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  1. Mini-ITX literally fits in the palm of your hand (sort of) re-used Mrs BCB's old SSD the fan protrudes a fraction 2 much I'll have to take that top shroud off the fan and do a few mods the side panel does have a dish but it misses by a couple of mm fired it up and the hardware recognized the old drive and booted straight to it haven't even gone into the BIOS yet to setup anything! Cat is totally unimpressed
  2. got Mrs BCB's parts today hope it goes together ok the CPU fan /heatsink is always a worry using a mini-ITX case so not to appear as a hypocrite, I'll post a couple of build pics tonight
  3. looks like a direct hit for the BCB household we are about a third of the way between Cairns and Port no biggie really as long as it doesn't intensify too much more might get a day off work tomorrow though
  4. I had 2 8Gb sticks got another 2 to fill the vacant slots with RGB, cos need more RGB didn't notice any discernable difference with 4 sticks vs 2 sticks or even 16Gb vs 32Gb my RAM is G.Skill TridentZ neo. 4 x 8Gb DDR4-3200 CL16 which was recommended as the sweet spot and bang for buck for the AM4 Ryzen 3000 series way back when you are very welcome I have also download AMD Ryzen Master Utility and adjusted the fabric clock and the memory clock to the same values you can download it HERE in my case it is 1600 on both (adding together to make 3200 as per my RAM speed) also have the Ryzen power plan for windoze all info HERE I have been running this software for over 12 months without any hiccups My CPU is set to run on max boost clock all the time and does so without any dramas (cos on water) I hope to see some pictures from both you and @Rab of your builds a time lapse video would be great
  5. looks like you are right on the money with that kit did a bit of searching and had a read of THIS article to cut to the chase .....
  6. its in the 3 dots on the right hand side of the post whereas the "quote" tab is there to see in all its naked glory see, edited
  7. lol I'm always editing my posts cos always making mistakes ok, found the "edit" tab
  8. what happened to the "edit" tab @k31th?? all I have is the "quote" tab cant edit wot. cant talk cos busy putting all my single posts into one?
  9. did a lot of research before I built my Ryzen system 15 months ago 3200Mhz was considered the "sweet spot" and if you look at recommendations from AMD, 3200Mhz is the number they use eg: @Rab has a gen 4 Ryzen gen 5 by numbering 4 must have been an unlucky number for them or something
  10. my limo is the same colour and the sun does bring out the "bling" in the duco Purple's, greens, pinks, blue's and Reds [emoji106] in the sun
  11. Awesome stuff @Rab [emoji106] Need pictures of the build [emoji846] Edit: I just bought a Gigabyte Aorus X570 mobo for Mrs BCB's new build Mini ITX but [emoji106]
  12. Well I'm VERY happy with your efforts Keefy the one thing that has been pissing me off about this forum since the last upgrade is now fixed I am no longer taken to the "new members thread" every time I try to navigate somewhere for you PS: love the wider format
  13. Mrs BCB was given a set of 5 Essteele stainless steel/copper based pots for her 21st they are still rocking today, 30 something years later
  14. back to work going to be a wet start to the year thanks to tropical cyclone Imogen
  15. Nothing like a good sosig [emoji1787]
  16. always good to put your spin on things more of a sense of achievement when it puts a smile on the lucky diners
  17. awesome stuff @masda74 I've been using this for over 12 months now and hasn't missed a beat https://www.pccasegear.com/products/46898/asus-rog-strix-x570-f-gaming-motherboard plenty of features and coming in at a mid-range price also pleasing to the eye with a nice ROG logo in RGB (you can turn that off if RGB makes you puke)
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