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  1. well im farked off that im getting farked on by stupid government cawks. That better?
  2. Farked off mood today!!! Afternoon all
  3. MBAF

    Advice on boot repair

    got a pic of the damage?
  4. I meant what caused it to get all farked up
  5. Yeah they are all good, have bought from them before
  6. eBay can be hit and miss, just make sure you get it from a reputable store, there is also a 20% discount on some of those eBay stores I seen the other day
  7. no need to put your self down @arronm. we dont mind you being around
  8. nice, ensure you repeat that workout every time you do chest/triceps for the next 4 - 6 weeks at least. Increase weight as you can but work on form rather than lifting heavy/adding weight as the gains will be far more substantial
  9. that was all I had to read ;). 100% a steady program for the first 2 months is 100% required was my point, ensuring the same workouts are done weekly
  10. Ahh man flat out here, organising flights and government stuff, fixing my bike, getting the sxs ready for my next trip in a few weeks before I go off the grid for a bit
  11. ^that's prob not the best advice given the circumstance. For the the first 4 - 6 weeks you want a program targeting compound lifts 3 - 4 times a week with a rest day in between each day focusing on 60%rm max and focus on getting your form correct before anything else the first 2 months are the most crucial not only for the physical mindset but the mental
  12. id be looking at your sub par ceramic coating

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