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  1. I do FIFO so limited in terms of what I can bring in my bag to site. Not so Sure I could Light an Easy in the middle of the pilbara. I drink a heap of water while on site. might just be that
  2. it's all about roundabout in WA, hence why there are no corners. Should have seen that tyre when I first got the bike. I regret not taking a picture of it.
  3. I have to loose 20kg and don't feel like it. Been swimming on a daily basis at site to do cardio. Cutting back on food too and still haven't lost weight in the last 3 months. I might have to go full retard and not eat at all like you. However this is an unhealthy way of doing it.
  4. I don't know how I missed this post. That is much better. Chicken strip you say.... I beg to differ mate. I bought the bike with 1180km on the clock. she has 5k on the clock now. The rear tire still had dem nibs on them. the tire wear was only in the middle. I have pushed that almost all the way out to the outer tire. I can't go the last cm or so cause I am scrapping on the exhaust..... 😞 on one side and the foot peg on the other side......
  5. so there have been no further updates since 2016. what happened? they moved on to faceballs?
  6. Scream!!! hahaha that is when you know you riding it like it is stolen. The helmet my wife has, is from 2004, so it is outdated and has to be replaced. However since I was made redundant last year and then only finding contract work here and there, money has been scarce. Now that I am doing FIFO, things are a bit different. Only been here since August and have been able to catch up on bills and repayments..... Time to find some nice gear. Shoei has always been my favorite, but the price has changed so much. There is a lot to be desired.
  7. yeah nah. not gonna spend more than 500-600 clams on a helmet. This helmet that I got now was $169 and it was just to get me out of trouble. A year later I am still looking for a replacement. Need to find a comfortable one and one at an affordable price. I just don't go out that often as being a FIFO worker, doesn't always allow you to be at home when the rest of the family is too.
  8. so you are good at bending hey??? hey hey hey, Bending her over I assume. I ordered 3 because I wanted a 5900, my brother wanted one and his step son wanted one. Once I get the parts, including RGB memory, I will let you know how I go.
  9. I just realized that those prices are USD. I just did a search on Amazon app.... I <3 Bananas THAT!!!
  10. The partner has a Shoei so she is well protected. These two have my attention: Shoei Neotec II Scorpion EXO AT950 I like the fact that there is also a sun visor.
  11. Everyone says the same thing, but I CBF. Too much effort for hard tubing. No one gets to see the beast that often so MEH. Also the fitting I have are not for hard tubing. The other thing that comes to mind is that each time you change your motherboard, then the CPU and GPU locations may change. This means you got to redo the hard tubing. Screw that hey. Well those prices from PLE are pretty much wholesale price. I have NFI how PLE do it. At least I know that through the wholesale, I have a better change of getting parts and don't have to join the long queue to wait for items to come in. I already had ordered 3 5900X and received 1 of them. I allowed my brother to have it as he already is using an AMD mother board. I am waiting for all of the items to arrive before I put my system together.
  12. I am glad to hear that I am making the right decision to move to AMD. My system has been struggling when playing GTA 5 and Frames are only at 60fps, while I have a 120hz screen. I really don't know why I haven't thought about over clocking the EVGA 1080Ti that I have. Where are you getting it at that price? That is wholesale price right? My I5 4760k was a bottle neck up until March, then I managed to score a I7 4770, which helped a bit. Haven't had any significant upgrades to my system for a while. now is the time for me hey. Hope you like the Green Machine..... soon to become the RED Machine.
  13. @clevo400, I haven't been on for a while, so late to the party again. The FG valve spring was used. I believe that the hook would have been removed or cleaned up with a die grinder. I did not do the work. Mechanic did it for me.
  14. That boot cover for the gear lever......... suede?
  15. I want to get a pair of good helmets that are full face coverage, but then allow you to press a button and lift the front component to be an open face helmet. I also want something that will allow me to add bluetooth connectivity so I can talk to my partner in crime. I have seen some helmets with a small open area around the back where you can snug in the bluetooth, but the price for those helmets....
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