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  1. Rab

    The Off Topic Thread.

    Yeah, it's all fine now. Favouring it a bit, but no twinges
  2. Rab

    The Off Topic Thread.

    Cool shower does wonders
  3. Rab

    The Off Topic Thread.

    Was hovering on 70kg til I hit 30, got divorced, moved to the CBD and hit the pub every night. Have some faith in yourself Keith - it is possible if you put your mind to it
  4. Rab

    Pig on Spit

    All good so far, but keeping an eye on the forecast for Sunday Total fire ban would really stuff the weekend up
  5. Rab

    The Off Topic Thread.

    Just got sit outside this arvo Puff - you'll sweat away any fat
  6. Will dealer warranty the transmission if you don't service it?
  7. Rab

    Goeers thoughts

    Am tipping Goeer's monthly release has expired and he'd back in his padded cell til mid feb. Guess we can all relax for a few weeks, then forget, then get slapped in the face when he resurfaces.
  8. I think with the brakes j@t sold me - I can save money by buying the Audi R8 pads and shaving them down so they fit. The R8 pads aren't cheap....
  9. Rab

    Pig on Spit

    Why would you eat people you don't like? That'd totally ruin the meal. Ohhh - you mean to invite them to eat the offal? That could be funny
  10. Rab

    Goeers thoughts

    He was going to sell it til we told him it's legal to run the ute with a baby seat in the passenger side.
  11. Rab

    Pig on Spit

    I've got your address - will send you a vac pack. Some kranskies, pork, brisket and a slice of aged wagyu sound good? (plus some kidneys, sliced liver and some head cheese from the guests who don't head home sunday night?)
  12. Rab

    Pig on Spit

    Smoked the 5kg of cheese and jalapeno kranskies today in prep for Sunday. Had a taste and fark me - the bait is set
  13. I think Goeer's mailbox thing is already full
  14. Snipping tool and dick pics?

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