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  1. It was fantastic, Id been really slack updating everyone though and I certainly had a blast with it at track days and the drag strip. But in the end weddings and my GT4 getting back on the road took priority. Itll be really missed that's for sure. Not many dailys were capable of doing what it can
  2. Ill still be round keif checking in from time to time
  3. So time to finish this thread up Yesterday the g6 sold It will be severely missed but was the right time to move on Thanks everyone for all the advice and help with it. Its been an absolute pleasure
  4. Ill try and chase them up. I do want to attend!
  5. If only I could look that far ahead, I'd love to and we dont have any surprising weddings.... yet
  6. I always had a weep at the front of the sump unfortunately, Can the sump come off without taking out the crossmember?
  7. Afternoon keif and all Finally have a standby to plan my next track day Im thinking december 20th
  8. I wonder why Golebys has begun selling this then. https://www.golebysparts.com.au/products/ba-bf-and-fg-oil-pan-gasket-and-seal-set?variant=15660247318637
  9. Dan that’s is next level evil, however I like evil so it’s a solid maybe
  10. I think its the position is the problem.
  11. Couldn't get to the thread to repair it, The B Series where much easier supposedly. Even with the mount out or the engine jacked all the way up still couldnt get to it. Now reckons the cross member has to come out
  12. Can we get a big F in the chat plz sump plug thread stripped and thread repair guy couldn’t get to it
  13. I think that’s what he’s gonna do
  14. Very front stud on the lower side. Its off and the turbo is off to procharge for its inspection. Im there at Wakefield to have fun. Throwing the boat around the track is excellent
  15. I run e10 when I don’t feel like living life one jerry can at a time. Falcon loves it and still smashes in 15psi I think on that tune. One of the exhaust nuts was turning freely in on the manifold. Pulled the nut out praying it was the thread on the nut/Stud, stud came with it. Que nice chunks of aluminium In stud thread. Thread repair guy said he couldn’t do it with the manifold on. So manifold off and while it’s off I’m sending the turbo back to procharge to inspect a potential fault. Oh well lucky I bought the soarer, planning to go back to Wakefield with it on the 14th so hopefully it’s back on the road by then
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