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  1. hey guys, how much preload is suggested? 1.5mm to much, 2mm is to much.. 1mm? ill be using a pulsar rear housing with a TS gate an porting the rear housing using a die grinder.
  2. Anybody got a fix for where it broke at the fuse panel?
  3. Hey guys, the mounting point for the Bonnet latch broke on my ba... anybody got a fix for it? Besides replacing the whole under dash fuse box
  4. I havent pulled out the bolt, I havent had a look at the damage just yet. its getting the drain replaced (as its leaking from the sump, an from the flex coupling in the drain (an from the chra end) its going into the mechanics tommorow, they look to be stock sized bolts. it just turns when I am trying do it up, (im terrible at explaining stuff)
  5. yes cat. that's what I mean sorry.
  6. hey everybody just brought myself a T, an was wondering why its leaking oil.. on closer inspection the upper bolt is nice an tight, an the lower bolt doesnt seem to be very happy, its tight, but wont do up anymore. I understand that it will need to repaired. I have gotten myself a thread repair kit from repco (champion) an was looking on the internet, an seen that the holes are blind an I could potentially use a longer bolt.. has anybody had succeed with it? (the drain is being replaced anyway, due to the middle also leaking) also the correct heil coil will by the same size? M8 1.25
  7. Cheers mate as I'm only running gate pressure with no boost controller
  8. yes I was asking if I need to port the wastegate if I am running the stock turbo back exhaust.. just not wanting any over boosting issues. using the stock 5psi actuator
  9. hey guys will I need to port the rear housing if I am using a turbo side intake,flow though intercooler an plazmanside coldside piping with stock turbo back exhaust running the stock actuator ? I also have the stock intake set up if needed.
  10. thought I would revive this thread! just wondering! NA BF+T will I need to port the rear housing if I am using a turbo side intake with stock turbo back exhaust running the stock actuator ? I do have the stock intake set up. if needed.
  11. hey yall. looking at a BF MKI turbo 6 speed manual. what are some things to look for? (haven't test driven it yet) its pretty rough in all honesty. (missing trim near rear quarter window) dents here an there passenger door arm rest broken/missing intake manifold gasket leak missing speaker covers
  12. I had ordered a ebay turbo core which was a billet. but I have since cancelled it. as I realised.. a pulsar core is the best bet.. how could I go about getting studs/nordlock washers? to keep this rear housing intact
  13. its only going to be using the stock actuator again
  14. on another topic (same same) I was told I can use a pulsar rear housing with factory front housing/bracket an its a direct bolt on. anybody able to confirm that?
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