided.
  9. Big Barra BF Build

    So abit has happened since last update........
  10. Jet's Tuning (Oh No)

    That sounds super promising jet, cant wait for mine to be done
  11. Big Barra BF Build

    Once the main cap bolts are torqued up there is no way the studs will move
  12. Big Barra BF Build

    I dunno if you know but you know how the windage tray is spot weld to those 2 thicker parts? Well I drilled them off and just used the thin part of the tray.. and just wound the studs up a few turns.
  13. Big Barra BF Build

    My old man will be, gonna tee up his mate that has a dyno and tune it there

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