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  1. senna_T

    The Off Topic Thread.

    Haha, I wish! He gave up the ghost long ago stripey Nah, sig is well out of date. I should probably get on a proper computer to correct that
  2. senna_T

    The Off Topic Thread.

    We just perpetually hate our lives too
  3. senna_T

    The Off Topic Thread.

    Synthetic every time! Just ask CMS, they're using it!!!
  4. senna_T

    The Off Topic Thread.

    Haha, haven't been in the suspension game since april last year.... work for Liqui Moly now, business is very good Matty
  5. senna_T

    The Off Topic Thread.

    Wow, had to blow off the cobwebbs to this account! How are we all you freaky b*tches??
  6. senna_T

    Snowy Cruise 2015 (Fri 27 Nov - Sun 29 Nov)

    The jig!!! You're a legend Gaz! Is this year's trip organised? Sent from my HTC_0PJA10 using Tapatalk
  7. senna_T

    Snowy Cruise 2015 (Fri 27 Nov - Sun 29 Nov)

    So who's going to do the jiggy dance this year? [emoji12] Enjoy yourselves guys, had I been online and not binned my bike I would've loved to be coming along. Stay safe and I'll join you in spirit while raising a glass to Sam's dad and our old mate Rudiger
  8. senna_T

    2 Wheel Transport...

    Thanks guys, it's nice to have a proper bike, the hyo served me well but it's just not very good when you ride something proper...lol
  9. senna_T

    The Off Topic Thread.

    fanks keef, hows the beast?
  10. senna_T

    The Off Topic Thread.

    TGIF Hello all, still alive, hope everyone is doing ok.
  11. senna_T

    Bilstein Shocks Part Numbers?

    The lower mount is also not the same - the 1140 part number is modified with the lower tapered bolt to suit the utes.
  12. senna_T

    2 Wheel Transport...

    Hey guys, long time no forum. Got myself a man sized bike recently, 07 ZX14 with 4-1 Micron Pipe, Power commander, Ohlins rear shock and some other little bits and pieces. The thing is insane but so easy to ride. Keen to do some advanced rider training since it's so different to what I am used to! It took me a while to like the styling but now I have it in the garage I love it
  13. Good stuff, as I already mentioned mate I'll be watching eagerly!
  14. Last engine was from Tony Bellert - any reason for the change? Convenience or was he not really interested in doing the sort of set up/sponsor agreement that you guys are after?
  15. Awesome stuff John! Keen to see the progress and development.

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