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  1. Cheers mate! Trust it to be blocked at work haha 🤦‍♂️
  2. Hey guys Does anyone have a digital copy of the 335 workshop service manual or know anywhere I can get it? Happy to pay for it but I can only find workshop manuals for the 6's
  3. What a F%^%ing day its been... Can anyone tell me what this connection is called and whats the best way to get to it so I can pull the broken bit of plastic out?
  4. haha I meant looking at the engine bay what cylinder is what number. I was under the assumption drivers side was 1 to 4 starting from the front of the car but im hearing different things.
  5. Legend mate cheers! Dont know what number order the cylinders go in by any chance?
  6. Hey guys Been trying to find the answer and can’t find it. How much engine oil do these 335’s take for a service? Cheers
  7. Well Racewars was a world of fun!!! I had 2 400m passes making 215 and 216 kmh then I had 3 800m rolling passes. First was 260, 261 then 265. Unfortunately I only got 1 run on the 1000m due to the incident but I managed a 270. Horrible launch and bad gear changes so hopefully next year I can crack at least 275. But all in all I am stoked!!! Was an awesome weekend and can't wait for next year! Massive thanks to @IH8TOADS Unreal tuning and help! Missus got some awesome photos and a video of toads and my self racing on the 800m roll on.
  8. Missus got some wicked shots of my car in Albany on the weekend. I also got a wicked one of @discostig
  9. Who’s coming to watch and who’s entered this weekend!?
  10. Its a world of fun haha. Taking the car to race wars in March and trying to get to the motor plex before hand to see how it goes. Just seen another post you made about the turbo. Normal driving its still very responsive. Great fun on the street. The big tune, Man it just sings! Doesn't take bugger all to get it moving. Highly rate it.
  11. So I may need to be moved to the 500 club Chucked a T40Z in, GFB fuel regulator, Second Pierburg pump with a 300lph intank pump. Have entered into race wars for 2019 so should be a lot of fun! Can't wait! Now sitting on adjustable pedders coil overs. I have had some HD axles go in and have a built tail shaft sitting there ready to go in so after race wars hoping to get down to the quarter mile to try and go for a mid 10. May have more in it but bit hard to tell considering I only get 1 pass then kicked out... Couple more photos
  12. A bit of an update. I had the rocker cover off yesterday and the timing looks fine and the chain is fine. We chucked a known working throttle body on today. With the key on (Car not started) on the logs shows the throttle body fully open when putting my foot flat down on the peddle. We went for a drive and on WOT the logs shows its not fully opening. So seems to have an issue somewhere going on there. On a 15 psi tune only getting 11 psi still.
  13. Well it goes alright for 11 pounds of boost but it should be getting 22. The AFR gauge is a PLX one with a separate 02 sensor installed for it. Its about 2 months old.

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