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  1. Haven't seen a rapid cooler but I'll def be under 400kw which sounds promising.
  2. Certainly! I think that will be it for power mods for the time being and then focus on durability which I rekon will involve building up an engine on the side and possibly a trans too. All the fun you can have really
  3. I'm hoping the new core is ready this week and then its a case of swapping the rear housing over, having a good look at that pesky turbo smart actuator, putting it all back together and dyno so 2-3 weeks hopefully.
  4. I ended up using a generic cooler 500x400x90 with the plaz hot and cold side piping. Cooler is questionable at this stage but from what I saw intake temps were down from a average of 40 to low 30s high 20s. We shall see how it all goes on the dyno once the high flowed turbo gets done and back on the car.
  5. Got the venom bolt in cat atm with stock dump. The last tune was done with the stock cross over and 3576 in place 280rwkw 13psi. Hoping the new piping and turbo arrangement brings it up to 330+ or so. But yeah I'll bolt it up maybe a day or two before the tune and take it for a small cruise check it out and really that's where I want it to be subtle, full throttle I'm ok with all the noise but when cruising I'd like no drone and quiet.
  6. Not a bad way to do it mate. Think that's what I'll do.
  7. Picked up these off market place today. Twin 2.5 going into 3 inch and herrod mufflers. I'm not sure if this has been cobbled together by a backyard dude or not but they were a bargain and hard to pass up. I really really want to keep the car as stealth as possible while being as powerful as possible so I'm not 100% sure I will be using these. Perhaps a test fit and drive to see how they go sound wise. The guy sent me video clips and it was crackling on decel after a rev at idle and sounded absolutely terrible - he later said he modified the car with no tune at all and the engine blew up - wonder why. Question is, is there any performance gain from these pipes? I mean at this stage the car has good induction, cold and hot side piping and will shortly have a modified 3582 turbo. Once the turbo is fitted and going back for a touch up tune, will I see more kW with this 'cat back' style arrangement or purely just extra noise.
  8. Quick turbo and manifold removal in prep for the new setup. Thinking I will remove the rear housing studs and go back to bolts. Pain in the ass last time and pain in the ass removing this time. Great chance while the manifold was off to check out the heater pipe that runs under the manifold. I had a 50 cent size puddle of coolant on the ground randomly and some dried up residue on the actuator. Water pump looked good but this o ring on the pipe has seen better days and was the culprit. New one will go in place when the time comes.
  9. Sounds promising! I'm excited! I have played with the idea of making the switch to e85 which might be the next step if the car becomes a weekender. However those figures sound great on pump.
  10. Got off my ass and gave the garage a quick clean up to make room for the taxi for a few weeks. Turbo will be coming off to make way for the new unit. I have once again spoken to Nigel Rose (thanks adams355) and he gave me 2 options 1. Genuine Garrett replacement core. 2. Garrett core with modified front and rear wheels, front wheel being a larger 7 by 7 and rear being 1 less blade from memory. Said something about exhaust beck pressure. He said he has been using this setup for 5 years with great results and sounds like a good guy too if that means anything at all. Will be pulling the trigger on one this week either way and getting the ball rolling.
  11. Some tinkering over the weekend.. Rear knuckles have new bearings in and ready to be fitted, second catch can is plumbed and bolted up and finally some dark window tint for a bit of privacy. Turbo will come out this weekend which should motivate me to figure out exactly what turbo option I will go with. At this stage I'm still leaning towards fitting a new core to my 3582 and calling it a day. Not sure if its worth putting a bigger wheel but I'm curious about it. Mark over at CMS suggested it as an option.
  12. Yeah I'm gonna park it now and drive the back up bomb. In saying that, it let go at around the same boost level it was tuned at. You ever seen these pipes blow off? It feels tight and solid when mounted not sure how much the engine movement comes into play though.
  13. So had a look at the car quickly and spotted it straight up. The hose blew off the throttle body, fixed it up re positioned the pipe a little better and first hit it blew off again. Some t bolt clamps coming up I think.
  14. Productive day.. Intercooler, piping and under battery intake fitted. I ended up having to remove the factory power steering cooler and loop the lines together. Will look at that again soon and hook up some sort of cooler. A/c lines bent up, condenser repositioned, top radiator brackets drilled to sit further back. The air filter has seen better days so I will be ordering one asap and getting it on. Unfortunately on the way home, the car was sluggish, struggled to spin up and boost. I triple checked all the clamps and silicone hose so something is not right. Oh well, more tinker time coming up.
  15. I wasn't so thrilled with how the dash looked, tried some rejuvenation products which didn't really last and wasn't happy with the dash cover, just didn't sit right over the aftermarket gauges.. So I looked at some options, remembered I used vinyl paint to paint a motor bike seat a while back with decent results and yes, I used sand paper to line the front window... Heres my attempt at a dash.
  16. Managed to mount and plumb the pcv side catch can this morning. Turned out good, nothing fancy just a cheap can, brass fittings and black hose. Been for a small drive and it appears to be 'clearing its throat' and the faint oily smell is all but gone. Result. Once I have the new cooler and piping mounted I will run the catch can on the rocker cover breather side.
  17. Good option. Any feed back on the wastegates they come with I wonder? I would need to see if process west make a 4 inch silicone part that would work with the second hand under battery intake I got.
  18. Finally tracked down some camber style rear hubs. Most people wanted to sell the whole cradle but found these through a local wrecker willing to separate them. Plan is to get some new bearings in and use which ever parts look best for the rest. Then I can correct the small negative camber issue and set to spec.
  19. So I've been using the car daily for work and back, grocery getter and tranporting my daughter. Ive been on a few weekend drives too. Its been working perfectly, smooth and enjoyable to drive, power when you need it and I've continued to upset a few 'performance' cars. I have been sourcing some more parts. China oil catch cans have finally rocked up and recently picked up a plaz stage 2 cold side piping kit and an intercooler. The cooler is an Ebay job! Flame away lol! Curious to see how it goes though. It has the same measurements as the plaz cooler so should be an ok fit up. I found a guy on facebook and claims he made good power and consistent with this same cooler. Intake temps won't lie. I have yet to get some alloy flat bar to mount the cooler and catch can and still mulling over what to do with the turbo. At this stage I'm still leaning towards just dropping in a new core into my 3582.
  20. Some more late night tinkering.. Clock on the ICC indicating 8:30.. Ok not that late. Got the gauges fitted up, chased wires at the back of the dash and sent some wiring through the engine bay down to the sandwich block between the oil filter. Oil temp and pressure these are and I monitor trans temp through the tourqe app. The fitment of the pod panel is a little janky and some of the ICC had to be trimmed for it to even sit semi ok. Not bothering me at this stage, just happy to be able to monitor temps really. Then I went all old man and ordered a dash protector. My dash is very bad, dried out and looking sad. I tried a few different products but within a few days it would look tired again. This should solve that. Made in Aus too [emoji106]
  21. His prices are good mate, sub 1k including post. Thanks for the heads up.
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