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  1. That is true mate! But I like to chop them when they least expect it
  2. Yeah the original colour is Neo. I thought it was Blueprint before I looked at the placard. I'm still not 100% set on the colour but leaning towards just plain white to go with the sleeper theme. The only thing that bothers me is that I'm not really prepared to paint the door jams and under bonnet to do a full color change. I'm also not sure how I'm going to go about painting it.. Grab another compressor + spray tools and diy (2k will be a no go in my unit so acrylic lacquer will probably be used), spray cans (cheap and nasty but with lots of wet sanding will give good results), find someone to do it but big $$$ which I really don't have. I've painted stuff before with good success but not on this scale before. Something like the photo attached is what I'm after and maybe a set of the larger interceptor wheels with wide rubber but I'm going for a dead stock look. I want no attention from the fuzz or any boy racers see the turbo badge and want to race.
  3. Few more things done, feels like I'm going around in circles at this stage.. But still worth pushing on! Two dents fixed up on the passenger from door. Might do one more skim of filler and should be sweet.
  4. Little bit more done today... I've nearly finished feathering out the peeling clear. Will start to turn my attention to getting the few dings sorted next. So much sanding and much more to go!
  5. Tiny update... Over the last few days I've been trying out some sanding techniques.. Started with a good old block and tried to feather out where the clear coat was peeling and giving the area a scuff up at the same time. Good results but took too too long. Went down to supercheap and picked up a black ridge 6 inch dual action sander... First impression.. Absolute garbage... Hold the trigger flat and it doesn't even move on the panel even with no pressure. No balls.. Anyways, I try make it work and it works pretty good. Will definitely cut down on time. 15 minutes later my compressor took a catastrophic dump and called it quits.. This would probably explain why the tool was down on power... Anyways new compressor coming but I will be back to hand sanding for the time being.
  6. Yeah awesome roads that way. We passed through last October on our way to the moto gp, just magic! Snowys drive hmmmm I could be tempted haha
  7. Ok@SIMBAD years ago nyself and a mate were riding two old sh*t box motorbikes from Melb back to Sydney the long way. We stopped overnight in Tumut and had a solid pub feed and got ready to head off in the morning. We ended up stopping at the little servo in Talbingo, opposite the lake for petrol. We filled the bikes up and as I mounted my bike, the clip on handle bar snapped clean off on the clutch side. It was a freak thing to happen and I'm glad it didn't happen while I was half way through a corner. Its a Sunday and as you know these small towns are pretty sleepy. We walk around a few streets having a look to see if anyone could help, no one home, not much activity. We thought maybe they are all at the rsl. We give up and call a local Tumut towwie... He comes in about an hour and we have a quick chat and we ask him to take us back to tumut, we stay the night and see if we get lucky at a bike shop on Monday. He loads the bike up and I jump in the track with him. As well are driving he says to me 'I know a guy who might be able to fix it'... I say yeah sure if he is willing to help out that would be great. He calls this guy up on a Sunday arvo and explains the situation. He says 'bring it'. So this trucky pulls upto his buddies house and we get the bike off. The guys comes outside and checks the bike out and then heads off to open his garage. This garage is long and has tools, lathes and bikes inside!! I couldn't believe it we hit the jackpot. He spends about 30 minutes on it, we end up helping him strip the bar from the controls and he comes up with this genius was to re mount the bar enough to get us home... He was humble as and was happy to help us. He sent us on our way and we made it back to Sydney that night. Absolute legends!! Stuff like that simply does not happen in big cities... Go Tumut!
  8. Ok yes I see it! Man, I really have trouble navigating this tapa app.. Nice intro, I have a good story about some good people from Tumut I'll write it up later.
  9. Sounds like I need this app. I also like the idea of fans running sooner. I got one of my bikes flashed and had the fan came on sooner, make a noticeable difference. Would you have a link to your car, build thread or the like?
  10. Appreciate the input@SIMBAD. In relation to the bov, I think I will block the bov vac port or possibly completely remove it. I would however like to have a full functioning plumb back valve at some stage also. Yeah I found the tourqe app a little tricky to work with also. I would get myself ready (fill plug cracked) and started from cold. By the time I got the hoist up, it was already at 35 ℃ and rising quickly. I might give the other option a go. Is it an app or some sort of device?
  11. Stacks of photos to come when I start sanding and prep for paint!
  12. And this is how the car is sitting atm with xt front and rear bars on and side skirts missing. Hunting for a boot, skirts, left rear door and some steelies then I will start on doing a paint job at home in the same colour.
  13. Roger that mate. I will cut the T line shorter and plug it and then run a short vac line from the blow off and plug that too. [emoji108] Where can I donate to the cause mate?
  14. I will mate. I'm kicking my self I didn't do it in the first place. How the hell can they get away with this??
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