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  1. That is what I was thinking about doing with mine. getting something like a glass coating.
  2. It is a great colour, especially when you look after it. I need to find someone in town that is will to do an overhaul on the car. need to get it washed and polished. Get all those whirls out. I haven't touched/washed the car in over a year now. she just sits in the garage. I drive her every 2 weeks to get her going for about 20 mins or so.
  3. @k31th, I need help please. Found it, please ignore me.
  4. ouch. someone seems to have a lead foot. I don't know how I have missed this thread over the years. Awesome read man. I started yesterday and spent the arvo reading through it all, while enjoying your journey. It's a pitty you didn't start it with an FG.
  5. Since being made redundant in 2019 and bouncing between jobs, it has been hard using her as a daily. Getting a new job Doing FIFO, means she sits in the garage now taking it easy. She is enjoying retirement a lot. The new weekend vehicle is now a Diavel.
  6. That is why I got it. She kept head butting me for some reason or another and I was not sure why. Now I will know why. Also we have a cruise coming up in a weeks time with a few other guys. I want to be able to hear what they talking about. I will be the odd one out without a comms attached to my Helmut.
  7. Yeah Well, I recently ordered this without her knowing. I can only imagine what is going to happen if she receives it while I am up at site.
  8. ooof. Spend more money??? Minister of War and Finance is already on a war path because of the previous spendings.......
  9. Those PCIe Cables for the GPU, sitting there like that, are just doing my head in aye.
  10. So want to provide a bit of an update. This is gonna be long winded boys. sorry in advance As in previous posts, I got a new MB, CPU, RAM and GPU. This is the steps to work out I was missing stuff. Opened the GPU box first. I was bloody surprised by the size of this guy As you can see below, I was going to have issues getting this bad boy in the case. The reservoir was in the way. So I decided to wait until I had all the parts. I removed the back plate from the old machine. Removed the original back plating from the new m
  11. Good to know that. thanks for the feedback. I now know what I gotta do.
  12. what? the ryzen is running at 85Deg when utilization is at 100%????? WTF. You have a water cooling solution on that puppy don't you? has to be the protector. Get it off ASAP.
  13. FFS I can't understand a word he said. In plain english please. Also anyone in Perth have a spare Case they don't need?
  14. FFS the AMD waterblock bracket only gets here next week Wednesday, which is fly out day for me. I will not be here when it arrives. I am so Annoyed at EKWB right now. I tried to get the AMD GPU into the case, but there was an issue. see if you can spot the problem???
  15. I take it that there is no way to compress the image at the top? At work with a 34" screen, that top image kinda stands out like a sore thumb. Maybe allow each profile to have two views which allows user to have compressed header or normal header. Just a thought. On another note..... Dang it, they are not up to speed. I need that block ASAP.
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