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  1. Few hits and misses but car is humming along. The car has developed a damp smell in the last few days and I've started my search to see what's going on. I did wash it last weekend pretty thoroughly so hard to know if I have jammed water in at some point. My buddy's BA has some rust holes under the wipers in the scuttle area and his car fills up with water on the passenger front. I looked at mine and it was mint, could probably even rule it out. Carpets feel dry everywhere I looked so I might need to do some more searching. The roof rack clamps do squash the door rubbers so removing them could be a start. Its raining here in Sydney atm so hoping its easy enough to find. I felt the ac wasn't working as good as it should so had it re gassed. In all the tinkering I've done with the car I have never once looked at the air con and sure enough it was low on gas. So pull gas, 20 minute vacum and gas up. Its cold as now! I also had this issue when I would start the car and the air-conditioning was on it would make this large thump around the passenger floor area or left side firewall. That has disappeared too, win! Checking out the heater hoses and they are looking pretty average. I some how ended up with the t piece hose already so picked up the second one and will aim to change them soon. Thought I scored a killer deal on a set of 4 bf sr wheels but 2 of them are buckled and 1 is an egg. Big fail!
  2. This kit was for the power steering pump not the rack. Never actually got around to fitting the pump that I ran this kit through as the ebay pump I used became quiet all of a sudden. I think you will need to look at a rack swap to fix your problem mate.
  3. Ouch.. what's the chance of valve to piston contact
  4. I just noticed a lot of the bearing kits come with it so easy done.
  5. I battle with this problem all the time, spend more and build it up to handle more or keep it simple and around the power level it has now. Trouble is the flow on from more power. Fuel system upgrades, turbo charger, higher chance of breaking stuff transmission etc just adds up to more dollars which I just can't swing and realistically don't need. I still run an under battery intake and a questionable cooler which they rate for 400rwkw so it's surely on the limit as it is. This is more of a chance for us to get together for some garage time and with no certain plan to actually get it in the car. I must be confusing a 360 thrust and a torrington bearing if the 360 is an easy fit, its going in for sure. [emoji106]
  6. So me and my best mate are going to have a crack at rebuilding my old turbo motor. The plan is simple with a budget garage style rebuild with a few extras thrown in. Currently looking at options for who can do some good machine work on the block, crank and head. Anyone have any suggestions for a Sydney based machine shop? The aim is to stay around the high 300 low 400rwkw and use the crank and turbo rods. The pistons are cactus and thinking of using a set of genuine cast pistons. Then go for valve springs, head studs and ml gasket, oil pump gears, full gasket kit, timing chain kit, new rod bolts, rings and bearings. Gap rings accordingly and triple check bearing clearances etc. Anything worth addressing in the engine, any tricks. I don't see a need for upgrading the rods or 360 degree thrust for this power level and no clear goal for drag racing the car but happy to hear any input. Cheers!
  7. hanks for the wise words mate although I don't recall asking.
  8. 4 piston brembo finally on! This is a proper bitsa setup with mc22 cbr250 wheel, lathe turned wheel spacers, laser cut disc adaptor. The caliper bracket was listed for an rm250 but it appears the drz shares the same lower leg and a new caliper from Gawanlochs. Huge amount of stopping power and great feedback at the lever. Bike could do with a few more ponies though.
  9. Appreciate the update a lot mate #thanks #blessed
  10. Hey all, website down? Having issues something about http.
  11. I can only imagine how many f bombs were dropped You got me on car sales looking at TT's haha
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