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  1. I think that’s what he’s gonna do
  2. Very front stud on the lower side. Its off and the turbo is off to procharge for its inspection. Im there at Wakefield to have fun. Throwing the boat around the track is excellent
  3. I run e10 when I don’t feel like living life one jerry can at a time. Falcon loves it and still smashes in 15psi I think on that tune. One of the exhaust nuts was turning freely in on the manifold. Pulled the nut out praying it was the thread on the nut/Stud, stud came with it. Que nice chunks of aluminium In stud thread. Thread repair guy said he couldn’t do it with the manifold on. So manifold off and while it’s off I’m sending the turbo back to procharge to inspect a potential fault. Oh well lucky I bought the soarer, planning to go back to Wakefield with it on the 14th so hopefully it’s back on the road by then
  4. So as it turns out the head thread was stripped for the exhaust stud.. So turbo is off and thread guy is coming back Monday also jet get more E10 in your state
  5. Even my 69mm procharge turbo goes hard on e85
  6. Sort of Keith id really love to get the celica working now and the only way I can do that with house/Wedding but it would be hard to let it go
  7. I've been thinking about it for a while (ask Damo) but I've fallen out of love with the car for sure.
  8. Cant wait to see how the gtx gen 2 goes when tuned
  9. Couple things: Adelaide get rid of your terrible yellow street lights and your drivers are very courteous but very dumb Great ocean road + Barossa and return via Adelaide hills + Mount lofty = Incredible Driving Roads except Great Ocean Roads foreign tourists are unbelievably bad drivers Falcons still a champ but this trip will be my swan song with it as its time to move on with it.
  10. Evening all I didn't die Cheers
  11. I know right Im in melbourne currently and about to head to adeliade via the great ocean road Always wanted to do it
  12. Driving the great ocean road tomorrow and then onto radeliade Wish me luck
  13. That’s why I’m neutral, I wouldn’t recommend them but I also wouldn’t slag them on Here or on Facebook.
  14. I dunno man they put them on so don’t know exactly what they are but it’s a shame one has failed. Lately I’ve heard more negativish stories. Im more neutral these days. Joes tune obviously still works well after all these years and it hasn’t gone pop but I found quiet a few issues with their workmanship/customer service.

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