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  1. masda74


    I might need a couple of sessions with you then, to get my coilovers setup. You seem to know your stuff. I got them and set the front to 4 and the rears to 3 clicks as per recommendations from shockworks. have had it like this for years and does me well.
  2. When I first got my car and was driving at 55-58km/h the diff would whine. At first I thought it was the wife in the boot. Had to go to seaview ford about 4 times and finally got the service manager in the car for a drive. He heard it right away and got the diff replaced under warranty. I doubt you have warranty right now, but if you were to get into my car, you could have checked to see if you heard the same noise. Sorry I am not able to help.
  3. I am not at liberty to disclose such secret squirrel stuff. I hope he is still alive and well.
  4. Well taking him for a drive in my manual FG is not an option then.
  5. I would not be doing any of the shenanigans that they would be doing, that is for sure. Once was enough for me. Not even the crap that Steve use to do on the cruises came close to what they were doing.
  6. bwahhahaha, I went out once on their cruise. Never again thank you. A lot of younglings doing stupid ass sheeeeet.
  7. I suspect that most have already sold there falcons and moved on. I am not sure you will see anything familiar. ClubFG seems to be the place to hang out.
  8. I am not sure if I got my numbers right, but this is what nanopool says that I am making. 9.118USD per day. Keep in mind that I am running 3 video cards in my rig. I refuse to buy any more cards at the moment, as the fork in Ethereum from "Proof of Work" to "Proof of Stake" means we won't be able to mine any more. You need to have at least 30 Ethereum before, they allow you to mine on Ethereum 2.0. I been mining for close to a year now, and have managed to get almost 1 Ethereum. would have been worth almost 7k back in December. 😞 I still have high hopes that it will hit 10k before the end of the year.
  9. which pool are you registered on? Which software you running to do the mining?
  10. Well Everyone seems to be boycotting BF2042 this weekend. The game still has so many bugs and issue. nothing been resolved. I started downloading pubg again and left it downloading overnight. Will be getting back into PUBG. These tier 1 games are so sh*t lately. nothing decent.
  11. Don't bother Trying BF2042 then. what a sh*tface interface it has. bloody confusing. As you say always having an update is a pain in the ass
  12. Ahh dude. I have my power steering with a very slow leak, leaking onto the garage floor. I believe it is the seals that is gone. I have been told that I am better off replacing the power steering rack all together for like 500 clams. I am pretty sure it is leaking from where the boot area is. Would the above kit fix my issue?
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