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  1. Of course. Look more into the gtx3576, find the FB post/comment that pointed me at the efr setup initially. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=1866841693364779&id=332976876751276 Nizpro Turbocharging This turbo has very similar response to the stock small FG XR6 turbo while being able to produce 80-100kw more power. The only turbo that we have tested that can out perform that is a BW EFR 8374 however it is more complex to fit. I'll keep looking into the GTX setup in the mean time. Thanks!
  2. So looking at the GTX3576R gen 2 I'm assuming I should go reverse rotation? Or since I'm doing custom manifold it doesn't really matter? Just stick with the biggest a/r turbine side?
  3. Yes, sorry, the Boundary stuff is the plate and gears. This stuff to be exact. I got the idea from an Aussie tuner page saying the ultimate setup was an EFR 8374. Of course, now I can't find it to get the name of the shop. Maybe I should go with that? Or do you think the spool of a Gtx3576r is still quite superior and I should make it happen anyways? I thought t4 twin scroll would be better than a t3 open for response? I also do want to make some power, 4-500 rwkw.
  4. Hey there. I'm in the States and am working on throwing an FG into a 65 Mustang coupe. Shock towers mean I'm stuck building a custom turbo manifold, so I don't have the GTX limitation of staying with the stock manifold. Goal is to have a responsive throttle setup, something that's fun at a road course and on curvy streets. Something that can do a 10.5 402m drag run. I'd rather not replace pistons/rods/etc for now. For conversation sake, let's say I have a 2013 270T. In/around it is: Boundary oil pump, anti-cavitation plate ARP head studs, Atomic washers Atomic valv
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