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  1. masda74

    How much time left in engine (average)

    speaking of Taxi's. One of the WA members that no longer is on her, Phillmeup had 3 taxi's. they were constantly on the road. only time they stopped was to go in for a service. They got serviced every 10,000km religiously. Apparently he had one of the taxi's clock up 1.5 million km. I heard of another taxi doing 3.2million km. They are a work horse and need to be looked after. I know that they are not the turbo's but still.
  2. masda74

    Show us your PC and/or Gaming setup

    get a 1080Ti second hand off gumtree. problem solvered. Ordered waterblock for EVGA GTX1080Ti Sc2. Only one place in the world that still had stock as this line of product has been discontinued from EVGA. Now to plan the rest of the EK goodies that I am gonna get.
  3. masda74

    Show us your PC and/or Gaming setup

    @MBAF forget PUBG and Fortnite. Try Ring of Elysium (ROE)
  4. masda74

    Goeers thoughts

    OMFG, you guys still entertain this guy. Seems to be trolling us every so often. Isn't this the guy with the Merc C63????
  5. masda74

    Random Picture Post Thread.

    Maybe I should ask him, how many km on the clock?
  6. masda74

    Random Picture Post Thread.

    150k work dane to it? WTF does that mean? Don't seem to see any go fast bits on the car.
  7. masda74

    Cool Stuff You Just Bought

    Have you had a look at other brands like the fibaro, Insteon (from envious technology), Vera and open hab? https://www.openhab.org/
  8. masda74

    FG-X rear end clunk on bumps/speed ups

    in all seriousness I did have a clunk in the back left side of my car for a while and it was the damn 1.5L bottle of water I had in the car in case of an emergency. However if you have a clunk, it is possible that your suspension needs to be looked at. I normally take my car to pedders for their $28 suspension check. They tell me what is wrong and then I take my car to Malaga suspension to get it all fixed. Cheaper to get Pedders to see what is wrong, rather than getting Malaga Suspension to check. Call me Mac Scrooge if you want.
  9. masda74

    Show us your PC and/or Gaming setup

    9900K would be the preference, but at that cost?? I was looking at 9700k I think it is.
  10. masda74

    Fluffy's Actual Car Thread! 8-0

    reminded me of the Z4.
  11. masda74

    FG-X rear end clunk on bumps/speed ups

    check for 1.5L water bottle in boot.
  12. masda74

    Show us your PC and/or Gaming setup

    send the cpu and MB to me for testing.
  13. masda74

    WA Spotted & Chit Chat Thread

    I wasn't in the group either. marvelous. I thought they all went on faceballs.
  14. masda74

    Fluffy's Actual Car Thread! 8-0

    suggestion for new drift car

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