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  1. masda74

    Headphone Magic

    I have the 4k plan as well. I don't specifically watch 4k series or movies all the time. If the movie I want to watch is not 4k, so be it. I can't work out how to get 4k only content showing in the netflix app on the TV. When you watch something that is 4k, you know it right away. The upgrade of the plan to 4k was good for the tv, but the fact that all 4 of us can be on netflix at home at the same time, has made our lives easier too.
  2. masda74

    Show us your PC and/or Gaming setup

    I was going to say, my brother is part of the overclockers Australia community and has been there for a while. admin on their discord channel. He said it makes no difference. I will say that changing the airflow direction should make a difference. I am going to change the back fan to suck air out instead of sucking fresh in air. I will then change the TOP Radiator fan direction from blowing air out of the case, to blowing it into the case. I think that might be where things will change. I set it up this way under the advise of my brother. I just suspect that is why the cpu is getting so hot.
  3. masda74

    Show us your PC and/or Gaming setup

    So what would you do different? I still got to get LED strips to light it up on the inside. Gotta change the direction of the fans on the top radiator see if that helps reduce heat from CPU.
  4. masda74

    Show us your PC and/or Gaming setup

    Well here is a run down for you then. Card taken apart. the crappy TIM supplied from factory was starting to gel up already. GPU all Clean Water block on, no screws. Looking for clearance on all sides especially with the Fan connectors Clear coolant in there. Die has been added.
  5. masda74

    DSC - System Comms- Check Engine - RSS Faults

    I don't think it will be the brake pads, but I could be wrong. I am more inclined to say that the switch where the brake pedal is might need looking at.
  6. masda74

    Show us your PC and/or Gaming setup

    Finally got my water cooling setup, up and running. had issues with GPU water block. GPU ran at max 37 degrees and CPU at 56 degrees while playing APEX LEGENDS CPU block is before the GPU, so the fact that the GPU was 37 degrees surprised me.
  7. masda74

    DSC - System Comms- Check Engine - RSS Faults

    ^ did you get the issue resolved? The other thing that comes to mind, do you have anything plugged into the OBD port by any chance?
  8. masda74

    What Made You Feel Good Today

    I get 10 days off at COB.
  9. masda74

    Diy Tuning

    I have checked the webpage and the forum. @rollex is data logging up and running?
  10. masda74

    Fuel Consumption (merged topic)

    hahahaha, I'll offer 7.5k for it. In all seriousness, E85 will use more juice. You may want to check the xcal as there might be a 98 tune? If you have a 98 tune, chuck that in and see how you go with fuel economy. Oh and that lead foot does not help either. I have a manual FG running on 98 and I get about 450km to 500km per tank, depending on my lead foot. If you have a car like that, why you worried about economy. If you are so worried about economy, put it in the garage and get a bike for daily duties.
  11. so why did the feral police call you?
  12. masda74

    Billet gtx3576 wheel in the baby turbo

    if Finnas wants 500-600 ponies, then he may as well get a GTX3582r. I have the GTX3576r and the beast just makes 508 ponies. I am in Perth as well btw.
  13. I agree. all these games seem to be the same lately. no new decent games. They all free with micro transactions. that is where they make a killing. We should not be supporting these free games. We should stick with the games that are meant to be paid for.
  14. needs to be in WA. also the rat race has given me white hairs. I am over it. but to buy something else means getting into debt again. I only got like 50k left on the mortgage.
  15. wish I had something like that.

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