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  1. Finally had a chance to look at the car.. Turns out it was leaking from the big fuel pump o ring. Why exactly I am still not sure but maybe it just gave up but I'm certain the tank didnt have excess pressure. While it was out I swapped out the Walbro for the Pierburg and fitted it back up with a new o ring. Checked fuel pressure, looked good. I had to drain 20l from the tank by connecting a hose to the hard line from from the where the fuel filter bolts up, bridged the pump relay. Checked the serviceable filter while I had it off. Got the fuel back in which put me over 3/4 and on the road
  2. Drooled over these when I was a young teenager.. Whats the plan?
  3. Entirely possible but I think its related to the surge tank install I carried out on the weekend.
  4. Took the sh*t box in today and come home, whole building smells on e85... Cars parked in the garage bellow all day. Go down and have a look, leaking from the main fuel tank. I can see drops from it around the metal skid pan but nothing when running. Parked the car outside for now but will need a more in depth look to see exactly where its coming from. Surely this would be an excess pressure issue as I did not disturb the tank in any way when fitting the surge. Car had a properly full tank on the way home.
  5. All went smooth on the end. Started to run out of steam and left the in tank pump for another day. I checked fuel pressure at idle and it looked ok so I will aim to swap the lift pump mid week.
  6. Tidy! Done it a few times by the look of it haha.. Ended up busting out the test ought and found it.
  7. Hey dudes! Kinda urgent but not really... The surge kit didnt come with wiring instructions so I downloaded them from the Plazmamam website. Perhaps they are old or have changed but just wanting to confirm the purple wire goes to this pink wire. Fairly confident it does. I'm guessing they changed from red to purple so people wouldn't confuse 2 small red wires but yeah..
  8. Opted for a pierburg in tank option and just picked this up. Should fit my needs perfectly.
  9. Appreciate the response mate.. I can safely say I will never go for that power level so banging in a smaller pump looks like the best option.
  10. Well overdue mate. Should have some time to fit it over the weekend and get it sorted. Should I leave the 460 in the tank or look at something smaller?
  11. Looked around for a decent used surge and didnt really find anything. Stuff missing, old pumps and hefty price tags so I decided to go new. Looked at the single 044 and thought for a little more I'll go with the single pierburg pump. Quality thing too bloody nice to hide under the car!
  12. Oh nah I played with it well before the tune, haven't touched it since. Everything is the same just the head gasket job. I did connect the blow off valve back up but can't see that being connected to the issue. I must have fixed something along the way or the head gasket was an issue from the start. I've got a plan and have 2 things on my hit list for now, dyno time to check tune and a surge tank.
  13. I did have a play with it yes when I did the engine swap. However I backed it off in an attempt to try and get it to crack open earlier to run lower boost. If I recall correctly I set the pre load to 1.5mm from 2.0mm. So even though it was supplied as the 12psi version, I couldn't get anywhere near that. I'm tipping it has a heavier spring because it appears to operate correctly in every other way.
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