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  1. Just an update guys. I had a mechanic have a look and it is definitely the return spring that needs to be replaced. I called ford and they said they can only sell me the entire pedal assembly for about 550. All I need is that 1 part. I tried a wrecker and he said about 250 and he reckons no one will want to sell just that part only the whole pedal assembly. I will keep looking, but I was hoping someone on here might have an old one that they might be willing to part with for a bit cheaper.
  2. I can see a crack in that bit of white plastic, That black part is metal. It has a little bolt on the side that can turn and I assume a little rod through the middle of it. I'm going to take it to the mechanics soon but money is tight at the moment and I always like to know what is broken before getting it fixed. Stuck in the sticks as well so I got to go a different guy I've never been to before.
  3. Ah I will give it a try thanks. I dont think its actually the spring itself but rather the part of the assembly. I'm pretty sure it's the little black piece at the back that kind of slides horizontally and "Clack". Its pretty hard to see in there. Thanks again for your help Keith.
  4. Yeah actually Keith you can see it move or jump a bit when it makes that noise. Here's the return spring
  5. It's a very loud click, it started out as intermittent and now its every time. Ok Thanks Keith I will get that photo up
  6. Hey guys, I've been having a few problems with my clutch. I have a FG xr6t 2011. I was hoping that someone here would be able to help me figure out what the problem is. I'm stuck out in the sticks at the moment, I've hurt my back real bad and I can't work some money is tight. Basically when I release the clutch pedal it makes a loud click noise. I got down and pressed it in with my hand and I could see where the noise is coming from and it is from around the spring part that returns the clutch pedal after taking your foot off the pedal. I'm hoping its is an easy fix that I can do myself. Tha
  7. Thanks, I had a quick look down there and pushed the pedal in and out a few times but the noise comes and goes and it wasn't making it. I will have another go at it tomorrow.
  8. Hi guys, I have a Fg Xr6t 2011manual, just recently it has started to make a plasticky pop or crack when I release the clutch pedal. It sounds like its coming from the pedal assembly. I was hoping someone could help me figure out what is wrong. And Is it ok to drive for now. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  9. Awesome guys thanks, about to drive home from my gfs now and feel confident im not going to hurt the engine. so glad I came on here, ill definitely be coming back once I start upgrades. Cant wait thanks again.
  10. I meant "that's". how does it get burned off
  11. Thanks man, that's put my mind at ease I noticed that breather line. The oil probably hasn't been burning off because the crossover pipe was disconnected for a bit.
  12. Ok thanks mate. I probably sound like a total noob to you guys. Cant wait to do my first round of upgrades and learn more about it bit funds are a bit tight atm. Any help is much appreciated
  13. Nah oil is still full in engine
  14. Hi guys this is my first post on here, I bought a 2011 fg xr6t ute, manual, last year. I noticed a when I when I was changing gears a loud air blow off noise recently and when I popped the hood the big pipe that says turbo intercooler that runs over the engine (not exactly a pro with motors lol) had popped off. Easy to put back on but I noticed a fair bit of oil in the pipe and it had leaked onto the top of the motor. Can someone please help, is this anything to worry about and is it ok to drive as is?
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