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  1. you mean the liquid silicone off the shelf from supercheap auto. the good brand. use it on top of with gasket ? thanks mate
  2. HI I have been looking the internet for sump (pan gasket) for my fg turbo 2010 but couldn't find any for fg models. I 've seen for ba-t and etc but not for fg. like this one that has no fg mentioned =====> https://www.autolinkparts.com.au/oil-pan-sump-gasket-suit-ford-falcon-ba-bf-fpv-6cy~53636 I am planning to put a my old oil pump into my engine from my old engine. the process don't look hard to me for now but I take any advice. about the gasket. I looked the internet couldn't find any for the for fg models so I decided to use silicon Gasket like this https://www.supercheapauto.com.au/p/permatex-permatex-high-temp-rtv-silicone-gasket-maker---red-311g/114971.html?cgid=SCA01081001. I assume it does same thing as a gasket rubber. would it be already to use that Silicone Gasket . about the front panel gasket. where the drive belts is. https://www.golebysparts.com.au/products/ba-bf-fg-ford-falcon-barra-timing-gasket-and-seal-set-tcs48 . is this the right one to use. thanks
  3. Aus123

    Fg turbo oil pumb

    thanks for your replay , so you are saying I can be done with the engine inside the car. do you think it worth doing it.? I don't know how common is for it to break but heard it does
  4. Hi boys Finished putting a replacement engine in my fg. It made 430kw on 98 fuel and its manual . I forgot to tell the workshop that I had oil pumb in my old engine and it wasn’t transferred to the new motor. my questions is: can they transfer the oil pump from old motor to the new motor without taking the engine out of the car Regret it so much. I am not very technical person but I believe the oil pumb also has the housing. Thanks
  5. I've bought used 2010 FG turbo motor ( roughly 100,000 KM), did the dry compression test and the result was low in 2 cylinders 170 and 190. (could it be the engine was not running for months)? afterwards did a wet test and it showed 210 across all cylinders evenly. just Wondering what is average com test result for this things.

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