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  1. I did consider that, spoke to the people above me if they didnt mind and they were OK with it.. As for the over spray, it wasn't too bad the plastic stuff on the ground near the passenger side had very little dried dust on it and that was it. Nothing carried that far luckily. I try and maintain a good relationship with everyone, they can see I have always been tinkering in here with the bikes, start up and get going going straight away not revving the tits off it etc
  2. It looks that way hey. Its ok because I find sanding oddly satisfying to I am in for a treat haha. Going through your build thread, lots of info mate!
  3. Agreed! Certainly a skill that would take many years to perfect. I was thinking this method will be good for touch ups if needed down the track, just sand prep and spray. No funny clear coats and metallic finish. I think I will give it a few days to dry hopefully park it out in the sun tomorrow to warm up a little and then get stuck into wet sanding. I actually have 1500, 2000 and 3000 sanding discs to use on my dual action polisher that have a foam backing so hopefully that will cut down some time. I tested a small section very quickly and it looks like it will polish up really good.
  4. Paint Day!! Well... Forecast was 80% chance of rain so I thought I would head into the shed an tidy up a few other hits and bobs.. Mainly painting the side mirrors, scuttle panel and a few brackets under the bonnet. I see a break in the clouds, sunshine. Screw it, now is my chance! First up I will show you my setup.. This is pretty much everything I used for the painting the car. I side the tubs and various bit of sand paper, sanding blocks, body fillers etc The materials and tools I had for painting the car is as low budget as you can get. Ozito electric sprayer, 4L of acrylic lacquer and 4L of thinners. That 20L drum you see if what I mixed the paint in and filled up the pot from.. Ghetto right? Then the usual stuff, masks, wax and grease remover and various masking tapes. Also some tac cloth for good measure. So I set the car up gave it a full wipe down with wax and grease remover and masked her up. I've the last few days I've been trying a few techniques of masking to try and hide the tape lines as best as possible. It helped a lot of masking was pretty straight forward. Once the car was masked and I was satisfied with it I gave the car another wipe down with wax and grease. Mowing through clean rags just wanting to be 100% that the surface was clean grease free. So I setup the spray gun, mix the paint in the big container and pour some in the pot. I have my busted up door here and I shoot against it to see how its coming out... Good I see so I hit the car with the first coat. Paints coming out fast, I'm sweating because I don't want to stuff it up but I get into a groove and get a light first coat on. Second coat and getting some decent coverage. Taking it easy as I don't want any runs and or paint drooping. By this stage, the plastic sheet around the wheels was coming off, wasn't too fussed as I'm not going to use these wheels I just kept on motoring on. With the second coat done, I felt like I had things under control and enjoyed the rest of the spraying. In the end I got on 4 coats and happy with the outcome. The electric sprayer puts out so much paint, I went through all 8 litres of paint to get the 4 coats on. Looming at the paint up close, it has a texture to it, not 'smooth as glass' like 2 pack clear coat. Its a fine line with this sprayer because if you are too close, it pours paint on and if you are a little too far away, the paint dries quick. Which I think is why my paint ended up a little textured. Nothing a wet sand and buff can't fix. Last few photos are with the masking paper! Car is painted!!
  5. No doubt someone has replaced one at some point. Not a big deal but I will rectify soon.
  6. Looked like rain all day so chose not to mask up and paint. Did a few other bits while I was in the garage. Polished up the head lights and tail lights. Notice that one tail light is different to the other... I prefer the right hand side one so I will track one down at some point. While the car was under cover I started to paint part of the bay. At some point when the engine is out I will paint the rest of the engine bay. Really hoping for a nice sunny day to get cracking!
  7. Some more progress.. First up fitted some speakers. When I had the parcel tray out I noticed the rear speakers were missing but wiring for them had been run. I had the door trims off to take the mirrors off and noticed the previous owner had some 6" speakers fitted with an adaptor. Opted for these Kenwoods, middle of the road type stuff. Sound is really good running off the Alpine deck that was fitted to the car. Great clarity and just enough bass to keep me happy. Won't be winning auto salon sound off any time soon though. Quick job fitting up the chrome door handles and re-re-re painting the dash and door inserts. I'll be a little more gentle on the wet sand this time.. Between doing that I went around the car about 100 times looking and feeling the paint looking for any defects that I might have missed, sanded a few areas and touched up a few other spots. Pulled off as much trim as I could get at also. Then I gave it a heavy duty wash. Dish soap and scouring pad was my weapon of choice. Stopping in between and focusing on specific areas with a detail brush and some APC to remove any dirty or build up crud. Went hard under the wheel arches as best as I could and all the little hard to get spots. Forecast for tomorrow is rain which I hope is not the case, if I see sun then I will be wiping down, masking up and spraying.
