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  1. doesn't count now keith! you're late
  2. yeah its up stairs. Was a mission to get it up but doable with a bit of maneuvering. Farker is heavy though
  3. whats wrong with keith, there was no good morning Tuesday post
  4. not that exciting currently, picked up the micmol lights last night and set them up this morning. colours aren't tuned or anything as yet
  5. I do it because im not retarded and I can sit and watch them all day without having to pay $30 to walk around with stupid kids. Pros far out way any cons or your concepts for looking at fish 😄 😘
  6. haha, ive had tanks all my life and these days things have changed. A lot of technology, but tropical are the easiest fish to keep.
  7. not at all, my other tank runs its self. I just feed the fish im keen to get this new tank setup though. Be a 10k plus exercise to get it running by the time I buy all the equipment, lighting etc
  8. got bored and went on a shopping spree, got a new 5ft saltwater aquarium. 4k just for the tank and stand but well worth it later on down the track
  9. Need to change this thread name to “I caught the flu and im going to cry about it” 😘
  10. if you have a receipt showing it should be an f6 engine and you can prove its not and it was done by a workshop, I wouldn't even be posting on a forum id be taking action with the workshop
  11. Debatable Im all for some meister s53p but overall the car doesn’t float my boat. Looks are meh and the interior is aids. Id much rather an fg all day This guy gets it I had that 2 weeks ago. Was in need for a week, vomiting etc then walked out of it. Its a pretty rough flu though.
  12. Been car shopping of recent, haven’t decided on a ride. Looked at an fgx but I really can’t like them 😞

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