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  1. Hey guys Is anyone able to confirm if a plazmaman fuel rail will fit with a process west plenum on a ba? I'm assuming it will for the fact that they bolt up to the standard location but want to make sure before I purchase.
  2. Where would you start with the better angle? I have spaced it around 4.5mm and it did seem a little better (although could be a placebo) Where would you cut off your spacing in mm to say "this isn't gonna a work"
  3. I am still running the standard CV to the diff. The thing I'm finding odd is in my experience an unbalanced tailshaft would present itself at higher speeds and you normally wouldn't feel any difference around the 30-40kh/h mark. I might call Hardy Spicer and find out if their centre bearings are a different offset height to standard. Any clue on costs of static balancing?
  4. Does anyone else have an idea on this? I had someone suggest that the centre bearing height on the Hardy Spicer centre bearing could be different to standard and that I might need to space it. I used a few washers to bring it down roughly 4.5mm and it seemed a little better but I wasn't sure if I could keep going on the spacing.
  5. Yeah man, it's rubber mounted. It was in the car previously with no problems at all.
  6. I'm curious if anyone has run into this issue before. I've got a ba xr6T that we've doesn't a c4 conversion on. I recently pulled the box to have it looked at (replaced clutches ect) really just a maintenance sort of thing. We noticed when we pulled the tailshaft that the center bearing was torn, so took it to a reputable drive shaft shop in sydney replace it. While we we're there we replaced 2 Universal's and had it rebalanced. I also replaced my flexplate to a Yella Terra unit while the box was off After all of this I now have a decent vibration especially evident from around 30-40 at light acceleration. I can accelerate through it and not feel it but parking lots ect are pretty horrible. I noticed today after reaching highway speeds that I have a "rumble" accelerating from 60-110 and almost like a pulse (my rear view vibrates to it) when cruising. I had my diff bushes/blade bushes ect replaced a few years ago with super pro gear aswell Any thoughts? I definitely feel like I did everything to avoid any issues like this but yet, here we are haha.
  7. From what I've seen or heard, pro stars fit in an 8x15 5" backspace. But I'm really looking for confirmation 100% of backspace and fitment without any spacers ect from somebody that has fit them onto a ba. They just seem far and few between. I'm also confused if they do fit as to why the wheels I bought don't if they're the same size, width and backspace.
  8. I can't workout how to upload them but here are link to some photos and where it's hitting Hopefully they work
  9. Aaron are we talking on a 15" rim? Mine hit directly on what I'm pretty certain is the trailing arm. I'm unsure how I upload pictures to the forum otherwise I'd be happy to show you where it hits.
  10. Hi guys First of all over done some searching and I'm struggling to find much info on this topic After doing some research, chatting with people ect I bought a set of 15x8 5.5" bs wheels for the rear of my ba xr6 turbo. The issue I'm running into is they foul on the lower control arm and it looks like I'll need at least a 10mm spacer to make then fit which I'm not willing to do. The guys I've previously spoken to both have bfs, or with 15x8 pro stars which he said fit straight on, no spacers,no fouling. The second I spoke to has wheels from the same company purchased from in the same size/backspace but a slightly different style and said he needed 3mm spacers to make them fit without touching the control arm. Is there a difference in rear cradle from ba-bf? I'm curious on other people's opinions on fitting 15s on a ba xr6. What 15s fit, what wheels need spacers ect. I'm especially after opinion from anyone who has put a 15x8" 5.5" backspace pro stars that can confirm they fit directly before I make another purchase and run into issues.
  11. I have already spoken to them, they can suggest flexplate to crank bolts and can ship them with the flexplate but there's too many options for flexplate to converter
  12. Hey guys For anyone who has used a Yella Terra flex plate, I'm curious what arp bolts or part number you used to the torque converter? I've heard of people using standard but I know that Yella Terra suggest a 10mm longer bolt and I would prefer not to use the standard bolts.
  13. Hey guys Recently bought a Yella Terra flex plate I'm curious if anyone can shed some light on wether I'll need a balance or not after changing over from the standard flex plate. Any clue if they're internally or externally balanced?
  14. I tried search but found nothing in this specific issue, hense the full thread.
  15. Hey guys I'm curious about catch can setups and trying to work out the best option to go for. From what I see the most common option that people use is removing the pcv valve and running a hose directly to the catch can, and then running a hose from the front rocker cover breather to the catch can and venting catch can to atmosphere via a small air filter. Now while this seems to be the most common setup I've seen I have recently been told that this setup can cause extra issues in the way of pushing seals (normally rear main) out fairly often and causing oil leaks, but that's the first time I had ever heard it. Can anyone comment on this? Any suggestions on the best possible setup to go for?

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