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  1. Thanks guys. This is great. Have managed to pay for the renewal, and also for a few of the plugins. Any left over, will be paid forward for the hosting for the next month or so.
  2. Thanks Guys. Great work. Truly appreciate it.
  3. Hi Guys, Hope all is well in this crazy time, especially to our VIC members who are under lockdown. A trying time for all. Our yearly renewals have come up for our software and plugins, and unfortunately our monthly income just covers the cost of the hosting costs per month. So thus our license will expire, and we will lose functionality of the forum. You can donate to the cause by clicking the following link - https://www.fordxr6turbo.com/forum/clients/donations/ Thanks in advance License Expires in 4 days An active license opens up access to many more services and offerings, including our Spam Defense service, and technical support and updates.
  4. Thanks guys for the tremendous effort. We raised an additional $200 and managed to put this towards next months payment as well. Your support has been amazing!
  5. Thanks all. Great work! $177.49 so far, and a few payments awaiting clearance.
  6. Awesome work team. Sitting at $159.13.
  7. Sitting at $110.51 at the moment. Thanks for all the donations so far.
  8. Thanks all. We have $70 at the moment.
  9. Thanks Mate. Greatly appreciated.
  10. Hi All, Due to COVID-19, and restrictions put on businesses, some of our advertisers have been slow to pay and unresponsive and thus have put us in a position where we are now behind in our monthly server lease, and thus today received a disconnection notice. In order to get us over the line, we need to raise $250 in order to cover this months costs before the end of the month. If you can would be great in trying to raise the funds for this to get us over the line for this month. I hope you are all staying safe in this difficult time. You can use this link to donate to this cause - https://www.fordxr6turbo.com/forum/clients/donations/ Thanks in advance
  11. Well 2018 is nearly done and dusted, and yes we are still here. Thanks to all the hard work of the moderating team who tirelessly day in and day out, ensure the site is kept in order, and operating as it should. Special thanks to the guys who put effort in to keep this place running. A shoutout to Keith for the upgrades, and ensuring the back end is running efficiently, and a special thanks to the few sponsors who keep the site above the line. And more so a special thanks to all the members who visit the site on a daily basis, who feel that site such as ours should still be around, and that add value to it every day. This year has been a tough year, with constant conversations about whether we should be around, times were funds were not covering the costs of the site, and times when even I have contemplated turning off something which now feels like a legacy. However we are still, we are still here, still strong and are looking forward to 2019 with all of you. Thank you to all those who have contributed to the site, both via posts, financially via donations, and for just being around and ensuring we have an active community. I hope that you all have a Merry Christmas & Happy New Year. Please stay safe on our roads (double demerits), and spend this special time with your loved ones... Thanks again for a great 2018.
  12. Let me speak to the missus and see what we can do.... might be a worthwhile trip....
  13. Just wanted to say thank you to all who have responded to this thread. It actually means alot, that people who use the site regularly, and those who have been with us from the start feel so strongly that they needed to comment, or provide recommendations into the future state. It also opens our eyes into seeing that the site is not dead, and has life yet in it. Thank you to those as well, who have thrown some funds into donations which have enabled us to renew the IPB software for 6 months. It is actually nice to see some of our friends from day one @Dagabond@EvilDaifu and others have reared there heads again for a comment or two...
  14. Thanks. I will look into this further.
  15. To be honest with you it probably doesnt anymore. Due to previous server load, it was always recommended that we had a dedicated server with substantial memory and disk. We went through phases where we were suspended from a shared hosting plan, we tried things like nginx, and other apache modifications but it didnt work. It may have been bad code design, but the grunt to cater for the database queries required for all the different addons, modifications eg garage required a dedicated server. We initially started with the planet in the US and were paying close to $1000 a month for hosting, then moved to several dedicated servers with Servers Australia over the years, and last year moved the box to the US to liquidweb due to the cost reductions gained. We were paying close to $500 a month for a server with SAU, that was aging, and had zero support. We now have a dedicated box with 24/7 support at $221 USD per month (around $300 AUD). I agree with you on the technology changing, and should look at some options around cheaper alternatives. Happy for you to give me some recommendations on next steps for this. Server is Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E3-1230 v5 @ 3.40GHz with 32GB of Memory and 2 x 1TB Drives in Raid Configuration (SSD + SATA) + a remote backup solution. We had an issue about a year ago where the server died, and we lost several months worth of data. So this was a must have. This site uses 22GB of Disk, 30% CPU Usage, has a 3.13GB MYSQL DB and averages around 80GB Of traffic a month. It is also using around 2% of available RAM (as of now) Agreed. Was moved from SAU due to cost to a server that had double the power, for half the cost. In order of transparency the server is also hosting several static websites for myself and friends. It is NOT hosting any business applications. nor services that are resold to other clients. It is also NOT used by my business (other than hosting our static page (landing page). I am not sure how my role has anything to do with the hosting requirements of the site. I am not a server or hosting engineer, and have based the server that it currently sits on from advice of the likes of SAU, and Liquidweb in working out the specs of the site. I have also looked into relevance, eg aging server (with SAU) to something modern with Liquidweb. As discussed it isnt, and has never been used. If this was the case, the site / server would be self sufficient. Bold statement, yet incorrect. It seems to be that we are focused only on the costs of the server hosting. And i am sure by your comments that the upkeep of the site needs to come from somewhere. Domain Renewals License Renewals - IPB is $100 USD per 6 months + all the other addons eg garage, donations, forum logos, timeslips, messages the list goes on and on. These need to be renewed on a 6 monthly basis. Developer Costs - I am not a developer, and whilst Keith has alot of involvement in the upkeep of the site from a day to day point of view the last upgrade cost in excess of $1000 as the theme is custom developed, and needs to be recoded everytime there is an upgrade. Not only that we do not even have the funds to get merchandise made. I know its not important, but we used to have a budget allocated for stickers, tshirts, mugs and even had a dedicated merchanding person. We may be beyond that at the current state, but these are things that we would love to bring back (at least stickers).. I agree with you that we can look at reducing the server / hosting costs 100%, but the sustainability from the current site is just not there, at the current moment, unless we look at either implementing new features (which again costs money) or do things differently.
