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  1. LazyBrennan

    Lazys Bf2 Xr6 Turbo

    Its a world of fun haha. Taking the car to race wars in March and trying to get to the motor plex before hand to see how it goes.
  2. LazyBrennan

    Lazys Bf2 Xr6 Turbo

    So I may need to be moved to the 500 club Chucked a T40Z in, GFB fuel regulator, Second Pierburg pump with a 300lph intank pump. Have entered into race wars for 2019 so should be a lot of fun! Can't wait! Now sitting on adjustable pedders coil overs. I have had some HD axles go in and have a built tail shaft sitting there ready to go in so after race wars hoping to get down to the quarter mile to try and go for a mid 10. May have more in it but bit hard to tell considering I only get 1 pass then kicked out... Couple more photos
  3. LazyBrennan

    Leak help!

    A bit of an update. I had the rocker cover off yesterday and the timing looks fine and the chain is fine. We chucked a known working throttle body on today. With the key on (Car not started) on the logs shows the throttle body fully open when putting my foot flat down on the peddle. We went for a drive and on WOT the logs shows its not fully opening. So seems to have an issue somewhere going on there. On a 15 psi tune only getting 11 psi still.
  4. LazyBrennan

    Leak help!

    Yup   Ill have a look
  5. LazyBrennan

    Leak help!

    Well it goes alright for 11 pounds of boost but it should be getting 22. The AFR gauge is a PLX one with a separate 02 sensor installed for it. Its about 2 months old.
  6. LazyBrennan

    Leak help!

    Cats been gutted. Would I still be able to get desired fuel though if that was the case? Was roll racing the other night only getting about 11-12 pounds of boost but my lambda gauge was showing a nice 0.82 the whole time.
  7. LazyBrennan

    Leak help!

    Ok guys I am all out of ideas what to check. I am loosing a lot of boost. Should be getting 22 psi and only getting 11 psi. The car idles like an absolute pig and stalls. Little issues are noticed like cruise control for example, I cant actually increase speed. All things point towards a leak somewhere. We have done a compression test and leak down test on the motor and results were all good, We made a device to hook up to the intake and pumped about 30 psi through the whole system trying to hear for a leak and nothing. PCV was checked, Intake manifold gasket was all good (still fairly new and we did pull it apart to check) The actuator has been checked, Throttle body is clean and gasket fine too. Gaskets have been replaced on the turbo. I have tried using a flammable spray like brake cleaner ect around fittings to listen for a change in idle revs and nothing. Also getting the P1131 error engine light code. This engine light comes on at just normal driving speeds. I am sure there is things we have checked and I've for gotten to mention. I am completely stumped as to what else it could be. Any ideas of things to have a look at would be a massive help.
  8. LazyBrennan

    ARP Flex plate bolts

    Selling 2 packs of ARP flex plate bolts. Brand new and unopened packets (5 in a packet) Will post at buyers expense. Located south of Perth $60 for both packets
  9. LazyBrennan

    Fg air con Issue

    Gday guys I have a 2010 xr6 sedan that's having some air con issues. You can feel some cold air coming through the vents but the fan behind the glove box does not turn on. After driving for about 20 minutes if you hit the side wall of the ICC in the foot well hard enough it just kicks in and starts blowing at full strength. We can adjust the speed as well from there. This is in both auto and manual modes. I have replaced the fan out of a car I know the fan works in, I am going to try changing the resistor but has anyone ever had the issue before or got any suggestions? Thanks.
  10. LazyBrennan

    No accessory or tail lights

    So after reading some similar stories on the forums I went to check the bulbs, What ever wiring I could get to and everything looks fine. All the ICC plugs are connected fine. This is pretty frustrating.
  11. LazyBrennan

    No Dash Lights Or Rear Driving Lights

    I am having the same issue with my 07 bf2. All my fuses are fine. Did you ever find out what the problem was?
  12. LazyBrennan

    No accessory or tail lights

    Gday guys. Got a new one haha The car is a 2007 bf2 xr6 turbo. So I am not getting any blue back lights on my cluster and ICC unit. The amount of kays I have done display and has the white back light, My ICC screen works and is functional but there's no back lights on the buttons, I am also getting no tail lights, I get brake lights no issues. My head lights work no issues, The warning lights on the cluster work. I have checked every fuse, I have another bf xr6 and swapped the clusters and both work in the second car but neither work in my car with the issue. I have also picked up another combination switch. Works in the second car but not the main car. I am completely stumped what to check next.
  13. LazyBrennan

    Another tramping question

    Those bushes wouldnt even be more than 5000 kays old. But I will check them. Ill check all the nuts and bolts tomorrow. That's what I am after man, More ideas that get thrown around the closer ill get to finding the issue!
  14. LazyBrennan

    Another tramping question

    Sure did. Did that the other day when we replaced the axle seals
  15. Righto guys I am having a lot of tramping issues at the moment that is doing my head in! Stand still starts or even just roll on's now. It did it today at 3000rpm Background of the car: It recently made 625rwhp on a hub dyno. It felt great for a couple weeks after the tune then I took it to the drags and did a couple runs with out an issue. After the 5th run it tramped very hard off the line and I didn't really get off it straight away. Now when ever I start to get on boost it tramps up. I replaced the blade bushes today with white line bushes, I have a twin diff bush hat set up and super pro hybrid front diff bushes. Stock suspension as well. Shocks still feel fine. Any help or ideas would be greatly appreciated. This is doing my head in hahaha.

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