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  1. Puffwagon

    The Off Topic Thread.

    I did that in the second storey of a pub in Innisfail back in 1997, when I was renting a room and dehanding bananas for a job during the day. After some of the sh*t I've been through I've got no need to get used to anything. Lol the cool shower, among other degenerate things, was the highlight of the day.
  2. Puffwagon

    The Off Topic Thread.

    Yeah it's almost like a horror movie. So hot that you can't leave the house and nek minute the power goes off and zombies attack.
  3. Puffwagon

    The Off Topic Thread.

    Far out it's still so hot. Wtf man? I've never been so grateful for aircon.
  4. Puffwagon

    boost solenoid fail?

    Air filter condom? I could actually go one of those.
  5. Puffwagon

    The Off Topic Thread.

    Lol looks like a girls hand now. It must have just been the angle before.
  6. Puffwagon

    The Off Topic Thread.

    Lmao oh well at least I can get that image out of my mind. Cheers to jd and coke 👍
  7. Puffwagon

    The Off Topic Thread.

    Lol there's a nude Jet if I ever saw one 🤪
  8. Puffwagon

    boost solenoid fail?

    That's an interesting comment cos I live in a dusty as ever loving fark area. You will frequently drive through a thick cloud of dust from a side road and there is generally dust and dirt everywhere. Recently I was pondering an intake/filter setup for my car and had a look at a fairly unused k&n filter I had lying around. I decided to go with a cheapy due to the size of the holes in the k&n and more so the fact that it wouldn't have fitted unless I did a turbo change. That said there is more than one type of k&n filter available.
  9. Puffwagon

    Show us your PC and/or Gaming setup

    Here's an interesting gpu comparison. 290x vs the more recent cards. I had one of these and then I had two of them, in a partner model. The 1080ti appears to be the equivalent of two of them. It's kinda funny to think that if crossfire didn't suck and was properly supported, that a couple of these cards would still be a good option today.
  10. Puffwagon

    The Off Topic Thread.

    Yeah I get it. I'm only fat around the middle but nothing that 4 months of a fixed diet wouldn't fix. Still too fat for me but I don't look out of place in the general public. Back to the weather...here's the max shed and shade temps at my house today. I took the two year old outside to chuck a nappy in the wheelie bin and she was covering her face, it was that hot.
  11. Puffwagon

    The Off Topic Thread.

    Ha you might be for all we know! It depends upon your personal standard of how much fat is acceptable. It's contradictory as it reads though innit. How tall are you? You'd be a lot fatter than me if you ate 4000 and were sedentary. I'm 6ft and maybe a month after I stopped lifting, 3500kcal saw me as high as 110kg.
  12. Puffwagon

    The Off Topic Thread.

    So what is your exact fitness or health qualification? Bollocks, I never disagreed with that point. You used a strawman argument there mate. Check the post history. Contradict yourself much? Maybe it's time to start intermittent fasting bro...
  13. Puffwagon

    The Off Topic Thread.

    Ay if you're on 4000 calories a day and aren't a big fat fark then why didn't you ever post in the weight lifting thread?
  14. Puffwagon

    The Off Topic Thread.

    Lol ya turkey, this ain't about winning a point. I was showing that I have first hand experience. I'm sure we agree on most things, especially if you have some qualification in the field of fitness or diet/nutrition. I still ain't swapping my meals though. If I wanna go through the hassle of changing my diet I'd rather go all out and fix it properly.

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