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  1. Damo needs an I30n Or WN caprice so I can live vicariously through someone else
  2. anyone got a fg turbo actuator and bracket I bought a ying yang spinny thang straight out of china and wanna see what itll do
  3. Trains are Trains, Getting colder which is nice and I got to drive in the sleet the other night, Very pretty
  4. So as I was putting my new driveshaft in I popped the cv out..... Anyone wanna scream fudge with me
  5. The one thing golfs dont have that falcons do Barra Fan bois
  6. I get the golfs are good but they are just so boring
  7. Little vid of the land yacht in action
  8. It’s older than the car haha
  9. My bro just bought me some 275 40 18s for the rest but they are 13 years old what do
  10. Goodnight all little update 1’15.4” on my very last lap car felt fantastic all day was running on the e10 tune but with p100 in for extra safety all the factory protections were on so it cut power after 4-5 laps due to heat but performed so well
  11. Yeah boys cruise soon first track day going well so far only went for a play in the sand pit once best so far 1.16 with kinforest tyres nugget goes alright
  12. I’m going to Wakefield tomorrow will post pics of fun or destruction depending on how the day goes cheers
  13. Id love to say yes, Ill try and get some leave. hopefully no surprise weddings

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