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  1. MattyP

    The Off Topic Thread.

    Way too many weddings.. Just sucks man looking at it. One day it will get done!
  2. MattyP

    The Off Topic Thread.

    Not yet :( 3 years off the road now its killing me Buying houses and getting engaged and $h1t costs big $$ and after finding the bent conrod its been put on the back burner
  3. MattyP

    The Off Topic Thread.

    Happy Wednesday so falcon tensioners and belts are fun I’ve now replaced three in the last week (all different cars) must be getting to that age now
  4. MattyP

    The Off Topic Thread.

    Sorry guys with the late reply been a zombie on mornings! Well you’d be happy to know the wedding is planned September 2020ish but don’t worry in true Matt form the tassie cruise next year falls on a wedding of my good friends again
  5. MattyP

    The Off Topic Thread.

    Morning keif In other news I got engaged 2 weeks ago
  6. MattyP

    The Off Topic Thread.

    Hmmmmmmmm give me the sound of an 8 anyday
  7. Lets hope so, No more weddings!
  8. Good effort fellas! Id much rather have been there than the wedding! Hopefully nothing comes up next year!
  9. MattyP

    In The Club

    Hey mic I’m up in the GC from Wednesday any chance it’ll be out and about?
  10. I’m spewing I got the time off and 3erything this year. Annoying thing is he’s been engaged since January and only told me last week. Sorry fellas
  11. Guys I’m not even kidding One of my best mates throwing a last minute wedding on you guessed it the 24th I cant believe it this sucks mad donkey b@ll$
  12. MattyP

    The Off Topic Thread.

    Morning keif. I’m going to sort out my leave today no weddings planned thus far
  13. Silly car is still dead so that’s sad. I still have the g6! For now anyway
  14. MattyP

    The Off Topic Thread.

    King do offer a stiffer spring, although would not recommend
  15. Not specifically but I Will be there this year, no weddings, nothing planned. I have to make it!

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