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  1. With Holley hydramat? How long before giant turbo etc or still to early to tell?
  2. Stop at a petrol station and buy a beanie and gloves.
  3. There is no et on fixing the falcon but more than likely is going to be next year. So far I haven't spent any money on the territory (minus some tuning credits that were already there) as I already had the parts laying around from the falcon. The flex fuel kit is on the wish list but more than likely won't be done for a few months at least. That won't really make any difference to how quickly the sedan gets fixed, for reasons.
  4. Nope ran out of time, only had time to fit the pump. Will do it next week. It's a secret Nah all we did was modify the return and remove about 5mm off the bottom of where the pump is held. I haven't touched the fuel reg, I might just replace it with an aftermarket barra specific one shortly. I spose I could drill it out over the weekend as it's a fairly small job. The only tuning I did yesterday was revert the fuel back to known good 98 figures. I've got hold of a lc1 that fits the tail pipe and plugs into the console power, so will have a quick sus that everything is ok when I get a chance. It'll give some idea if there is any fuel pressure issues at idle but that might not happen until I give the pump full battery voltage. I'll post an update if you're interested.
  5. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4gz4ZNa8kXg Wtf is this sh*t bro? The link could not be embedded because www.youtube.com does not allow embedding of that video.
  6. Fitted the Walbro 460 today. Modded the pot and return etc and got it back together just in time to pick the kids up from school. Ran out of fuel on the way there so thanks @Rab. Got that sorted out though and couldn't get hold of e85 so filled up with 98 and retuned it. I left it on 13psi and although it's not holy sh*t fast (never was lol), it still hauls ass. Gen2 gtx3582r ftw! I thought it would suck having the bigger turbo but it is great. The cruising fuel economy is noticeably better now that it is back on 98 and looking to get 600km per tank vs 500km from before. I really need a flex fuel kit and to have it tuned with pcmtec. I already have the workshop version so when the time comes I can get it really dialed in. Boost by gear or boost by speed will be a great addition, along with never having to tune it again once the flex sensor is installed.
  7. There are much better ways to start lifting and make progress than what you've suggested or what .Stripes. just did. Look at my progress in this thread. I went from novice to late intermediate in the space of ten months. Clearly I must know a thing or two about weight lifting and eating, as most people never reach those numbers, let alone in less than a year. What would I know though hey?! Anyway, something is better than nothing and consistency is key for any kind of gainzzz. Don't get disheartened at this comment .Stripes., it's not an attack but rather a necessary truth, just keep it up and you will get somewhere better.
  8. Haha yerp. Nah I've only got 98 at home and the car is tuned for a 98/e85 mix. It wouldn't run real good on 98 with the current tune.
  9. Yeah I'm all for being self reliant but I don't mind accepting help when it makes sense. I've got the tank down to 5 litres or less so it should make it a bit easier. I'll be taking a jerry can and the laptop in case I run out before the servo.
  10. Yerp. The driveway can ead though. I'm going to a mates place with a hoist.
  11. I'm gonna chuck a new fuel filter and walbro 460 into my territory today. It should be able to pull a skid on wet grass after that.
  12. What's your goal Brogene Bromaker? Whatever it is, start gently cos that's just what you have to do.
  13. Dude did you even read my post???
  14. For the first couple of weeks to a month I wouldn't get too worried about a program, as you want to get past the delayed onset muscle soreness and let your joints and tendons get used to it. Go every day if you can, walk for half an hour and lift light weights until your form is good again. I'd stick with low intensity cardio to start with, as it saves your joints from inflammation. After that, what you decide to do is based upon your goals. As a novice lifter you wouldn't do a split, you would do full body 6-7 days per fortnight until you have to dial it back due to increasing strength. As always, it depends on your goals. For training time, it depends what kind of training you want to do. In your situation, I'd suggest morning for hardcore goals and probably lunch time if you have a spare hour and a half to get there, get changed, warm up, lift, shower, get changed, get back etc. As for motivation, set a schedule, set your alarm and go to the gym. Do what you want, not what you feel. I haven't lifted for ages and am fat and slug like. I'll race ya to 10x bw bench if you like
  15. So far it's just me, @Rab and @EvilDaifu. There will be more kids than adults at this rate. I'm going to drive there over the course of two days, to make it easier on the family. If there are any S.A members thinking about coming, feel free to meet up and leave on the Thursday with us, or meet up halfway on the Friday. Edit: I don't mind doing a detour to meet up with Vic members on Thursday afternoon or Friday morning as well.
  16. It had to be the windows update. I checked every goddamn other thing first though
  17. Tried this and that, including a windows update, and it fixed itself. Even though I did the system restore yesterday and the card was working etc, it didn't have any drivers installed when I checked it today. It must have been using a windows driver? Fark knows.
  18. Yeah it was pretty sucky at the time. I do an automatic daily backup of my entire boot drive so at least I can fix it, in rare cases like I had yesterday.

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