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  1. Haven’t been online for a while and just thought I’d check into this thread to see if it was your car I just seen on motives Youtube channel coverage on racewars. I now have confirmation lol. Great stuff! 👌🏼👌🏼
  2. Some comparison pics: and some water beads on the bonnet looked cool the way the sun was shining on the car:
  3. Finally got around to getting much needed window tinting done. Stoked with how it turned out!
  4. Sorry I missed you blokes this year. Work made it hard especially being on night shift over the weekend. I also forgot to adjust my alarm to see if I could catch you all at the old butter factory. I didn’t see you when I went past in any case so might of just missed you lot. Was definitely a cooler weekend here that’s for sure. Anyways I will be keen for next years trip. If you go the same weekend in November every year (4th weekend) I can go ahead and apply for leave early.
  5. Lol Too many times. Living rural I guess contributes to it. Definitely would be easier to jump on bargains living in the the cities that’s for sure
  6. Sale fell through and was refunded which is fine. Probably got offered more and took that rather than selling to me. Blessing in disguise I guess. In other news I bought a cheap samsung galaxy tab 3, Ford soecific elm327, obd2 extension cable and downloaded the torque pro app to play around with.
  7. Ah fark aye. Well I’ll inspect the quality and have it touched up if needed. If it leaks I’ll replace it when the time comes. I have personally experienced a genuine PW surge tank do as you described jet to my brothers old fg xr turbo. However PW paid to have it returned and sent back their upgraded twin internal pump set up for free.
  8. Lol good because I’ve bought it. Now to make sure I actually receive it. just wasn’t sure if it was a knock off or something. But he assured me it was their earlier model tanks (2012ish) before they went to internal pumps then back to external pumps.
  9. Apparently a earlier model PW surge tank delivered for $220 worth it?
  10. Had another shower today so I had a wet car when I jumped in To take off for work this evening. I took a couple quick snaps of the bonnet to try and capture the self cleaning affect I spoke off before. As the water beads rolled back towards the windscreen they noticeably got dirtier until they flung off. This was at 50kph. After a 10 minute drive at 100kph to work I took this photo pulling up to the boom gate to access the car park: And interesting off topic thing I seen on Facebook the other day from a place in Wagga that I though was cool:
  11. Lol cheers jet. if there’s anything in that pm I sent you that you that you would recommend for me to use feel free to let me know. Your input would be valuable. ps. I may be after a compressor cover from you still at this point as I think I’ll be ready for tuning before my brother changes his set up on his f6. So if you don’t mind pm’ing me prices that would be sweet.
  12. Well the rain/dust definitely left my car looking dirty again. Mostly just on the horizontal planes of the car.(bonnet, boot, roof, door handles etc. Driving home was different watching the beads of water come tumbling towards me from the bonnet though you could notice the water beads collecting the dirt getting darker in colour before being flung onto the windscreen. So now I’m home I pull the hose out and give the car a once over. At this point I guess I wasn’t surprised with the outcome. Cleaned up really well. At this point I’m happy. Now to really test how durable it will be and how it turns out after say 5-10 washes with soap. This final photo As the sun was setting. Everything had a bright orange tinge and I thought it looked cool. Photo doesn’t do it justice though.
  13. Just belted down rain for 10 mins and the dust has settled down nicely. No longer need to squint and I feel like I breathing some clean air again haha. yeah I’m definitely interested to see how my car looks now. Have to wait until 18:30-19:00 though..
  14. Said dust storm: Can usually see hills and farmland but currently can only see maybe 800m. And yeah the car park is straight down there but view is blocked by walkway leading to the boiler house. side note: I’ve found a couple pics of MA77Y car. ebxmple or something. Looks like it’s on vertini fairlady wheels and another of his engine bay which does look sweet with the white cam cover and plenum top. Gave me some ideas for mine when the time comes anyways

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