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  1. Sometimes a fresh start on the other side is a lot better than continuing on, from before
  2. Haven’t played apex since we did originally (and a few games after) dauntless is supposed to be pretty good thoughts it’s not first person shooter Iike these. Cod is gone, new one is coming though Fortnite is still going strong, although this season is a bit hit and miss....I still enjoying the game play and the wait you can build and defend in a fire fight. Get on boarderlands though you will enjoy it
  3. Nothing wrong with epic, better than most of the abundance of gaming software armyd1llo if you guys want to add me but yet to get boarderlands
  4. Not much, usually boring old stuff really
  5. ^ agree! Likely started with a “k” in his username too
  6. Tikka are a great rifle even though they are entry level, you can’t beat them for quality. Im going to get another tikka when I get a chance but the one I want is banned in nsw because of the way it looks what grain were you running on both rifles? Assuming both were stand fmj as well?
  7. Pics? How is it exactly in the way? Bf pipe work drops down below the motor so there should be no clearance issues from the intake
  8. sweet fa. was playing with the bike, but got over it after it blew apart the muffler...….again
  9. Also can confirm the Expensive Daewoo is a much nicer shift than that of the Ford.
  10. It’s not bad but the Bowdens stuff is way better and more readily available
  11. downloaded it about a month ago, played the initial trial but then stopped. Apparelty its pretty good especially if you have a few peeps to run around with
  12. Pussy! 550+ on 98 was no e85 when I built my first 32 with a t78 rb love 😍

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