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  1. ok, am pretty much ready to do the conversion on the xf falcy, have bought an 04 barra complete with Turbo and trans, got the wiring loom back to firewall, ecu, and fuse box essentially everthing in the engine bay. Sooo where to go from here, can I use the original manual trans?, what engine mounts etc, should I go with upgrading the rods while engine is is on the stand, ( will be putting in new valve springs ) any advice please, have spent the morning trawling the site trying to find a dedicated stream on this but so far no good.
  2. Hi, valve springs replaced with crow 95lb and new lifters also, notice now when I get up it that I am hitting the limiter at the 10lb boost, think I am going to need a retune, might jump up to 15lbs boost.
  3. ok got to the bottom of it, evidently it is my valve springs floating as I come off a highish reving but low load with 10psi boost, going to buy some crow springs methinks, anyone out there know a reputable south island mechanic to have this done in car? I do have a spare head off the first motor so can go that way as last resort.
  4. ok, all done car running good on 10psi, noticed now sometimes when on WOT and then come off the pedal quick then go to reapply throttle the motor seems to have a flat spot like it is overfuelled or spark gone out , any ideas?, also partner said she saw a slight puff of grey white smoke when I got up it the other day .
  5. done, 489 on trade me, up there but cheaper than a panelbeater
  6. ok next thing, going to upgrade the front discs, any suggestions, am looking at an aussie supplier but they dont freight to nz, is partsfield_com
  7. yup only got the boost at 7.5 psi, don't really want to jump it up too far yet until I sort a new intercooler and valve spring the head, then will look to bump up the kw's
  8. and , update, car is running, took the opportunity to upgrade the turbo to the Garret gtx358 gen2, dyno came out at 284rwkw, k and n panel filter works fine, am a happy camper, been a bit of a marathon so going to just drive it for a bit before starting the stage two upgrade of the spare head.
  9. yup, and leakdown test came back perfect also. not getting my hopes up just yet though, will wait till I have it off the dyno and back in the drive before I get too excited, really disappointed with BMC however, they really had a good chance here to show what a caring, put things right company they are, as yet this has not been the case, not sure where to go now with the air cleaner option. Open to suggestions.
  10. ok , quick update. after many weeks of patient waiting we have a result of sorts, gotta say big thanks to my tuner steve at SMP here in Blenheim and Chris Evert at NZEFI in CHCH, between them they have convinced the australian importer to cover the cost of the repairs to the motor, which is awesome from them unfortunately I don't know who they are but I will endeavour to find out, as BMC have yet to respond to them but they have undertaken to cover the costs of the repairs regardless and instructed SMP to go ahead with the work. Turbo sent away today for new inner core , going ceramic, have new aftermarket intercooler arriving hopefully tomorrow so all going to plan coupla weeks will reach the end of this saga.
  11. have not checked the cooler yet but suspect given the mess the turbo is in the air filter product has moved through this also, still waiting to hear back from the manufacturer and the car is currently back at the tuners until we get it sorted expecting to hear back later this week, will keep you all posted.
  12. yup is a BMC has been shipped to aussie to the supplier, claim in progress will keep you posted but cant say too much until I hear from them, expecting an answer around Wednesday of this week.
  13. nah bearings rooted , massive up and downs going on, is on a truck back to the tuner tomorrow, will keep you posted , and will find out what brand.
  14. cheers man, but I found the problem thought I would see what the status of the turbo was, pulled the airpipe and saw red...literally, followed it back to the air cleaner and whaddayaknow, brand spanikin new highflow filter in bits, check out these pics, just sent them to tuner, he going to give me a call in the morning, am thinking this is now all through my intercooler vanes as well....
  15. and duh duh call from the tuner today, did a pull with the new gear and turbo sh*ts itself, limped the car home and back to the drawing board I go, new turbo needed, starting to think the move from Chev to Ford was not such a smart idea, gimme some help here guys, just spent 3.5 k on injectors, exhaust, filter and tune and now staring down the barrel of another god knows how much to replace the turbo, plenty on ebay, bugger all around Blenheim, any suggestions, who to buy off, what to avoid, can fit it myself, obviously got a free tune once all sorted and still looking to up horsepower in the future.
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