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  1. Well I got it through work, just haven't had a chance to call them about it as they said it will "fit", which it does.... I seen the swivel housing, got sh*t loads of hoses at work, see what I can come up with. It works and it goes to and from work for now haha
  2. Need to modify the thermostat housing as the hose hits the throttle body and so does the other metal pipe. A mate is welding a -10AN fitting to the bottom water outlet so I can get rid of that pipe lol not sure about what to do with the thermostat housing. Maybe an eb forward facing one?
  3. So got more goodies this week, Proflow intake manifold and Bosch 1150cc injectors [emoji4][emoji4]
  4. Na it's quite good actually, been to Adelaide with it (450kms) and back again a few times and it's good on fuel, not noisy and the ZF didn't seem to have an issue with shifting.
  5. I use a 3.45 LSD diff in my BF turbo with no issues. It's quicker off the line and a little more responsive around town but being 6 speed and the last 2 gears being fairly high it doesn't run out of legs, it only just gets into 4th at 150ish kmh at the 1/8 mile drags
  6. If you don't modify it correctly the pump could drain the pot too fast and you'll lean out. And don't go drilling random holes through the side of the cradle, it'll lose its ability to keep fuel near the pump.
  7. There's more to it than just fitting the pump. You'll need a new regulator as the stock one may not be able to hold back the pressure. Return line needs to be modified in tank, you'll need to modify the cradle as well and a new pressure line in the tank.

    What Did You Do To Your Car Today?

    I'm trying to fit this manifold today haha [emoji23]

    Ba,Bf front wheel bearing spec

    I apologize for not being more accurate [emoji8]
  10. NA_TURBO

    Ba,Bf front wheel bearing spec

    Always happy to help out if I can!
  11. NA_TURBO

    Ba,Bf front wheel bearing spec

    I just had a look on the parts system at work, we have no info on wheel bearings themselves, only the complete hubs. Best I can do to help
  12. NA_TURBO

    Ba,Bf front wheel bearing spec

    Na Burson Auto Parts
  13. NA_TURBO

    Ba,Bf front wheel bearing spec

    I don't think they're much more expensive than that at work
  14. NA_TURBO

    Ba,Bf front wheel bearing spec

    Easier and cheaper to get a wheel bearing and hub assembly. Just bolts on. Part number is 4417 from a parts shop, and don't forget to buy a new hub nut as they're single use.
  15. Twin Walbro 460lph intank. Making it fit to the stock lid. New 1.15AR rear housing as well [emoji4]

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