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  1. It tis indeed a happy Friday [emoji1635]
  2. Of course Happy hour every afternoon [emoji23][emoji23]
  3. 2 weeks holiday starts now [emoji2] Hired a campervan and looking at properties on the Atherton Tablelands for an early retirement [emoji1787]
  4. well I suppose she will now be able to yell "slow down you're going to kill us both" shattering your ear drums
  5. yeah nah mate bought a new pair of alpine star motorcycle gloves today.............................................Mrs BCB looked at them with a frown
  6. buy some extender cables and cable manage those ugly plastic blocks out of view see HERE
  7. not at all, and no need to apologize great pics and write up @masda74 I love this stuff
  8. this is where @JETURBO excels, just ask @Mrs Jeturbo
  9. jet takes as long as he sees fit, and by the way, he still pays the bills and makes a profit it's not about overheads and time constraints, it's just plain and simple greed larger organizations pay their workers a crappy wage and maximize profits with an exorbitant hourly rate I'm not commenting on Graham West through any personal experience with them, just my 2 cents on " overheads and time constraints" as an excuse for a not so thorough job as we see consistently coming from the JDtuning workshop If everyone had the same work ethic as @JETURBO the world would definitely be a better place
  10. finally dry enough to commute to work on my new scooter cut at least 12 minutes off my evening time so much satisfaction lane splitting at the lights and going around slow ass drivers in the right hand lane on the highway when I left work a couple of the guys came out for a look, pull a wheele they said....................need I say more
  11. Just a waste of billions of dollars for Jack sh#t
  12. also Jazz, royal gala, fuji, modi, and sundowner are all crisp and juicy and definitely up there with the pink lady's
  13. no fun there, how's Jet going to satisfy the voyeur in him? how on earth is Jet going to function on a pink bed???????????????
  14. freakin awesome @Mrs Jeturbo love the walk around and love your new home sorry, but I'm with Jet on the pink tiles also, the shower door needs to be clear
  15. that's it in a nutshell do need to gear it up a bit though rims I finally went with didn't come with a sprocket so I've had to use the 52 tooth one that came with the bike did see 155 today and didn't hit the limiter the guy on the Husky recons his does around 170 before it hits the limiter, he has a 46 tooth rear mine cruises good at 80, but at 100 it feels like it needs another gear
  16. finally got a (semi) fine day and rode my favorite range 6 times 2 were early morning and the road was still patchy wet 2 more times after breakfast and the range was almost dry got home and one of the lads from work rang to go for a squirt so off again and this time she was dry as a bone managed to keep the young fella at bay (he has raced up at the Mako where Jack Miller raced in his younger days) @violetpop you are definitely right about the fun that is had on a supermoto I've had a stupid grin on my face for most of today, and unless I'm going senile then it must be motard fun factor off the richter scale I'm in love with my new toy
  17. it's been just over a month and a half but finally I have the bike I envisioned when I decided on a dirtbike commuter picked up the rims yesterday arvo and spent about 3 and a half hours to do a bit of cutting plastics and squeezing things to fit blew my mid that I could program the speedo for a different circumference wheel, thumbs up to KTM get up early today to go for a ride..........................................pissing down with rain
  18. header and plastics fitted Mrs BCB said the old plastic shrouds with the KTM stickers looks better than the new plain what do you recon?
  19. what is the brand/model of the CPU cooler the young fella at work wants one
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