  8. I've got one mate and its a bloody good thing after a few mods... Perfect daily bike. Looks like the guy in the add has done a few things like the seat and shock but the front forks will need some attention too. Old pic but I've since done a yamaha comfort seat plus fork valves and springs and a Matris shock. And some sticky Bridgestones.
  9. More work carried out tonight. Let me know if the pics are too much and I will reel it in! First up was to trim the parcel tray to get the high mount light to fit. I picked up the high mount out of a taxi the other day. I was under the impression that every car was fitted with a high mount but no globe fitted for the xr's but in this case the plug was run but the parcel tray had no cut out for the light. Little trim and its working good. I could even trim it a further 10mm but I'll see what the inspector says when I go for a blue slip. Next up was refitting the cluster and surround. I picked up the surround again from a taxi. The previous owner snapped the tab for the trip button and it wouldn't clip in properly, sh*t me to tears so I ended up getting a surround and all working buttons. Clean up and paint then all the buttons refitted. While I was at it, I pulled the plastic cover over the cluster and gave it a careful clean to get any dust that might have worked its way in over the years. It looks like new now very happy with it. Moved onto the steering wheel next. Picked up a second hand xr6 wheel which was in 8/10 condition with minimal wear. Mine was thrashed! Once I had the wheel off I cleaned the wiper and blinker arms with a rag and some APC and got the years of cruddy oily finger build up. Super satisfied to get all the 'touch' surfaces clean. Final pic is the end result, cluster, wheel - everything clean and tidy.
  10. Thanks mate. The bumpers turned out pretty good better than I expected. Looking like Wednesday will be paint day, tomorrow I will tidy up some odds and ends and give her a really good wash with some dish soap. Get a head start on some masking up too.
  11. Early start this morning getting the bars back off and doing the last of the filling before sanding. They aren't going to be show quality but you'll really have bend over a fair sack to actually see the imperfections.
  12. More work done today getting the carpet, center console and seats back in. Looking heaps better already. Head liner is really letting the interior down now so I will try get someone out this week to mend it.
  13. Just checked my ebay records, I paid $135 for it which isnt too bad. The stuff I saw from ryda and other car audio shops was much more. I helped my cousin years ago do his Brocky and he used dynamat, cost him a bomb from memory. Its about 2.5mm with the rubber butyl and alloy layer. The ebay store I got it from dont sell them anymore but have a new listing up for the same stuff but I comes in a roll and is 2.2mm thick and claim to weigh 16kg !!! sh*t, im making the car slower... lol https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/2-2mm-Thick-Sound-Deadener-Roll-Butyl-Rubber-Car-8m-Heat-Insulation-Deadener-OZ/123904450941?hash=item1cd947e17d:g:DLcAAOSwaEldeeAp
  14. Got some sound deadening down on the floor and parcel tray. Interior is ready but thinking I might leave the back seat off and drop in a walbro 255 while I'm in that area and the tank is low. I have the week off plus the Easter long weekend and I have all the paint and supplies I need to paint the car. After touching up a few edges and giving the car a good once over and wash I should have something decent to post in the coming days! I also have ordered the zf seal kit and earls oil line... Once the paint is done, its back to the mechanical side of things. Brakes - full rebuild, shocks and springs, major service, genuine ford coils etc.
  15. Gave the carpet a soak with water and sprayed on some generic carpet cleaner. Scrubbed it all over and rinsed it off... Left it for a few hours and came back and hit it again with the bissell spot clean. The machine is awesome by the way, works really well at extracting crud and dirt deep in the carpet. I started cleaning up the stock xr seats in prep for selling. They were dirty also and hit with the same treatment. Nothing like 200k worth of body juice... Yum Last but not least.. The fpv seats! Picked them up this morning! Overall good condition, happy with them. Because buying flash seats is just what you do when everyone is facing job losses and financial doom right?
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