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  1. Running Rich / Poor Economy

    All else fails. Trade the ute. $2500 Personal loan $ 6000 ( $80 p/w) _______ Buy Ba XR6T $8500 ute or sedan. Result. ----------- $80 per week for loan $80 per week for fuel. Endless fun per week... weeeeeeee
  2. Jet's Tuning (Oh No)

    Nice work big fella. It's all ways good to give ya self a challenge every now then and this one looks like it was just that. You'll always have return customers, ya have the passion for the barra turbo platform which gives people confidence that there car will be in good hands.
  3. Ba 4 speed limits.

    The six auto in my VE series2 sv6 is an absolute shocker. Doesn't know what it wants to do. 210 kw car with a trans that surges then hangs neutral gears. I think like double R said they need to tuned. Before that there still rubbish. Give me my T56 in black betty any day. #ManualLifeFTW
  4. Fuel economy very bad,

    There be could plenty of this causing poor fuel economy. Blocked cat. Blocked injectors / injector Fowled O2 sensor. Heavy right foot. (Joke) As for fuel smell remove the rear seat and remove the cover for the fuel pump. ( its on the passengers side) You'll see the top of the fuel tank and pump assembly. Fill up the tank again a check for a leak around the top of fuel pump where it screws down to the tank. The big flat ring seal may have failed. All are a game of elimination.
  5. The Off Topic Thread.

    Oh dear.... That definitely is one sorry looking HQ. "I'd buy that for a dollar" Robocop quote. Looks like vehicle from Mad Max2.
  6. Smoking wires/socket on headlight.

    I will get around to it one day. Along with my list of things to do the house.
  7. Smoking wires/socket on headlight.

    Haha you know me, posting up pics isn't my strong suit...
  8. Cool Stuff You Just Bought

    What No Silver... You've changed man.!!!
  9. Smoking wires/socket on headlight.

    There was smoke coming out of the junction box at the end of the wires. But I will pull it apart tomorrow after work and have better look. It was pretty late the other night so I just shut bonnet and went inside. Cheers Keith.
  10. The other night I noticed smoke coming from the back of my passenger's side headlight. (The black socket which plugs on to the back of the low beam globe.) Driver's side headlight looks very dull as well compared the smoking passengers side. Seems like a voltage spike of some sort, but I would have thought the fuse would go first. Really not keen on destroying the lighting system on the car. Any ideas would help before I have to take it to an auto spark.
  11. These Don’t Look Right Or Are They

    Pretty sure OP did ask for opinions on whether we liked them or not. So if ya don't like the opinions don't ask for everyones opinion. And that's an Oh Dear !! from me.
  12. Parts ordered, tune next week or so.

    First round with x-cal 4 willall custom tune was 11-12 psi at 235 rwkw's. So may still need valve springs, but as I said he may lucky and not have to worry about them.
  13. Parts ordered, tune next week or so.

    Be prepared to add some valve springs to that list. anything over stock boost normally will cause valve float after a few weeks with semi decent km's on the clock. Ya maybe lucky and not need them.. But factor in $1000 -$1100 supplied and fitted...
  14. The Random And Funny Video Thread

    This thing is a bowl of Rice Bubbles. Full of snap, crackle and pop... What a piece of chit. It's that you guy ya see driving around with that shocking sounding exhaust and ya say to yourself you actually think that sounds good mate. Or you actually paid money for that to sound that way.
  15. Our New Build BF XR6 to BF XR6 Turbo.

    The Plazmaman/ Process West CAI race box looks salvageable. Im not normally a big fan of purple but that rocker cover paint looks sexual. Me like....

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