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  1. Weird fuel issue

    Yep similar to that but they are clamped. However, its the first thing I will be checking. They were looked at but will double check. Thanks.
  2. Weird fuel issue

    Thanks puff. Changed the filter. Has new lines in the module. Its making plenty of power up to that point. Start throwing the other things that it could be. Might save me some cash that I dont have lol
  3. Weird fuel issue

    07 BF can't get anymore fuel into it over 4000 rpm. Tried 4 different fuel pumps. Has 1000cc injectors. Checked voltage, fuel lines, reg, electrical etc. Just leans out 4000 rpm plus. What to check next?
  4. Fuel cut

  5. The Off Topic Thread.

  6. What exhaust for 270+rwkw

    So, I have been playing with the exhaust for the last couple of days. It has a high flow cat now and I whacked in the venom black twin 2.5 middle piece to first muffler flange, don't think it needs it, very doughy on boost at 10psi but gets there quicker. There is a lot of torque to be lost considering it comes in from @2000rpm. I really don't think the tune could over come this, so I'm going to put the standard section back in for the tune. They will be interchangeable so I might get to run them both on the dyno. Any thoughts or whatever...
  7. The Off Topic Thread.

    There would have to be another full court process, so heaps of warning. DBC missed the deadline and are not making any further applications regarding the case. Civil case is outside of criminal law case where the State or Country prosecute an individual etc. Civil case can be person against person or company etc, there is also a lower burden of proof in a civil case which basically means if it looks like they probably did it it lol that's enough. Criminal is obviously beyond a reasonable doubt. You are making me tired now... Go to bed puff.
  8. The Off Topic Thread.

    So, this was my second statement on the matter, is it wrong?
  9. The Off Topic Thread.

    Yea $$$ check out the second link https://www.lifehacker.com.au/2017/08/report-australian-pirates-are-about-to-be-sued-in-court/ There happy with th 95% block through ISP sites at the moment. Linking judgments now puff your a legend It might make you tired again...
  10. The Off Topic Thread.

    Very good puff you must have learn't something. If it could of happened it would of by now. Its just a scare campaign now, just like vaping nicotine in QLD... lol
  11. The Off Topic Thread.

    So, has their been a conviction?
  12. The Off Topic Thread.

    When they first charge a member of the public for downloading a movie from a pirate site and then find them guilty with a fine or punishment, I will then use a VPN. You only need proxy's now, no need to stress. Unless you are taking a picture of yourself downloading a movie with your kok out and sending it to the local police station to piss them off, they don't care, there is nothing they can do. They can't prove you did it, anyone at your home could of done it etc etc etc I know there a lot of people using VPN but also consider what other types of people have used them for, now and in the past. Federal and State police know all about this and that's a good thing. https://www.lifehacker.com.au/2017/05/vpns-personal-information-and-metadata-retention/
  13. The Off Topic Thread.

    Ok nitty gritty https://aic.gov.au/publications/htcb/htcb003 https://www.lifehacker.com.au/2017/08/report-australian-pirates-are-about-to-be-sued-in-court/ Criminal offences The copyright act defines a number of criminal offences. In most cases criminal provisions only apply where the infringement is done for commercial advantage or profit. This was my point, unless your are creating download sites or making commercial advantage (criminal) there has been no test of the the law in federal court. If the Isp's allow our details to be given to the US companies, they will only be able to take matters through civil action not criminal, don't fall for government propaganda. P.S. I'm only going to talk about cars from now
  14. The Off Topic Thread.

    Ok all I'm saying is its not a criminal offence or even a civil one at this stage. Federal government blocking sites now. ISP's won't give out personal details.
  15. The Off Topic Thread.

    Why is it the right thing? Its not unlawful. Hang on, let me re-word that, it hasn't been established to be unlawful.

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