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  1. Do the turbo terrys have the same issue with Ball joints as the non turbo series 1s? and are the control Arms the same as the NA ones?
  2. Unfortunately it was on the highway doing 110 and saw someone run over it, Wasn't sure what it was until I got home 45" later. Bloody killed me when I realised
  3. So after almost a 3 year hiatus I'm back with some turbo barra fun. So join me on resisting the urge to not go silly with it. A very stock 08 Turbo Territory Ghia, Picked it with 250000kms and first thing to do is give it a full once over. Had it on the weighbridge and came in at 2.26T but surprisingly spritely. Fresh thermostat in as the bypass had failed and coolant wouldn't go above 80. Flush oil is in and next is a proper service, Zf Service, Transfer case and both Diff Oils. Also probably in need of a good detail. Only issues I've noted as the front end seems to clunk over bumps so I'm assuming I'm due for some fresh upper and lower control arms. Rear bump stops are looking quiet ratty and new ones on the way. But the absolute most annoying thing was on the drive home after buying it, The bonnet scoop liner blew off on the highway and supposedly ford don't supply them anymore. No wreckers seem to have them so that's great. The most I plan on is some injectors and a fuel pump and E85 as there is a servo right near me. I always thought the G6 was a barge but this things on another level. Anyway enjoy some pics
  4. Very well, All though not entirely post barra anymore
  5. It was fantastic, Id been really slack updating everyone though and I certainly had a blast with it at track days and the drag strip. But in the end weddings and my GT4 getting back on the road took priority. Itll be really missed that's for sure. Not many dailys were capable of doing what it can
  6. Ill still be round keif checking in from time to time
  7. So time to finish this thread up Yesterday the g6 sold It will be severely missed but was the right time to move on Thanks everyone for all the advice and help with it. Its been an absolute pleasure
  8. Ill try and chase them up. I do want to attend!
  9. If only I could look that far ahead, I'd love to and we dont have any surprising weddings.... yet
  10. I always had a weep at the front of the sump unfortunately, Can the sump come off without taking out the crossmember?
  11. Afternoon keif and all Finally have a standby to plan my next track day Im thinking december 20th
  12. I wonder why Golebys has begun selling this then. https://www.golebysparts.com.au/products/ba-bf-and-fg-oil-pan-gasket-and-seal-set?variant=15660247318637
  13. Dan that’s is next level evil, however I like evil so it’s a solid maybe
  14. I think its the position is the problem.
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