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  1. Your about 7 yrs to late with ya reply mate. Helpful information though, there are a few tasks on these cars that are better left up to a professional. Especially if a person doesn't know which is the intake manifold and which is the exhaust manifold. Welcome to the forum.
  2. Shows how much I have been living under a rock, didn't even realize ya had been trying to organize a mini cruise nath. I'm down south but definitely can meet up in the hills to start a delightful drive through the hills. So definitely PM me if ya get a few members keen. Don't forget scotty Panda lives in the hills he may be up for a cruise as well.
  3. Cheers for pointing me in the right direction Aaron, I wasn't keen on buying another set of coils or a surge tank in order to fault find the problem. Unfortunately I had already picked up the plugs from Adrien Brien ford $70, so I thought I will try them considering they were pregapped at .7 But they fixed the problem so I'm happy with the out come. Big shout out to Nath as well. You and Jet were bang on the money identifying the potential cause of the backfire issue. I will make a run out to your place again soon mate, hope you and your army of rug rats are all doing well.
  4. 0.7 plugs fixed the problem. 0.9 is what the last set were gapped at. New plugs pre-gapped to 0.7 did the trick. She's back to her post tune best again. Running full boost again.
  5. Plugs is were I'm gonna start. Im thinking the candles are getting blown out now its back to the 14.5 psi after fixing the actuator bracket.
  6. A bit puzzled, yesterday I replaced two lost turbo bracket bolts. The bracket that has the wastegate actuator on it. Farkn fun that was to get to. But got it done. Now after taking it for a spirited thrash on the way home last night it start hitting a backfire and smoke kick out the back. 4000 -5000RPM on full boost. I have replaced coils with genuine units recently. Just under half of a tank of fuel, so hoping it's not surge issues.(255 walbro with small pot drop in set up) Im gonna try a set of SK20R7 spark plugs. 315 rwkw's on 14.5 psi. 8 psi garrett actuator. Any ideas on what it could be would be well received.
  7. Sydney prices in general can eat a dick. You guys get ripped blind for what you pay for a 3 bedroom home on the eastern side of Australia. The Great Australian dream. More like a farkn nightmare.....
  8. BA versions definitely sell for a bit less. BF and BF2's still sell for 25+ with low k's. Fuel pump is a cheap do it yourself mod that's worth doing if ya gonna do the exhaust and actuator because you don't won't it to be thing that your tuna says if you had have done it I could have got another 20 -30 kw'smore out of it.....
  9. He wishes.. Plus he lives in Queensland not Iceland. 😉
  10. You really have to run ya tuned car with a stock cooler in hot weather or multiple full boost runs to experience heat soak. Then ya say to yourself "sh¡t that feels like it's down on power " at that point ya decide to pony up for a decent cooler, what ya buy after that is a question that has been answered and argued over and over on here. So it's upto the owner to make the decision, whether it be right or wrong. And if ya saving for a house good luck with that as well in this day age. Especially depending on which state ya live in... Hehe...
  11. Phoons do still turn up wif low k's every now and then but there still holding big dollars. Just depends if ya want to pay 25 -30 k for a 2003 -06 FPV. FPV 497 ya middle muffler isn't as much a restriction point as the ya cat. Cats gotta go..... Dump will be fine, do full cat back exhaust and a new fuel pump (255 walbro intank unit ) and you will make 300+ rwkw's easily. Maybe a new Garrett wastegate actuator while ya at to keep boost under control when ya turn it up.
  12. Finally installed new genuine O2 senor yesterday. Took it for a hills drive and reset the trip computer. Instant results were really good, dropped from 17.7 L/100km's to a best of 11.8 with it settling to around 12.1 -12.4. Time will tell what it stays at but its a good result for now. Also re- installed my turbosmart bov. On a general inspection I noticed I have lost two bolts from rear of my turbo, two of the six that are on the half round brackets. (One next to the wastegate actuator and the above.) Does any know the spec's on these bolts or I'm just gonna remove and take one down to nuts and bolts r us.
  13. All the info you need is right there in all the replies above. Generic plug and play tunes are still relevant but definitely out dated. They were aimed at giving people a tune which could just be thrown in the car and off ya go. (Take ya money and see ya later sort of thing.) As Keith said get it to a Vic tuner, give him ya car and ya money and you won't regret out laying some hard earned coins. Definitely get in contact with the tuner, tell him you wanna do injectors, high flow cat and a custom tune. He will either source the stuff for ya or send you away with a shopping list of goodies to get before tuning it. Suggestion: Mick at Pitlane performance. Plenty of other good tuners in Vic to help you out, get on the ferry.
  14. Not if ya keep putting it in the pooper. Definitely like Christmas, my partners parents are heading down for a holiday and to spend Christmas with us. Love Christmas day feeds, the presents thing is okay. Got 3 weeks off over Christmas as well, so I always look forward to that every year. Gonna spend alot days swimming either at my mums swimming pool or down the local beaches.
  15. I know your pain Nath. Silhouette black is a painful colour to own. Looks nice clean for about a day after washing and a good chamois. A good Northerly blows and layer of dust coats my car, And its time to wash it again. #SilhouetteblackLYF.

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