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  1. I have an engine hoist. Changing the engine mounts doesn't sound too hard but I'm unsure of how to do the gearbox mounts. I've never done that on any car before. I suppose it's just a matter of taking the weight. I better see what lessons I can learn from YouTube🤓
  2. Ok, latest update is all of the new bushes that they put in are rooted. They all need to be replaced. Good thing they were the really good ones that come with a lifetime warranty. Even they couldn't explain it. They said its the first time they've seen this happen with those fancy bushes. They asked if I thrash my car or have mega horsepower.... both answers are definite NO's. They said it could be the gearbox mounts twisting the driveline or the tailshaft. I've just fixed the tailshaft so it can't be that. I'll mention to them the Cat600 side bushes and twin hat centre bush when they are ordering the new ones for me and see what they recommend. Otherwise I'll be back to get new bushes in another 18 months.
  3. I will check out what bushes were put in and ask at the suspension place for their recommendations too. I am willing to try almost anything but I'd rather find somebody who can pinpoint the problem quicker than most. Would coilovers help the situation at all?
  4. It's been pretty quiet on this site lately so I'll keep the conversation going about my lemon. First answer is No, I haven't set fire to it. I want to keep it. I'll work through the problems and go from there. I still have surge problems so I think I'll try and put a bigger fuel pump in it and see how that goes. I've think I've tried everything else. I still have the shudder problem that sounds like axle tramp. I have replaced all of the bushes (including trailing arms) and have recently changed the diff centre and tail shaft. The guy who did my diff said that the centre bush has gone soft and to take it back to whoever did it and get them to fix it. That will happen later this week. My new query for you guys is - when I put it into 1st or reverse to start moving, there is a clunk at the back of the car. Any ideas? Is it bush related? Is this common in other manual transmission cars?
  5. So bottom line is = the 700hp PM intercooler is the way to go if you don't want to cut anything and it should be an easy install. Yeah? 🙂 An intercooler is next on my list for upgrades and I doubt I'll be going over the 700hp mark at this point in time. I wish I had a higher budget and skillset but that's what I'm dealing with at the moment.
  6. Ok, the surge problem isn't completely fixed. It comes back every now and then. Any idea's of what else might be causing it? The new coils have helped out a lot though. Also, is there a particular brand of trailing arms that are better than the rest? There are quite a few out there and some look different than the stock ones. I wasn't sure what ones to get so I spent money elsewhere. My latest upgrade over the weekend was a heavy duty tow pack. I'm not gonna tow anything really heavy other than a few motorbikes but it does look better and I can remove the hitch if I need to. It was only a couple hundred $$ extra than the lower rated tow pack. I also splurged on a cold air intake and battery relocation. Hopefully that will arrive sometime this week so I've got so something to do over the weekend. 😎👍
  7. Good news! The coils turned up early and I put them in. It seems as though the surge problem has been fixed. Although it did happen again on my first test, it hasn't happened again. I'll test it everyday just to make sure it doesn't come back. lol The trailing arms will be the next fix on my car. I'll be replacing the whole arm on both sides and not just replacing the bushes, correct? Seems like an easy enough task. Thanks for the help guys.
  8. I just bought a set of OEM coils off ebay. They turn up in a week. Fingers crossed that they are the answer to my surge problem. I'll update you all once they are in. 😎
  9. Thanks K31th. I'll grab a six pack as soon as I can and see if that fixes the prob.
  10. Checked the plug gaps, no change. Didn't have time to get coils. Maybe tomorrow after work? Any specific brand? Should I replace all 6 or just try and find the faulty one? Or 2? Or 3? As I want to add a little more power over time, will I need different coils in the future and if so, should I get them now or hold off?
  11. Ok then, I'll pull the plugs out and check the gaps tomorrow. If that doesn't fix it, I'll try coils. If that doesn't work, I'll ask for more advice. Thanks fellas.
  12. G'day gang. So last year I had to get a new car because the last one got hit from behind and written off. It was a good car for over 14 years. I was looking at a newer car for a few years and decided an XR6T or an XR8 will do just fine. Mustangs were a little out of my price range. I ended up spending 27k on a 2014 manual XR6T with only 58k on the clock. Driving it home I noticed a few problems which I took back to the dealer and over a month or so, those problems were sorted. One of those problems being a steering wheel that would move up, down, in, out, all over the place. The steering column was broken and needed replacing. Now after owning it for 9 months or so, I have a list of problems. Some seem more common than others going by what I've read on this site. I'll list the main ones here - Axle tramp - the rear end shudders when it breaks traction. I've taken it to a suspension place at Penrith and they replaced the centre diff bush and 2 other bushes they said needed to happen. They also swapped the shocks but it still sounds and feels horrible when it breaks traction. The drivers seat has a broken lumbar support - this is literally a pain in the ass if I have to drive for more than 2 hours at a time. Knocking in the rear end when turning sharp left - I only hear this at slow speeds and I've read elsewhere on this site that it's a problem with the shock itself and can be fixed by grinding 3 spots down a little bit. I'll investigate further when it bothers me too much but for now I have more annoying problems. The acceleration isn't smooth - this is the one that gets me frustrated the most. As I'm accelerating, it feels as though it's surging. To best describe what's going on, it's like I'm going from 2 to 3000 revs and then I pause for half a second at 3000 revs, then 3 to 4 and another pause, 4 to 5 and another pause, etc... I've tightened all clamps. Checked for cracks and replaced hoses where needed. Changed spark plugs. Checked and cleaned injectors. I've bought a fuel filter and I'll replace it tomorrow when I get some spare time. Any idea's on what this could be? Has anybody experienced the same thing? Any help with any of my problems will be appreciated.
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