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  1. can't wait for you to catch influenza and see how many cups of concrete you drink.
  2. using an app like fuellog will allow you to monitor your consumption more accurately, if the car has been modded/tuned.
  3. Been sick for the last week and a half with influenza. Not freggin funny. I am pretty sure that @skidxr6t was in the same boat. son got it from sci-tech. the next day, the whole family had it.
  4. well AMD is meant to come out with a new card that will hopefully bring the prices of the 2080Ti even lower. when will said card hit the US Market? Next month. when will it hit the Australian Market? Next year. Well said Puff.
  5. no better. still job hunting. been applying for a few jobs with no replies. typical. Hardghatmedia had a dream job advertised since mid May and I applied for it. IT, Electrical maintenance, Digital Photography and Drone flying all in one job. Just what I am in to lately and guess what. not a single email or confirmation. Life does deal you lemons sometimes but you gotta make coolaid instead
  6. they showed me the door. paid me redundancy package and off you go... the usual.
  7. Of the 5 beaches in WA, one was sold off. The other closed it's doors. Can't have 3 IT guys in WA as not enough work. Marching orders were delivered on Wednesday morning
  8. do you actually plan to use the plasma as a screen as well as a desk?
  9. lol. want 35 inch screen to watch MCM and Cleetus. I am sure that 950GTX will handle it with some extra boost. Then you need some water cooling as well.
  10. https://agon.aocmonitorap.com/au/product_ag352UCG6.php HDMI 1.4: 3440 x 1440 @ 50Hz DP 1.2 : 3440 x 1440 @ 120Hz I am using Display port.
  11. Screen has been going well. I haven't been on the pc much lately due to how damn cold it is. I rather be snuggling up in bed and keeping warm. I will say this. it definitely does have A LOT OF REAL ESTATE!!!! When playing games, I don't get to see the edges of the screen with my peripheral view. I have to actually look to the sides to see if anyone is there. I guess in comparison to my previous screen, where I had to move the mouse to look to the sides, now I don't have to move the mouse. I just look. The GTX1080Ti is struggling to keep the frames up there. it sits at around 40-55FPS in ROE and around 70FPS in TheHunter:call of the wild 2019 edition. Yes I am struggling to find alternate games to ROE. I played Apex legends for a while and then gave up. To fast a pace and I am getting old for these type of games.
  12. on that Facebook post, it has this: Tyler Henderson Do they hold the coils in place like the factory item that uses grommets DC Engineering Unfortunately not, they do not retain the factory seal either. These are really just an replacement for those that are running no coil cover at all.

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