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  1. No problems so far but haven't had a chance to test them properly.
  2. So finally had time to bleed the brakes and 99% sure he didn't bleed both nipples on the xyz brakes calipers. 2L later doing the entire system and problem solved. Now to deal with the ricer exhaust (4" xforce exhaust system with rear muffler being deleted) lol Thanks guys for the help.
  3. yeah gonna do that today, fingers crossed it fixes the issue.
  4. So long story short I bought a g6et and previous owner gave me a decent deal on xyz brakes fitted. but once he installed them and bleed the front and rear with new fluid, started getting spongy brake pedal. He replaced the master cylinder but that did not help and he got super busy and I had to get it towed on Friday from qld to nsw. Have now got it in my garage finally, so figuring it out if I should replace the booster or try rebleed it myself and see if that was the issue Was told it was braking fine with the stock brakes before upgrad
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