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  1. Yes it was very nice, I got a big fat hehe
  2. Advancing cam 1 degree won't make much difference minimum is usually 4 degrees. If you advance you increase low end and peak torque earlier but not by very much 4 degrees is about 200rpm on V8's. I don't know enough about VCT but its really only for idle and economy yes maybe.
  3. An easy forgotten fix is always better than needing new parts. If you haven't forgotten something when putting a engine or heads back in/on you haven't done it enough times yet.
  4. Flat remote battery or even the car battery. In other news I ran out of fuel today with 56 kms indicated.
  5. There is a VL Walkinshaw going up for auction soon I think they only want 1 million.
  6. The AFL101 was only developed for the barra because they were so hard on the Anti Drain Back Valves, they went to the silicon kind. All the bypass psi and flow rates are essentially the same through that group of filters. I personally just like the higher flow filter media of the K&N but it has the same bypass psi.
  7. Cooper have been around for years, will be fine. I have used Purolator, K&N (black can n white can) Bosch, Aeroflow, Motorcraft FL820S, Luber-Finer (e-core) and some others. I like the K&N Silver (black can) $12 delivered through sparesbox ebay shop. I always open them up as well after OCI and have a look. I'm an oil and oil filter nerd.
  8. Also what is that VN SS up to... and xr6t pain in arse to get off the line, so heavy.
  9. MPH never lies and I'm sure Jet has seen enough dyno time to know what matters.
  10. Ah, no worries back to the dyno. More power then... haha
  11. Well wasn't the easy fix. Did you say in a post that you played with the actuator pre load or I am remembering another different thread.
  12. Just a clean up and tickle on those heads can always go more later and pics of ported head please its a V8 thing.
  13. You can get Michelin pilot sports for around that money, best cheap tyre is Dunlop FM800, the other Dunlop's are crap. My mate has been running mechanic and tyre shop for 20 years he likes the FM800's I have had them for awhile now and they are very good, exceptional in the wet as well. Get the pilots if you have the money, otherwise FM800 or 2 Chinese brands Kinforest and Blacklion are pretty good if you saving pennies. Blacklion has more grip but the Kinforest is a decent tyre as well for the price.
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