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  1. A 32 inch Sony TV [emoji1787] and a 24 inch Benq for #2
  2. playing Dirt Rally 2.0 heaps harder and loads more fun than the F1 2018 I downloaded trouble is, my car usually looks like this by the time I get to the end of the stage certainly smashes the video card but that's probably cos I haven't set a frame limit yet
  3. as always Clint does a fine job being an old bastard
  4. It's logical Even though he is probably super fit, a 40 year old doesn't have the endurance of a super fit 20 year old ie: Alex Runs ,23 years old Rossi looked like he could win but Rins had youth on his side Plus the desire for his first win
  5. managed to get the old girl out of the shed and go for a squirt up the coast started first hit on the button hadn't been fired up since Nov 2018 was worried that I would have forgotten how to ride........................ but its just like riding a bike..........................................................................
  6. make sure you give him a good to wish him a happy Easter
  7. sorry had a hiccup had a productive nite while sleeping, downloaded 10 movies and 2 games, 56 GB in total winning
  8. just googled lupus faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaark
  9. Nothing like a bit of leather against the skin [emoji39]
  10. Hip hip hooray, hip happy Tuesday [emoji1787]
  11. same same bra I haven't ridden my bike since before Christmas looking at my last bike riding post..................25th November think I better go for a ride this weekend got 4 days to do it
  12. He did well in Q1 Chain fell off in race [emoji3525]
  13. Mrs BCB informed me that they were filming the today show on the beach
  14. Mrs BCB saw Jon Stevens on the beach at Palm Cove today I was like, who is that? Was in Noiseworks and also did a stint as lead singer in INXS Here's a classic oldie
  15. Wrong again https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.psychologytoday.com/au/blog/believing-bull/201109/you-can-prove-negative%3famp
  16. I was generalising about public schools Just as Fluff was And there you go with such an awesome question Please enlighten me Keefy, are you saying that there's religious schools?????? Who would have thought What's the world coming to
  17. Your kids WILL be taught that they are ghey Omo dick suckers and encouraged to be one At the same time they WILL be actively discouraged from believing in a creator or any form of higher power Unless of course it's demonic, that's encouraged as well Just take Halloween for example

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