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  1. Hi guys. I'm in the middle of building my first barra and I'd like some advice To give an idea Im running manley pistons 9.0:1, standard valves and crow cam 3232593/3242593 cams .495 lift, crow cam vtkba6-t 110lb valve springs. The deck has been machined to 0 and I'm using a .040" cometic gasket I used the modeling clay method to check. On the exhaust side I've got roughly .300" clearance due to the piston been fly cut. Moving onto the intake and I'm finding roughly .090" clearance which is due to the intake side not having fly cuts. My question
  2. Hey guys. Does anyone know the recommended clearances of a barra oil pump? Looking for backing plate to gears, gear tip and gear to housing. I've looked absolutely everywhere and can't find anything. If it helps I'm using a hp junkie ported standard housing and billet 7175 backing plate with atomic gears. Thanks
  3. I have done the same, drilled out the spot welds and torqued down with the windage tray on top of the girdle but the studs are missing by a thread to the nut. I torqued it back down without the windage tray and the nut sat dead even with the stud. Clearances etc have already been checked and are good. I may look into machining the caps down or possibly not running the windage tray
  4. Thanks gents. @Puffwagon I'm fairly certain I also just read a thread suggesting you had issues with stud height when using an aftermarket girdle? I'm currently running into an issue with an atomic girdle where I don't have enough thread purchase with an arp kit using the windage tray (misses by full purchase by 1 thread) if I remove the windage tray then in golden but I'm not too keen on removing it. Any idea on the fix for this?
  5. Hi guys. I've searched but cannot find the answer. Does anyone know the correct specs for crankshaft end play? I'm running arp race series bearings with 360 degree thrust.
  6. Ok. So remove that and even with the ARP kit we should be golden. Thank you sir
  7. Ahh. I think I know what your talking about. I've heard stories about a random rib at the back of the sump that makes no sense get it's there haha.
  8. Short of going to the Grinder/Dremel path. I going to assume this is rectified by using the atomic main stud kit?
  9. Hey guys I'm curious if anyone might be able to tell me if there are any clearance issues to the sump using an atomic 10mm main cap girdle with an arp main stud kit on a BA series Barra? Thanks guys
  10. Hey guys Is anyone able to confirm if a plazmaman fuel rail will fit with a process west plenum on a ba? I'm assuming it will for the fact that they bolt up to the standard location but want to make sure before I purchase.
  11. Where would you start with the better angle? I have spaced it around 4.5mm and it did seem a little better (although could be a placebo) Where would you cut off your spacing in mm to say "this isn't gonna a work"
  12. I am still running the standard CV to the diff. The thing I'm finding odd is in my experience an unbalanced tailshaft would present itself at higher speeds and you normally wouldn't feel any difference around the 30-40kh/h mark. I might call Hardy Spicer and find out if their centre bearings are a different offset height to standard. Any clue on costs of static balancing?
  13. Does anyone else have an idea on this? I had someone suggest that the centre bearing height on the Hardy Spicer centre bearing could be different to standard and that I might need to space it. I used a few washers to bring it down roughly 4.5mm and it seemed a little better but I wasn't sure if I could keep going on the spacing.
  14. Yeah man, it's rubber mounted. It was in the car previously with no problems at all.
  15. I'm curious if anyone has run into this issue before. I've got a ba xr6T that we've doesn't a c4 conversion on. I recently pulled the box to have it looked at (replaced clutches ect) really just a maintenance sort of thing. We noticed when we pulled the tailshaft that the center bearing was torn, so took it to a reputable drive shaft shop in sydney replace it. While we we're there we replaced 2 Universal's and had it rebalanced. I also replaced my flexplate to a Yella Terra unit while the box was off After all of this I now have a decent vibration especially evident from aroun
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