  16. Had to chip in here. The site hosting costs it is on a dedicated server costs over $300 a month without any upgrades, modifications, add ons. I can assure you this is no cash grab. If it cost $500 a year we would not be having this conversation as advertising would cover the costs more than enough. But we are not. I think we need to be factual here and not detract from the purpose. I have had offers in the past (in excess of hundreds of thousands of dollars for the site) in which I refused due to the fact that I wanted to keep the community intact. But when it’s coming out of my pocket monthly to keep it afloat, whilst as others have other expenses I need to entertain the option of keeping it running and whether it is indeed worth it. Thanks all for your comments, it was purely a way to look at the sustainability of the site moving forward.
  17. Saw this in the feedback / contact us form too: Might be an idea to implement this again. I am sure we had it in the past, but it didnt work for some reason.
  18. Hi Guys, I know it has been a long time since i have posted on the site, and been active. However it is good to see the site going with so much passion, and enthusiasm and the member base change from first time owners (such as myself with the XR6 Turbo back in 2002) to generations of owners, who absolutely love the car, the brand and everything in between. It still gives me goosebumps hearing the sound of a XR6 Turbo or a Typhoon (yes i had one too) howling past me on the street. The reason for our post is simple. We have been around since 2002 with over 1.4 million posts, 59,000 topics, and 60,000 members the site has been here from the start. It is good even to log in on a Friday night at 8pm to find over 100 guests and many members (some from the beginning) still active and enjoying the site for its value. The site has always been paid for via its advertising base, and generous member donations, but with the invention of facebook, instagram and others unfortunately communities like ours are a dying breed. Whilst facebook allows the instant gratification of being able to comment, it doesnt allow the depth and knowledge to be shared time and time again, and kept sort of like a story book for people to have a look at months or years later. It actually gave me goosebumps to look at photos this evening of my first XR6 Turbo ever purchased. I loved that car, and I loved the community that I created around it, and more so the great people I met sharing the passion I shared. Today we are at a point where the advertising revenue the site is generating monthly is barely covering the costs of the site. It does not leave us any wiggle room to pay for upgrades, addons, license renewals, or even offer things like the good old site stickers, hats, or tshirts. We actually haven't done that in years due to not making enough money to just cover the costs to keep the site going. Whilst advertising on the site is relatively cheap for an advertiser $150 per month with a forum and rotating banner, they find facebook, and other methods more appealing, when sites like ours give them the much targeted market that they require. The point of this post is to open up conversation for what potentially the next steps are for the site. I have spoken to the mod team, and some recommendations are as follows: 1. An advertiser drive - through methods such as the community, talk to workshops, repairers, upgrade workshops, to re-invest in the community that in some cases kick started their business. 2. A change in structure to the donating members, and potentially a patreon model - This would give the members that use the site having the ability to tip in a nominal monthly amount - the ability to help with keeping the community afloat. Possible associated benefits if there exists a demand/desire (to be decided - add free tier, gallery size, prestigious titles, input into the direction forward of the community etc). However as this community was created by you... And you as members enjoy the benefits I am keen and open to discuss the situation, and what you suggest as the way forward..
  19. I did in limited capacity. @ROB83RWhat would you like to know? Send me a PM to discuss.
  20. Same place I'll send mine too.. you know I appreciate what you do [emoji1303]
  21. Keen on having a chat with @baxr6ute and @arronm I am sure that with the both of you, we can have the site running for another year. Sending you both PM's.
  22. We are currently looking for someone with some spare time on there hands to assist in growing the advertisers on the site, and assisting them with using our social media page as well to post specials and increase exposure. The role will include: Managing existing and gaining new advertisers across Australia. Managing Invoicing - Though this is done automatically at the moment on a recurring schedule. Following up on payments / dues Utilising FB and the forum to increase exposure for advertisers. The role we anticipate will only be a few hours a week at maximum, or can work with the time that you have available to put into this. As per what we did previously the role would have a commission component included in which a percentage of advertiser spend will be allocated to pay for the role. Unfortunately due to costs related to the hosting / upkeep of the site, this role is critical in keeping the site moving forward for another year. Without the assistance of our advertisers and our moderating team, the site would not be around. Any expressions of interest please send me a PM and I will respond accordingly. Would prefer a member who is active on the site and has been around for some time to be the right person for this role. Thanks
  23. Can you please check now have made some server changes. Thanks
  24. This is from IPB - Hi Chris, Do you have a way of consistantly replicating this? I dont seem to be seeing a problem when logging in using the username 'ralph' that you mention below. Kind Regards, Marc Stridgen
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