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  1. This maybe an old thread, but I just tried this trick on my son's FG window rocker switch and it works a treat. So worth trying before any of you FG owners go trying to remove the door panels or switch or even taking it to an auto spark. Time to fix : 2 mins Cost : $0. Result : F@RKING GOLD. #Fordxr6turbo.comfor/the/win.
  2. Actually the one I found is a 05 with 155k's still looks clean as. If he gets keen for one I will do more searching. For me I'd go a manual, my XR6 T is a T56 so was my BF Typhoon. But my son is gonna go and auto for now till he learns how to drive a manual. I know what ya mean about the boxer engine with a system. A B4 Liberty took off from the lights the other night sounded pretty good.
  3. Cheers for the input, I have always liked the liberty sedans. Definitely will be worth getting him to drive one so I can convince him to head down that path. The 07 I had found is clean and low k's. Awd does sound like a good idea for a driver with little experience.
  4. Vavle springs and a fuel pump and a throttle body clean. Manifold leak test. Considering it's a BA. Throw a set of fat rods at it whilst your at sir.
  5. My son is not far off getting his license (P's) where looking around at some falcons. He's saved up a decent chunk of coins, around $6000. But I'm absolutely shocked at what some dealers are asking for BA -BF mk2 with 220 -270k on the clock. A couple or more years back they where selling from anywhere between $3500 to $8000. Now most start at $6000 here in S.A. Might have to give up on the old falcon idea and look at something else. He doesn't have any real preference but does like driving my BA 05 rattler ( which he's learning in) so that's what he was leaning towards. We're looking for a BF onwards. Subaru liberty Toyota Aurion SX6 Are a couple of other options
  6. Thanks buddy, I will order one soon. Mine has been sh¡ting me for years and is only getting worse. Time to bin the old and swap it out for a brand newy. I'm happy change stuff it completely eliminates a problem. Enjoying the thread, keep it up alot of lads are enjoying it as well.
  7. Let me know how ya go with the mirror, mines had a similar vibration or rattle for years.Just tried gluing the lens to the frame.( No good.) So I might be buying a new genuine one. Don't mind spending the coin if it a definite fix. I'm sick of listening to the mirror vibration. The onlytime it stops is when I grab the mirror. And that's not a practical fix considering I have a manual.
  8. Haha. I was gonna do a full photo write up. But you know just couldn't be f@#ked. I swear it feels like it's gained 5 to 10kw's due to the weight reduction from removing kilo's of sweat and human grime. (Previous owner of the ute)
  9. Had really slow to no seat belt retraction going on in my 05 BA traytop(rattler). So I gave the old wash the seat belt trick ago after I had checked the retractor units where all good. Boiling hot water and clothes washing liquid in a bucket with a special bespoke seat belt cleaning tool I had made (thanks youtoob) piece of small pvc pipe or electrical conduit with a slit cut in it with a dremel. Clamps and squeezes all the grime and sweaty goodness out of the belt. Dried them off and they work a treat now. Now time to do my XR's seat belts,there no way near as bad as the utes.They will turn out like new again.
  10. My genuine shafts have done a few years at 315 rwkw's through T56 abuse and one finally decided to fail. It's time had run out. These Repco shafts fit perfectly between second/wreckers and 750hp rated shafts or over priced genuine replacements. So cast or billet aluminum bearing cages these will tick the box for me. Plus I don't have money tree's growing under lights or chest full of gold coins to throw at the car. Good piece of kit for the price. One spec up from genuine replacements.
  11. Cheers again buddy, the whole rear end feels alot more solid. No more third gear on /off the power clunk that use to exist with the flogged out old centre bush. After a bit of iffy start to the journey down to your place we got it all sorted and ya turned it around in record time to have old black betty tearing up the bitumen once again. New centre bush and bolt Check New rear housing Check New seals and oil Check New control blade bushes Check 2x New HD short shafts Check New tailshaft uni& centre bearing Check (what fun that was to do) Practically a whole new arse end Definitely a happy camper once again though. Thanks mate. Next on the list Clutch Plates lol....
  12. He's dead. He died years ago, along with this thread. It was a mesh related accident. Well that's the rumor anyway.
  13. This is where you come in Keith 14- 15 psi is where most 300-350 rwkw tunes are at these days. Many years ago ya would read of tuna's running ridiculous amounts of psi. Also your tune may be ramped in a non aggressive way to save your skinny rods from bending under 20psi conditions. Given no mention of a built motor. You have not mentioned what type of rubber your running or rim and trye width on the arse end. Semi slicks with 10 inch rims can cause uber problems if your after a loose tail end happy ute.
  14. Definitely have raised a really good point, alot of offices and companies will be looking at how they use the office space after the Covid 19 pandemic. My partners friend, her husband works for Westpac in the loan management department. He's been setup at home with full computer and headset for fielding calls. He's actually wondering why he even needs to go to the office anymore. Everything can be done from his home.
  15. Throw in that box of chipboard screws and ya have deal. Would love to throw that in my BA series 2 but I just spent some coins on fixing a diff bolt failure. To spend 8.5k worth of engine upgrade plus a shed load on strengthen everything behind it. Mal Wood clutch $$$ IMS diff hat to stop bolt snapping. 700 hp short shafts Chasing the dragon.. Although it does look damn cool layed out like that. Soooo tempting.
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