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  1. The Off Topic Thread.

    Got a couple of egas engines at home, pulled one done and found the valves a little dirty...
  2. Barra build in the U.S.

    I've sent you a pm
  3. Barra build in the U.S.

    I've got an owner's manual at home, pretty sure it's got the sequence and torque specs. I'll post a photo when I get home if you need it
  4. Ba mkii needs a tune

    @Puffwagon you're a pretty good teacher! It takes a lot of reading and learning to be able to tune your own car, but it is worth it in the end. I've got a folder I've written down everything I've learn from Puff and from the forums from reading. You'll need a wideband, I have an AEM wideband permanently mounted in my car which I'm about to get the cable to hook up to HP tuners so I can log afrs. I don't have a Knock detection device but I would highly recommend getting something! With the tune that was on mine, you could hear the knock inside the car! My engine is forged so will handle a bit more abuse.
  5. Use the head, get it sorted and flowed. Keep the rest for spares. Was thinking about putting it in the Mazda haha
  6. Went to the 1/8 mile drags last week. Best time I could get lol Engine performed beautifully, can't say the same for the non turbo ZF haha. Didn't end up full throttle till nearly 100kmh as I was too scared to break the ZF, the 3-4 shift engaged torque control for nearly 2 seconds just before I crossed the line. Highest boost was 20psi most runs, data logged every pass. I have now modified the ZF tune so hopefully it performs a bit better next time, but I know it won't last much longer. Picking up a BF egas engine and zf in a few weeks so will start getting a built ZF in the works.
  7. Been running nylon in my non turbo ZF with 330+rwkw for 2 years and no problems whatsoever.
  8. Brake upgrade

    They're bigger rotors than standard, 322mm front and 328mm rear by memory. Calipers are basically the same just using a different mounting bracket to move the calipers to fit the bigger rotors. Think you get buy the brackets on eBay? Decent set of pads with T3 rotors will help.
  9. Brake upgrade

    Upgrade to territory/bf MK2 calipers and rotors front and rear. Cheaper than brembos
  10. Future of Site - Discussion

    Happy to pay for membership, this site has been helpful and the people on here are amazing, very helpful and knowledgeable. Definitely worth paying for!
  11. Got a few new upgrades..
  12. Tuning Advice - Changing Diff Ratio

    I would get it put on the dyno just to double check. You're putting the engine under more stress with the new diff ratio so it's possible it will need a touch up.
  13. Tuning Advice - Changing Diff Ratio

    I changed mine from 2.73 to 3.46. Only complaint is doesn't make full boost in 1st or 2nd. With my 275s on the rear traction in 3rd isn't a problem

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