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  1. this post is lacking pics PUFF!
  2. sneaks in and then runs off...
  3. hey all, been a while, whats going on
  4. 1 euro 1 aus delivered POS and 1 jap daily but still stands good old adelaide, with its awesome beaches 🤦‍♂️ got to love that government life, swap 1 for another? I need a work holiday that doesnt involve certain island chains....
  5. same old same old....living that desert life dodging manholes everywhere I go you?
  6. not a great deal tbh, same old really. Spending money on stupid things I dont need lol
  7. I just remember the hype and how he bragged about how good he was, plus the fact he didn’t even have a cat 3 licence but they let him run anyway…. that whole series thing flopped anyway, as did he, he should of stayed on sunrise or whatever it was. annnnyyyyway, what’s new keef?
  8. Is denyer a love interest of yours?
  9. Last thing I remember was wannabe race car driver and crashed at Bathurst coz can’t drive
  10. S.a sucks for decent workshops!!! /end sook
  11. there was an article about their backlog just recently where they have warehouses full of wrapped pallets that have been sitting for weeks untouched because of staffing issues and constant covid restrictions and isolation rules. I kind of get the isolation issues, it’s big, even for us, rotations and any sortie usually ends up in the whole place isolating
  12. That’s good. At least you are enjoying it. Money is always better in the private sector than the government side but it evens out if you know where to look (depending on what sector of course)
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