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  1. I don't have the wiring for the boost solenoid in my harness. I have considered trying to wire it in manually as my ecu has the 3 main connectors but not 100% sure if I can do that?
  2. So had a few goes on the dyno yesterday, couldn't get it to make anymore than 17psi boost with the dodgy boost tee I had but got the fueling and cam timing done. Made 392rwkw on 17psi on 98. Brought an eboost 2 so I'll set it up and go back in a couple of weeks. https://youtube.com/shorts/vdumXlbyJno?feature=share
  3. Thanks man, I've got a Toledo tube bender. It's just a hand tool, nothing fancy.
  4. Sorry mate I did forget about that haha I had a crack at bending some tubing tonight to make a new coolant pipe for the turbo, came out alright hey?
  5. Yeah on 98, no E85 up here. Not sure when boost will be on but I have a 4000rpm stall so it won't make a great deal of difference for me.
  6. I'm hoping to push 450-480rwkw with the aeroflow 6762 with 1.15ar rear housing [emoji16] haha
  7. Hopefully mate. I'd be happy with around 500rwkw on 98 if we can get it there. If the turbo has more in it might have to bring it over to Adelaide and get it tuned on E85 and for sh*ts and giggles, and to see what this turbo can do. Interested?@JETURBO
  8. It's a stainless steel TOG one, twin scroll T3 flange. Going to see how this turbo goes, hopefully it does alright. Quality wise it looks pretty good. Hoping it will be good with the 1.15ar rear housing and my high stall converter.
  9. Manifold is done, started reassembly last night but ran out of motivation
  10. Yeah sounds like marketing but will find out soon. Just getting a 98 tune for now as we don't have access to E85 up here, so I won't get huge numbers. Quality looks pretty good really, I'll post some photos after work.
  11. Yeah for the price of it thought, why not? They reckon it's rated to 1000hp @ the engine but we'll see haha
  12. Going to the aeroflow one. 6762 with a 1.15ar rear housing
  13. Thought I'd try and polish the wheels on the old EA... More work than I thought. Going to need a few cones to finish them all, that's one cone per wheel haha
  14. Finally got the Dynamic D wheels for the front, looks pretty good now. Pulled all the exhaust manifold off and the old turbo. Time to put the bigger one on. I've got the turbo manifold getting ceramic coated and once it comes back I'll fit the new turbo and make a few adjustments to the piping. Then off to get a dyno tune again.
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