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  1. Should of bought my 1080ti I sold not long ago
  2. Is it a genuine of a knock of ssqv? Pics of install? ssqv will flutter under very low load as long as there is vacuum and keep in mind they have 2 valves internally. Hard to provide further detaisl because your post our post is a vague as it gets
  3. Just in case you were impulse buying because 2080ti are down to $1300 currently haha
  4. Dont buy a card yet! Plenty of changes happening in the graphics world and you’d be stupid to buy a 2080ti at this point
  5. Youve lost that loooven feeling 😂 <insert top gun quotes here>
  6. pinched nerve in the rotator cuff?
  7. go gas, ive never had any joy with electric cooktops at all and its likely an issue with the gear you have now plus you will already have all the plumbing etc there for it.
  8. love this song, but fark it triggers me so hard 😕 😞
  9. 😂 to much skirt wearing and not enough FPS
  10. No wonder you are sh*t at playing games...
  11. not far, this is temp. The big move is coming which im not looking forward to, but I don't have to do that one
  12. lol I bet my misses lifts more than him anyway
  13. MBAF

    Off The Radar Tv Shows

    ^ this also anyone watched what we do In the shadows? on its first season. Not bad
  14. afternoon cawk suckers...moving house this week...……...sooooooooooooooooo cant be farkkkkkkkked
  15. on another note, my birds eyes are still providing free chillies….. ❤️ the greenhouse
  16. Its a west Aussie thing, not many eastern states people know what emu is and are oblivious to it. that being said vb is also a black fella drink in w.a and is shared by the usual plugga w.a bogan
  17. No one here will know what emu is 😂 on another note VB tastes like cat piss
  18. Yeah I’ve hear they aren’t bad. I’ll check them out
  19. NBN recommendations peeps? im about to change and keen to see what people recommend, im currently with my republic and that can suck a big one. Used to be good, but now its about as stable as a physc ward patient
  20. ^ 😂 *waits for keiths retaliation, reply and google expertise
  21. This thread is going to get out of hand real quick....lol
  22. Thought I’d ask since it’s a radelaide car Apparently “built” by previous owner, so likely full of sh*t
  23. shouldnt throw stones in glass houses...
  24. f14 from the original makes an appearance too in other news, @JETURBO know this car?

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