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    Yeah I’d think so. There’s a newer version out now anyways I think I will probably use. The 1050x. Thinking ill go to pitlane which is about 5 hours away. And yeah heavy trailer behind the petrol prado will probably drink any savings away in fuel

    I used a smaller pair of them about 7 years ago on my GT-P and can’t fault them. When I found this one for the price brand new I was cheering! Was less then half the price from sureflo them selves for that same size. Have no doubts about it anyways

    Yeah that’s also a good point to concider. But even when new they would need to be flow tested anyways just to make sure

    Ok so going back to these injectors. The bloke has dropped his price a little more. At this stage he’s $500 plus $10 postage. For some reason I thought they came off a FG but must of been a different advert I’d seen else where. They are in fact suited to b series with the longer style purple injector adapters. they actually come of a bf F6. he is still adamant that they are roughly 10k old as well. only changed because of bigger turbo and needing over 2200cc injectors to keep fuel up to it. So I guess im still unsure if it’s a good deal or not? Also another thing of interest to me is changing to a T04s style surge slotted .7ar 4” in 2.5” out compressor cover. I found a interesting thread on using said cover,backing plate and retainer bracket/clamps on standard turbo and his claimed results are interesting. I haven’t found any more really good info on this yet but here it is:
  5. That particular shift rotation for me keeps me out working nights fri, sat and Sunday. Would love to go on the cruise. It’s great driving up there for sure! Still trying to convince a work colleague to swap shifts with me but usually proves hard to get someone to cover 3 nights over a weekend. Though hasn’t said no yet so maybe comes at a cost of a long weekend or something usually to pay back. But at the moment in time nothing concrete. I can however should that fail be able to pull in and say hello on the way to work at the old train station easily enough.
  6. Can you pm me said thread please? I can’t seem to find it. I’d like to show my two brothers. One of which has his Ute there that was supposed to be completed back in March. Is a au Ute with built motor. Dart pro heads on dart 363ci block,scat rods, crank and pistons with Weiand 174 Supercharger woth Holley dominator efi t/b set up on top. Other brother running built motor by them with all the fruit in his manual fg f6 tuned on their dyno to “550rwkw” with a bw s366 and e85.
  7. Ps. Coles vpower is the most expensive in town at about $1.85 I have been using Mobil 98 which is located at “5 ways”. The last servo in town on the way out along the snowy mountains highway and is priced on average 20c cheaper then shell here. Also another note: I recommend the surf and turf for dinner from the woolpack hotel. Do yourself a favour and treat yourselves to that. You won’t regret it
  8. At this stage I’m still stuck working night shift over that weekend. If worse comes to worse I can still meet you all anytime between 7:00 and 17:30ish where ever in Tumut.

    How could I compete with that offer!? Far better than my best of 6 steelies with no tread left on 4 and barely legal tread on 2 of them on top of 3 big bots of VB and a pack or Winnie reds

    Yeah the meth head needed cash right away. I was stuck at work doing night shift 200+km away. When somone asks to make an offer, who in their right mind would start at top dollar?

    Spewing I missed the rear brembos... but anyways, I’ve got the more important front ones and they will be enough I’m sure. I cleaned them up as much as I could care to today. I’ve decided I’m going to paint them anyway so will be sand blasting the original paint off. I left the colour choice up to my wife and she has come back with the candy green. #2 from that colour card chart I posted up earlier. So ordered that paint kit this arvo and will also be making up brembo stencils so I can paint the brembo logo on in black. The original paint is missing a lot of clear coat. Also checked and found the pistons and seals all appear to be fine but I think I’ll order new dust boots and seals anyway. They are 40mm and 44mm on both callipers. Dust boots: >20.4872.46 (40mm) >20.4872.48 (44mm) seals: >05.5955.58 (40mm) >05.5955.60 (44mm) mandatory pics of current condition: rotors and pads: I can’t comment on what the RDA & ebc red stuff pads combination is like but I feel I might move these on anyway and buy new dba t3 rotors and matching dba xp pads. For the front: dba t3 (dba 42102s “355mm x 32mm”) and dba pads to suit (db1935xp) For the rears: dba t3 (42108s “328mm x 26mm”) Also I gave a thought to use the “SP” pads over the “XP” pads but not 100% sure just yet. The “XP” pads look very good all round according to that chart above.. Dba XP pads (db1675xp) Dba SP pads (db1675sp)

    $400 plus postage costs

    I have pieced together a exhaust already. Ive a used 4” nizpro dump,new 4” ballistic cat with 5” body 100 cell and a used mild steel 3.5” xforce. I’m somwhere around $900 without all gaskets and need flanges for the cat. I might try put some time in this week to fit the new diff bushes and while the car is jacked up on stands I could install the cat back exhaust for the moment. I would do the full exhaust but have read numerous times it’s not wise unless I’m ready for a tune which is some time away yet. Or would I get away with fitting the dump pipe but still using the standard cat as some form of restriction in the exhaust?

    Ok cheers. I was a little doubtful over them. I did try him for $400’but he wasn’t keen. What is the difference between the b series and fg? Is it a different connector/plug?

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