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  1. Hey guys, Got a few upgrades going on my car in the next few days such as 4" dump, hiflow gtx and an external gate setup but I'm gonna have to drive it for a week or so without a retune. Obviously going to be taking it easy on it and staying off boost but I have a question regarding the plumbing of the external wastegate going on the car. Would connecting the bottom port of the external gate to the front compressor housing ensure that the boost level does not exceed the spring pressure? I'm going to be running a 14 psi spring in the wastegate. Thanks in advance for any help.
  2. Is a centre muffler delete with a hi-flow cat obnoxiously loud? Ive only heard it on car running stock cat/dump.
  3. The quote was 200 to cut out the centre muffler and replace it with a 3" mild steel straight pipe, 250 for stainless.
  4. Hey guys, currently got a FG tuned to around 300rwkw, looking to get a little more sound of it, currently got a venom hi-flow bolt in cat with stock dump/cat-back. Getting a middle muffler delete will run me $200 at a local exhaust shop so I was thinking it might be worth just going for a cat-back system. Looking at X-forces range of cat-back systems I got quite lost at which cat-back system would be suitable as I'm planning on upgrading to a X-force cat/dump with my next stage of upgrades. Which X-force cat-back system would fit to a Venom bolt in cat and would this system also work with a X-
  5. Hey, looking at getting some new rubber for my FG mk1 XR6T, currently running the stock snowflake wheels with 245 tyres I believe. Just wanted to know how wide of a tyre I can run on the stock rim and thoughts on RE003 vs PS4 for a 300rwkw fg. Cheers
  6. Hey guys, was just wondering how much I'd be looking at paying roughly to get my front K-frame replaced in an FG given I provide the replacement part. Also any recommendations for places to get it done in the northern suburbs of melb. Cheers
  7. Hey guys, Just wanted to get your thoughts on the PWR stepped IC (PWI6706). Haven't found much info on it, how does it compare to the PW stg 1/2 and plazmaman stage 1? Cheers
  8. Going to get my car tuned very soon, was thinking of changing out my plugs beforehand. I've done some reading and I've discovered that people recommend gapped plugs for higher than stock power levels. Is there any harm in changing the plugs now and driving to the tuners with the gapped plugs? Also what brand of plugs are recommended?
  9. Is it possible to crank over the engine using the starter motor without having the car start? I recently installed an aftermarket turbo oil feed line and would like to check if there is oil flow to the turbo before starting the engine. Cheers
  10. Ok cheers guys, I'll opt for no EBC. Also regarding intercoolers how does the plazmaman stage 1 stack up against the process west stage 1/2? Plans for the car over the long term involve going for a GTX3582R or similar turbo.
  11. Hi guys, Was looking to get my FG tuned and spoke to one of the local workshops, going to get the standard 1000cc injectors, highflow cat, walbro 460 and PW stage 2 intercooler alongside a dyno tune. The tuner said that he recommends a turbosmart e-boost controller for tuning, I done some digging and didn't find many cars with similar builds running an EBC. What are the pros and cons associated with running an EBC?
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