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  1. any recommendations for sydney/newcastle area? to do the flapper mod
  2. its more having a turbo beanie. im highly considering having one, an stuffing it under the stock heat shield. to keep that hear housing nice an warm
  3. with having such a turbo on there. how does it go with handling heat? ive noticed alot of high mounts have the rear housing bag, but people still complain about the heat
  4. going factory is a little bit harde.as having a BF MKII ZF box -.- an cant change the spring in the Garrett wastegate. as its a sealed unit. boost TEE from what ive read wont do what im wanting, flatten the boost curve/spool a little quicker.
  5. hey @JETURBO thanks for the response man. basically, all I am wanting to do is flatten the boost curve. its a fully stock set up FG rear housing/B series Garrett actuator it wasn't ported. was told by a few people that it wouldnt need to be.
  6. https://www.hybrid-power.com/product-page/new-hdi-super-electronic-boost-controller-se I seen this ages an ages ago. any thoughts on that? like to add to would it control boost eg not overshoot the boost like it is doing? hence using the garrett wastegate
  7. makes sence puff. thanks already got dropping off at 3800rpm (from 9psi to 6)
  8. hey keith would a manual boost controller do the same job?
  9. when it was brand new, not to much of an issue, after this many years.. 100% use a gasket. I had a guy trying to sell me a BA xr6t for 15k without a gasket there.
  10. I put a 4inch hole in my lower airbox. it sounds alot meatier then stock lol
  11. hey guys!! hopefully somebody can tell me, when the 3576 starts to build boost an then it runs out of steam) I cant really find much on the internet.
  12. hey guys, how much preload is suggested? 1.5mm to much, 2mm is to much.. 1mm? ill be using a pulsar rear housing with a TS gate an porting the rear housing using a die grinder.
  13. Anybody got a fix for where it broke at the fuse panel?
  14. Hey guys, the mounting point for the Bonnet latch broke on my ba... anybody got a fix for it? Besides replacing the whole under dash fuse box
  15. I havent pulled out the bolt, I havent had a look at the damage just yet. its getting the drain replaced (as its leaking from the sump, an from the flex coupling in the drain (an from the chra end) its going into the mechanics tommorow, they look to be stock sized bolts. it just turns when I am trying do it up, (im terrible at explaining stuff)
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