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  1. Hey demon1300 not sure how to upload direct to site but the link in my previous poet takes you to a video on the hub dyno
  2. Hi Ford XR6 Turbo .com, I have an FPV F6 FG with over 500rwkw. I have followed the XR6 Turbo since it came out in 2003. Back then it was reading magazines and the car really changed the performance industry in Australia. The Ford XR6 Turbo website is an fantastic website and forum for car enthusiasts, or anyone who has an Ford turbo especially. The information and the discussion threads are invaluable. It would be a shame to see the end of the website as it is a great information hub, and a lot of the users give you real world feedback. I understand with the Australian ma
  3. I have just fitted a GTX3584RS with new mainfolds etc to my FG F6. I won't get into the list of mods it does have a Nizpro motor, just the start of this topic you were looking for some feedback. I hope you can see the hub dyno run with link I have attached a link to the video, it is on 25psi on E85. Just for your information the car pulled an extra 14 rwkw's earlier in the day, we backed it of as it is maxing out my current fuel pump (not standard). With a bigger fuel pump it should pull 600rwkw with more boost or perhaps a little more we will find at some point. My tuner sai
  4. Happy Birthday jjs_f6730_atw!

  5. Happy Birthday jjs_f6730_atw!

  6. I say no to both, but it is personal preference. I think FPV have done a good job of making the F6 and the GT distinctly different looking cars while sharing similarities, but giving them with their own character. They share the same body kit, but the fronts are different, and of course the bonnet and the spoilers are different and that is what makes the cars different. I guess the F6 could more sleeper style, while the GT is more of an aggressive look
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