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  1. Believe it or not, after all these years, I still have my highly modified 2002 Gold BA XR6T (purchased from new in 2002. Being Acid Rush in colour and kept in good condition, these early XR6T's are becoming rarer, and though my car is now mostly in safe storage, the site has been an increadible source of help and inspiration, so for that reason I would be happy to pay an annual fee, just to keep my membership alive and help the site push on into the future.
  2. Looks like a stock piston. It has the small flat circle on the top which certainly the Mahle pistons I used in the past did not. May or may not be accurate Really would need to see it from the other side to tell!
  3. Happy Birthday Ninka!

  4. Happy Birthday Ninka!

  5. It's been a while, so I will dust off the old girl and let her come out in the sunshine for a change :o)
  6. Too many other activities on those dates (and most of December actually), so no go for me this time.
  7. But I am sure there are only upstanding quality citizens in that area ....................... Never safe anywhere these days!!
  8. Looks like a really nice drive. Oh well, next time!
  9. A bit short, but could be the flexplate.
  10. HD Chain and Tensioner with higher spring presure. Part of the issue with stock chain is that it is quite weak, and is likely to stretch, especially with stronger springs.
  11. Still have the Christening to attend on Sunday 22nd, so that's a no from me
  12. I have done this many times over the 10 1/2 years I have owned my BA, and have never had any issues. Worst problem is that the serpentine belt gets a bit dry, but a couple of squirts of silicone oil or tyre shine fixes that. Maybe the general use sh*te electrical connectors!
  13. Good news Phil, good thing you caught it early and stopped in time. Yes the Atomic Cr-Moly flexplate I fitted to my car was around $600 incl. ARP bolts for supply only, but it is a nice piece of kit, and more like a flywheel than a flexplate.
  14. Too much black in my opinion, but it's not my car and taste is quite subjective.......
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