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  1. Rab

    The Off Topic Thread.

  2. Rab

    Looking for race track Melbourne

    Have done days at Sandown and Phillip Island - will do another one soon
  3. Rab

    What Did You Do To Your Car Today?

    Can still smell the diff oil from 30 years ago
  4. @camo86T had that last night
  5. Told him not to try the drone underwater
  6. Rab

    Headphone Magic

    Shield is fantastic
  7. Rab

    Headphone Magic

    Pfft No toilet telly?
  8. Doesn't make a difference
  9. Nup. Ask keef, he'll agree with me. Zero difference
  10. Order of pipes doesn't matter.
  11. Rab

    The Off Topic Thread.

    He was getting personal with attacks, posting his drivel in other threads (not just off topic) and adding nothing of value in the way of conversation anywhere. He was suspended previously, warned on his return, warned after his last (self imposed) break from the forum and too much of a headache to keep on top of. His response to the "suggestion" that he learns to play nicely was basically a "F-you" Not a grenade we needed ticking here.

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