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  1. I don't think anyone has done it to a Ute. There is a BA/BF with quad tips and my FG sedan with quad tips. I don't think anyone can answer your question unfortunately.
  2. Issue was master cylinder. It was replaced and all working.
  3. There is half fill reservoir. It isn't sludge, but it is brown. I don't think ot is the pressure plate cause I can still change gears. It most probably is air in the system. I am just not sure how air got in there.
  4. I do not have the factory clutch. That was upgraded. I been thinking about doing it, but need a loan Helmut.
  5. How do I know if the car has a CSC in alloy? Is that the cylinder in the car?
  6. Yep checked the spring. There is no feel/resistance in the pedal at all. It is "Flippy"
  7. So this week on Wednesday evening, I was driving home and started to loose feel in the clutch pedal. it was starting to get soft up top and would not return to it's normal position. Cruise control would not engage until I bought the pedal all the way up. After about 5 mins of driving the clutch pedal was siting half way and would not come up. I pulled over and checked the reservoir in the engine bay and there was fluids still. I checked under the car to see if any fluids may have been leaking and there was nothing. There was no crunching noise or any noises that would indicate that there was anything breaking, so I kept driving home. By the time I got home. the pedal was at about 1/4 of the way up. so hardly any travel, but I could still change gears. I went to monsta torque on thursday at 7am and waited......... They not open this week. Any ideas as to what may be going on here? I am pretty sure the clutch is fine and so is the gear box. What should I be looking for?
  8. can't wait for you to catch influenza and see how many cups of concrete you drink.
  9. using an app like fuellog will allow you to monitor your consumption more accurately, if the car has been modded/tuned.
  10. Been sick for the last week and a half with influenza. Not freggin funny. I am pretty sure that @skidxr6t was in the same boat. son got it from sci-tech. the next day, the whole family had it.
  11. well AMD is meant to come out with a new card that will hopefully bring the prices of the 2080Ti even lower. when will said card hit the US Market? Next month. when will it hit the Australian Market? Next year. Well said Puff.
  12. no better. still job hunting. been applying for a few jobs with no replies. typical. Hardghatmedia had a dream job advertised since mid May and I applied for it. IT, Electrical maintenance, Digital Photography and Drone flying all in one job. Just what I am in to lately and guess what. not a single email or confirmation. Life does deal you lemons sometimes but you gotta make coolaid instead
  13. they showed me the door. paid me redundancy package and off you go... the usual.
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