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  1. Yea its getting a kayhan or similar soon buts its starting to play up, just want to get one in case I lose A/C, dash etc.
  2. Can you put a small screen single zone ICC into a large screen single zone ICC car
  3. Hey I didn't want to say trannys 👨👩🌈 Dirty things.
  4. I'm putting one in, in 6 months. Have all the parts sorted, biggest cost is standalone GCU. There is a mob in England already doing the conversion plate for the barra. Will need base maps and tuning some is supplied. Main wiring harness is supplied. I will be using the ZF8HP75 rated to 750nm but apparently these things are very strong and will handle much more stock and have a larger and stronger input shaft. Cost is just under 5k if you can do most of it. Which is cheaper than a zf6 re build these days. The boxes are identical in dimensions.
  5. e85 and 98 will be a big difference at 400rwkw as well. Like puff said the track mph will always tell.
  6. Does anyone know the size of the oil return hole on the block, the ford return pipe is 13mm. Is it the same, anyone have an engine out or a block sitting around or know. Thanks.
  7. You should put a de stroke crank in it if you want to run it up there.
  8. The ANTZ is an exact copy of the process west. The boys at ANTZ ripped a process west apart and sent it to their manufacturer for an exact copy. I don't know if the materials are the same but they seem to work fine.
  9. Well a bit worse than thought, at least you can do it yourself. Where does that cam make power too? Might want to go just a hint smaller. Get a custom from crow see what they think should go in there. Just ideas...
  10. Bugger, was that the standard chain, what are you revving it too? Not too bad really.
  11. I'm late, but I'm here for the fight. I implied he was a tosser ages ago.
  12. Hey Puff, I think I'm keen on this companies set up as well, finally a proper set up, will only be looking for around 500rwkw, same as I can make on e85. Not really an e85 fan with the economy etc and still using the car as a sort of daily. Please lots of pics with the install and stuff cheers
  13. Drill out the venturi piece that pops out of the bottom of the module to 1.3-1.5mm
  14. You should of just put the new actuator in and not worried about the port, then taken it to blacktrack. But as we know sh*t happens. Round 2 mods?
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