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  1. Happy Birthday animalxr6t!

  2. Happy Birthday animalxr6t!

  3. Happy Birthday animalxr6t!

  4. Happy Birthday animalxr6t!

  5. Best Place To Find Cooler

    thanks guys u have given me some top info
  6. Best Place To Find Cooler

    thanks for the imput mate. iv searched the pwr cooler and it seems everyone has nothing but problems with them. who out out the site sponsers do a cooler for standard piping. dont want to spend big cos things are tight
  7. Best Place To Find Cooler

    hey all. I removed my wog cooler for some maintinence and it has leaks in it everywhere. wats the best option for a new one that bolts up to factory pipes and where do I find them
  8. Camber Kit

    follow a vx or vt Late model camira down the road that has been lowered. look at the amgle of the wheels. that's camber at its best.
  9. This May Be Stupid

    im surprised u havnt seen this wen adjusting base and wat not. its in with those settings. bass trebble balance CD COMP POWER LIMITING.
  10. Sa Members

    but with just cars u have the option of paying a higher excess to get lower premiums. which is a great idea I think. better of spendin the money wen u stck it rather than paying it before u know if ul ever need it
  11. Running Mp3 Player Through Icc

    yes how much. I purchased the auxilary kit from asl. is this still used when I buy the new one or did I waist 35 bucks
  12. Running Mp3 Player Through Icc

    ah pooooo. I ordered the 35 dollar one today. that sucks
  13. Running Mp3 Player Through Icc

    ok cool. thanks mate. I dont have an I pod I have some other thing. does that mater. are they hard to install
  14. my six stacker did the eat the cds trick on me a while ago. I want my tunes bak so im looking towards some kind of mp3 connection. I have no clue wat this involves so any help would be appreciated. also will this be possible if my cd player is no good
  15. Got My White Walls

    On your car mate I would go for silver or white SA whitewalls number is 0427715380 and his name is darryl FLETCH I would not go white on yours it might get a bit busy. Allot of people think red on red is a no go but its the way to go. it was common on red xy gt's

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