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  1. MBAF

    The Off Topic Thread.

    yeah weather dependant, might put them back in the greenhouse
  2. MBAF

    The Off Topic Thread.

    Of chillis? Neg they are still only just gone flowering. Prob fingernail size so got some growing to do yet before worthy of pics. They need to to hurry up though as I want to eat them
  3. MBAF

    The Off Topic Thread.

    Mmm reapers. I have 21 coming up on my plant 😍 30 on the other plant but not reapers
  4. MBAF

    Lazys Bf2 Xr6 Turbo

    Doesn’t matter if you win by an inch or a mile, winnings, winning!
  5. MBAF

    The Off Topic Thread.

    That’s good news though, slow going is better than no going
  6. MBAF

    The Off Topic Thread.

    How’s the wifey keith? She feeling better on the right path?
  7. MBAF

    Ford Upholstery

    Any good upholstery guy will be able to do what you want and there are a lot of good upholstery people in Sydney
  8. I’m sure it probably has but there is plenty of people who have done it on the internet and posted results. Its a no brainer really if you look at it logically.
  9. MBAF

    The Off Topic Thread.

    I’d disagree, I’m looking at something less than meh
  10. MBAF

    The Off Topic Thread.

    Funny you speak about the Perth observatory, I actually bought a new telescope yesterday. Full gps and computer controlled. Pretty mint! youll enjoy the observatory. I’m sure it’s changed since I was there last but if you are into that kind of thing it’s mint
  11. MBAF

    The Off Topic Thread.

    Kill me now.........please?
  12. 1 rad v 2 is different. He has only one cooling surface so it won’t make any difference In my experience with 2 rads you get better cooling going from each heat source to a rad by more than 10c on my setup but what would I know..
  13. Not really, though it will be a lot cooler if you loop to rad then back
  14. MBAF

    The Off Topic Thread.

    I look better in dick togs though

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