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  1. Thanks everyone for your reply. I had a chat with my tuner . They said the same thing about afr. I am working on my oil gauge reading wrong. Earthed the bottom of the sender with wire to engine didnt work. Replaced my sender didnt work. I think its the actual gauge broken.
  2. can some one answer this question. will help me too. can a balancer removal like this used to remove it. if it works? https://www.supercheapauto.com.au/blog/how-to/servicing-and-mechanical/removing-a-harmonic-balancer.html
  3. hello a quick question about my AFR gauge I upgrade from narrow band to wide band AFR a few weeks ago. https://www.ebay.com.au/p/AEM-X-series-Wideband-02-UEGO-Air-Fuel-Ratio-Gauge-Kit-30-0300/1364585095?iid=323277678390&chn=ps&norover=1&mkevt=1&mkrid=705-139619-5960-0&mkcid=2&itemid=323277678390&targetid=468725514643&device=c&adtype=pla&googleloc=9071447&poi=&campaignid=1793098739&adgroupid=74958851248&rlsatarget=aud-692203741102:pla-468725514643&abcId=1139216&merchantid=7364522&gclid=Cj0KCQjwjrvpBRC0ARIsAFrFuV-fvxkSxxg9Y3riL8cZBJXLLRDoCSHLrPntNC04kkKPheFRCeO4ZA4aAnCiEALw_wcB liked it very much as it can tell me a lot if I am running rich or lean and when cursing its around 14.7 where it should be for 98. very happy with the tune but however when cruising over 60 to 100 kmph (freeway) when not acceleration (or closed throttle) the gauge shows lean at max. here a video of it travailing on freeway and when I let the gas go you should be see ----. Wondering if this is normal or you think the tune is not right so I go back to my tuner. car is 2010 xr6t running on 98 with 431 kw for more info. thanks
  4. hub dyno read lower than roller dyno. so basically its a little bit higher on the road then what you saw on the the hub doyno.
  5. ecu stay with the car and dont swap the ecu. only enigne
  6. Y must ve done how I have done. But didnt work. Plz confirm
  7. got to this stag. wasn't sure what is the first sensor (1 grey port) is for and first I thought that is the sensor for oil pressure as it had small leak around it. can some one plz explain what those numbering I have done on the photo is for nu 1 not sure? nu 2 not sure? nu 3 not sure? nu 4 should be oil sender. nu 5 is for oil pressure that goes to the gauge. thanks
  8. cleaned up as soon as I saw your reply, went back there this morning. the leak was there again do you mean driveshaft coupling https://www.autolinkparts.com.au/kelpro-kdc1000-tail-shaft-rubber-coupling-suit-for like this one thanks for y help
  9. forgot to mention, I just balanced my tail shaft like 1 week ago and noticed this in there, asked them they said its oil came out of tail shaft from removing it. 1 week later later and its still there. thought might be transmission. its reddish kind of oil. thanks
  10. hi was installing a new AFR gauge. got under the car to replace the sensor and noticed oil leak at the back of the transmission. was going to take to to workshop to ask but there are close during the weekends and couldn't wait to find out why. its 6sp manual with 430 kw any clue how and what should be done about it. what process are involved in fixing the leak or if can do it on my own.] never touched a transmission before. don't have any clue. cheers
  11. hey I want to fix my standard oil pressure gauge that came with the car . have this thing already installed https://www.ebay.com.au/p/Auto-Meter-AU6127-Oil-Pressure-Gauge/245151115?iid=361896552400&rt=nc it was working fine till workshop replaced my engine and since then it start being unreliable. first symptoms was, there was a few second delay from when pushing the paddle than noticed the needle wan't moving when pushing the paddle,works sometimes or jump to 75 psi at once and etc. thought that was crazy. cut to the chase, wanted to get some help on how to troubleshooting this myself as I have no idea what to look for. planning to spend some time to figure it out tomorrow and also install a new AFR gauge if I can first. from my research the gauge is not so good but is helpful at this stage as I have other plans to happen and leaving upgrading it for future. looked at the Auto Meters Manual but it was so fking confusing and couldn't find a installation guide on XR6 Forum. if you have the links and tips, just past it so I read through it., by the way its FG -T thanks
  12. will get on to it. was very busy once done let you guys know.
  13. you mean the liquid silicone off the shelf from supercheap auto. the good brand. use it on top of with gasket ? thanks mate

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