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  1. No work tomorrow so full steam ahead for assembly. All that's left is the intake manifold support brackets on the passenger side then the hotside, boost piping, coolant recovery tank, catch can and the coil cover with the trans cooler mounted on top. I've fully vbanded the exhaust and dump etc and all that is needed there is the 2 piece dump to be fitted up. The exhaust is still fitted and all that's needed there is the section that goes over the rear cradle needs a 1/2 inch stick to be stuck between it and the cradle to give it clearance when the front vband is tightened.
  2. Puffwagon

    My Build

    It's going on the dyno on Monday mate and will break 700 then, all going well. Fingers crossed the trans holds together
  3. Sell the Ford, buy a Honda. Kill two birds with one stone
  4. Chicken and eggs for post workout. All that missing is the broccoli for the ultimate trifecta of gains
  5. Out here for the second workout of the third week. I'm tryna have a beer after work but I'm also tryna make some gains...so... I'm drinking a beer between sets. Winning
  6. Well it's officially cold enough to bust out the fluffy boots.
  7. Mate my VN 5.0 makes a whopping 200rwhp and it's farken sick bro. Sounds choice banging off the limiter smashing skids.
  8. Puffwagon

    My Build

    I'll race ya to the 700 club?!
  9. World's longest single pegga coming up? Post some more pics mate
  10. I've made over 900whp with a 6boost. I suppose some back pressure testing is needed to see where it becomes a restriction.
  11. I would have let it run for longer but sh*t was starting to melt!
  12. Yeah I just left it there cos I cbf putting it back to 0. It'll be interesting to see where the turbo spool now cos that was some pretty hectic flames out the exhaust!
  13. I saw that car driving past Australian Clutch a few weeks ago. Haha someone got hectic with the decel timing The Kelford website reckons you can use vct with limited movement and the cam card I got reckons use fixed timing only. The only real way of finding out what's best is to try both and do sh*tloads of testing.
  14. They have a setting that they recommend but I left my dial gauge at work so left the cams there. I'll see how it goes on the dyno and adjust it on the weekends.
  15. It's no so much that I forgot it, it's more so that I just didn't attach it. I was gonna fire it up without the exhaust manifold on to make sure it runs and to get a tiny bit of heat into it...and I attached the earth strap just now and it's alive huehuehuehue. It shoots foot long flames out of the head cos the exhaust cam shuts after tdc! It's gonna spool that 7675 good and proper
  16. Maybe it would help to attach the earth strap...
  17. Battery has 12.4v and remote works from inside the house at 10 metres away.
  18. Dunno if it's related to the starter issue but the panic alarm is going off randomly. Any ideas?
  19. I think they might be a tad big for what you want. I've got a 2200cc injector at 4 bar and it was using 60% duty cycle at 40psi boost, 685awkw/918awhp and on e85. A 1300cc injector might be better for you as it will be able to idle and drive properly on 98 fuel, while still providing enough fuel for 650rwkw or so on e85.
  20. Both at zero except the intake is 1 degree advanced and I cbf changing it. I got to the point where I was gonna dry fire it and get some heat into it and it turns out the starter won't play ball. Positive to the starter, positive coming from the trigger wire and nothing when I turn the key. I tried bridging it and still nothing. Unless I've missed something I reckon the starter needs replacing.
  21. Getting there. Head is torqued down, cam timing set and timing cover on. Plenty more to do but on the home stretch now.
  22. Well I've got it finished now, so I can bolt it down tomorrow. I can't say I enjoyed it much as I've been on my feet all day and evening. I guess there will be some action tomorrow afternoon
  23. Fml. I forgot how long it takes to clean and assemble a head.
  24. Haha cheers. I moved the weights to the back verandah a while ago so it's outdoors. The shed is taken over by car sh*t for the time being. We go out after the kids are in bed, about 8:15pm, workout, hit the shower and back to the couch for Netflix by 9:45pm or so.
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