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  1. Build is coming along nicely mate! I couldn’t help but notice that you aren’t using the proflow manifold and swapped to the FG manifold. Is there any reasoning behind this?
  2. Thank you for your response mate! I might track down a spare as well to have a play with 👌🏼
  3. Evening all, just wondering if anyone has played around with the auto shifter? Id like to give the shifter in manual mode a firmer Shift feel. Has always felt way too soft for my liking and have a few times accidentally shifter the gears unintentionally. I haven’t pulled mine out to see how it works exactly, but after some digging around online. All I’ve found Is that in the Au-ba workshop manual on the 4 speed sequential shifter is a “torsion” spring that I think I might be looking at to replace, or find a stiffer option to get that firmer feel I am after. Or am I completely off the mark and has something more to do with switches that engage the up or down shift? So if anyone has had a play around with it before and can point me in the right direction, that would be sweet. Cheers.
  4. I buy a lot of the stuff I use from waxit.com Postage is quick to rural nsw and they sell a lot of commercial grade products. I rate the carpro products for bang for buck. Its also worth checking out forensics detailing YouTube channel for a insight on a lot of brands/products (sold by waxit) used by a professional detailer. He goes through and rates new and old products and recommends what’s best based on the type of user from a novice to professional. Car craft auto detailing is another YouTube channel run by an Aussie professional detailer who has ties to waxit and will showcase a lot of products sold by them also.
  5. I used that same one. I chucked it in the freezer and had a few beers. Sat it in place, held a block of wood over the top of it and gave it a whack with a hammer.
  6. Haven’t seen any sam crac. But zac baldy is cringe! He turned me off when he kept begging for sponsors.
  7. They are all really nice looking spots!! Here an idea for some comparisons. The hills looking in middle of pic towards are towards goobagandra, Blowering cliffs are to the right. And bondo/Brindabellas to the left. The smoke looks thicker in person and can see it up close but the camera doesn’t capture it. hazy neighbours houses from different sun light angle: picture of the sun:
  8. Same. We have been very fortunate with the direction of the wind compared to other friends and their families. The wind warnings have been lifted now so hopefully gives the firies a much needed breather and can concentrate on keeping the fires put. same back to you bloodyrantboy 😜 Hope the new decade serves you and all your loved ones well! As well as everyone else amongst the turbo family! I think/hope for 2020 things can only bounce back now. Surely we’ve seen the worst 🤞🏼 Now should I get you started on the greenies restricting the amount of fire hazard reduction/burn off/replenishment during the appropriate times of the year?
  9. Something that may have been better is postponing the fireworks. Off the top of my head I’d say Australia Day but that will most likely offend some too. I do live in the snowy mountains and currently I can barely make the houses out across the road from all the smoke. There’s currently a big fire maybe 20km from my house spanning from ellerslie behind Adelong to almost Cabramurra which made Batlow and tumbarumba evacuate/take cover. Plus all the people camped at blowing dam all got evacuated as well which is a massive holiday destination for people all over coming to my area. if there was something I could rant about is having to work night shift last night on a short Staffed crew because of no shows in top of having issues last night as well so got flogged in the 32c Smokey night. I drank about 4 litres of water and took one dehydrated piss of about 200ml. but I’m not going to complain. At least I have work and there’s firefighters currently doing it tougher than I ever will be ever
  10. Yeah I know. But like I said before. I can see the views of both sides. I understand why some are upset. And also understand why they weren’t cancelled. Unfortunately money is always going to be a over ruling factor. Especially over a almost zero fire risk. I don’t know how much they’ve raised yet either for the Red Cross disaster relief. But the exposure to donate would be seen by over a billion people as well so that can’t be all bad. In regards to having a bbq, use a gas or electric one if you must.
  11. I do see both sides of view. Bbq is never a issue for me as I only use gas. Someone has done a risk assessment and deemed it all good to go with all appropriate measures in place (plus additional jobs) Otherwise it wouldn’t of happened. For such a small outlay and high return going into the city vs fireworks over Sydney harbour a risk of starting a fire somewhere was far outweighed.
  12. Since when couldn’t you have a bbq during a total fire ban?
  13. Blow 6m? The revenue brought into Sydney would of been 100m plus. I also fail to see where the risk of fire caused by the fireworks over the harbour is? if they are so prone to causing fire from sparks, everyone should be wearing fire suits and eye protection.
  14. That is awesome! I’m glad you found the right person and yeah very lucky it didn’t break on you up in the twisties in the mountains! would get ugly quickly for sure! very popular motorbike route which I’m sure is why you were heading that way! Theres a group on here that organise a snowy cruise every year which I’m keen to join them on hopefully in this new year!
  15. Agreed 👌🏼👌🏼 could probably also install the bov in reverse with the vac/boost source disconnected and shouldn’t have a issue at all then. Ok sweet as. Hanging out for said story now! Haha
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