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  1. Happy Birthday Sh00tme!!

  2. Happy Birthday Sh00tme!!

  3. Happy Birthday Sh00tme!!

  4. Happy Birthday Sh00tme!!

  5. Happy Birthday Sh00tme!!

  6. Problem Sorted! $1200 Lighter (with a wheel alignment on all 4 wheels) found out that whoever had done the bearings last time didn't line the splines up and absolutely destroyed the hubs. luckily the hubs are weaker than the half shafts
  7. Yeah used a good amount of CRC and tried hitting the hell outta it with a hammer, ended up grabbing a puller outta the old man shed, ended up bending 2 of the arms on it straight! there only rated to a ton.... Its at ford atm I got some holidays from work paid out so it should cover it. just annoying.
  8. Job Fail. got everything taken off down to sliding the knuckle off the half shaft to no avail, seems to be rock solid onto the half shaft and I'm not about to pull the half shaft out of the diff to then press it away from the knuckle ... so now I have put everything back on, gotten the camber and toe set as best I could (with eye) and am now bracing myself to max out the credit card and get ford to do it
  9. correction just got the bearings and hubs today $485 for both sides I am hoping its like the fronts where you can literally pull the old off and put a new on. But because its IRS rear I have a feeling its not going to be as simple. a massive press? my old man's got a 10t press in the shed ... should be enough to press new bearings onto the new hubs ? apparently ford has a "specialty" tool to remove the old bearings from the hubs without damaging the backing plate ? (mechanic mate of mine's words) so I am hoping the bearing and hub isn't pressed onto the backing now
  10. Hi Guys, Over the past 2 weeks or so I've noticed a humming from the rear of my 03BA (under load while cornering), after a quick call into fraud they informed me that it was the rear wheel bearings and that they need replacing.... @ $598 a side After a quick session on Google and asking a mechanic mate I found CBC Bearings where I could pick up 2 sets of rear bearings & new rear hubs for $560. Now the only drama is fitting them. Any1 done this job b4? any pointers ?
  11. Sh00tme!


    I brought my new genuine coils off ebay, I think they were 160 including postage and they came with a Ford spare parts invoice
  12. have ya tried resetting your TPS ? (Throttle Position Sensor) crank your engine for about 10 seconds with throttle to the floor (car shouldn't start) then just restart as normal without any throttle. its a long shot .. but I thought it might be worth the 10seconds to check.
  13. I wouldn't think that it would be bad for it (possibly attribute to some poor fuel economy (maybe??)) your body would probably just be totally filthy. it'll drive like a dream after you do it. I'm rekindling my love for mine Cheers for the info on the TPS reset (had no idea about it) did mine today
  14. Cheers for the positive feed back guys !!!
  15. I Disconnected the battery because the throttle is electrically controlled and I thought opening the throttle while it still was connected to the battery might be harmful... As I said in the write up it was my own precaution.
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