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  1. You will love the sound that turbo makes vp, best I heard. Mine goes back in on Thursday after making a best of 510 rwhp on a stock dump and 20 year old tube n fin intercooler. I have the full RRT (Nigel Rose) 3582. Have a brand new intercooler and 3.5 dump.
  2. Yea definitely, its happened to me with the barra engine twice now. First one was a aeroflow filter and a purolator after 10,000km recently. I'm into exotic oil filters haha I have a Bosch one on there now (made same place purolator) and have a Luber-finer to go on next they different design, e-core basically plastic cage in them instead of metal. I wont mention anything about bringing the boost in easier... Mine finally gets on the dyno again in a week or 2, so get a decent 4th gear run while I'm there
  3. What oil filter did you put on it. The anti drain back valve in the oil filter might be busted it can cause that issue. Its the piece of rubber or silicone (red) you can see just inside the oil filter.
  4. Yep I went with something like option 2 from RRT saw 510rwhp and 495rwhp safe on 98 with stock dump, stock crossover and Nizpro 1st gen 20yr old intercooler. I have a 3.5 dump and new intercooler to go back with, will get there eventually. The turbo sounds really good and distinctive. Tuners were impressed with turbo, e85 would be unreal they reckon.
  5. Empire parts are legit but contact Rose Rage Turbos you will not be disappointed. My car goes in for another tune in a week and I'm running one of his turbo's I will put the results up here on the site. Good prices for any turbo parts and/or work. http://www.roserageturbos.com.au/
  6. This is the correct one. https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/GENUINE-WALBRO-E85-FUEL-PUMP-STRAINER-460LPH-HSV-FPV-STI-EVO-RX7-RX3-R33-MUSTANG/262349812383?hash=item3d1544729f:g:AtoAAOSwWepehg1C&frcectupt=true
  7. I'm not being a smart arse but is it level and engine running in Park when you check it?
  8. Ive have had these dramas lately, unless you flush it you won't get it all back in there. I don't flush mine though, but have found filling and running gears 3-4 times at around 40 C fluid temp gets most in there. Also, a quick easy drive and letting sit a night and I can usually get at least 500ml plus in when its just starting to warm up. I doubt its the fluid even though I do use the Gulf Western SYN TS as well.
  9. Great thread this. Thought I would keep you updated 370rwkw, stock dump, stock crossover, rebuilt GT3582, 18psi, BP98
  10. Lol you have issues puff. Do you think I care? Only came back for fpt. Believe what you want lol. Great resource site this. Haven't you got anything else to do...
  11. I've just come back to address this because I don't want any bad publicity for fpt. My dyno sheet was done on a slow ramp up??? The car actually has 16 psi in at 2900rpm. I log all my trips and its in by 2900rpm. On the day I had already held Jamie back for the tune an myself being a bit older he wasn't concerned about the dyno sheet. He assures me it is all sweet and the logs match that. Its still going really well.
  12. I don't think the lazy boost is the issue here anymore hey.
  13. Never pm'd anyone mate. Ask them
  14. Mate you haven't stopped at me since I put up my dyno sheet. This is the PM you sent me. I've tried to be polite. Make of it what you will. Seriously mate you don't understand the correlation between timing and boost Well I guess that's all from me, thanks for the info folks. Cya
  15. How much timing at idle and at 2psi Gee whiz puff showing your true colours mate.
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