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  1. No idea where I’ll be, but might go for a drive
  2. Penske is known for taking shortcuts and cheating, this is not new and is certainly not new to supercars and his team since he has been involved
  3. MBAF

    Ceika brake kit

    Ceika are made in Taiwan and are actually very good quality bits! made in the same factory as some “other” name brands you might double for
  4. ^ yeah the whole “oh the stud was broken when we took the nut off” yeah righto farkwit, and no, you’re not charging me for new wheel studs! 🤣
  5. Ones I’ve seen are all unmolested low k, been hidden in the garage cars.
  6. morning all Adelaide ferals should be enjoying all the activity this week few nice f6 on the gold coast currently (both with less than 80,000 on the clock) one ba one bf and also a few utes as well all around the 25k mark.
  7. Evening ho bags! watching team America for lols
  8. We don’t want to, but we also usually don’t have a choice!! 🤣😘
  9. It’s a cheap trip. I drove up as well for a bit more flexibility. Yes mum, I’ll try take some pics when I’m not drinking and enjoying myself 😘
  10. Up for 6days, Some theme parks and supercars, then back, finish the buggy then away racing on the 20 - 25th Raced last week and got fire evacuated 😕
  11. Windy on the focking Gold Coast today sup Kent’s and 1 lonely kentette
  12. Lol better off running a 98 tune as you’d have more chance of finding a pot of gold. Nothing out that way
  13. Get a set of adr approved bucket seats and rails what is your budget?
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