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  1. Nice, you'll be able to hear me snoring too then. My missus will love it.
  2. Bust out the multimeter and work your way back man. Check for earth and power seperately and then switch to ohms and check the wiring.
  3. I've got 2 aftermarket switches in my car. It's for the reversing camera.
  4. Imagine how messy it would be eating that! I'd need a knife and fork 😁
  5. Ok fair enough. He has been recommended by Roland over at Pcmtec in some of their forum posts. I haven't had anything to do with him but that was why I made my comment.
  6. The fans wont come one sooner unless you make them but fair enough. The reason I'm asking for explanation is not because of a lack of understanding on my part. It's because a lot of people recommend a tune for any minor change and in many cases isn't "needed" but rather could be utilized whether or not the car is modified. In this specific case a tune isn't "needed" but it could be utilized. For better or worse semantics matter more online, especially hard statements such as "you need to xxx".
  7. Boys you've both made statements without any reason as to why these changes should happen.
  8. Untuned it won't matter and I have a strong feeling even forcing it to run cooler with the tune fixed up, it still wont make a difference unless taking it around a circuit. Choosing which one to use is a whole lot of meh imo.
  9. The stock value for the low speeds fans to switch on is 212f and will switch off at 205f. No need for adjusting the fan in the tune for a thermostat change, but you might want to do that with a stock thermostat anyway to keep the low speed fans on all the time during the warmer months. The spark correction for coolant is zero at 180f and 200f but will interpolate below or above these temp numbers from the 150f and 220f points. There is a chance that timing will be affected slightly if a 180f thermostat sits a couple of degrees cooler than 180f. This is where you might want to adjust the tune to ensure the timing cant change. Really doesn't matter much which thermostat you use tunewise, and wouldn't be worth paying to get these parameters changed. The cooler one will give you a bit more time at WOT before it inevitably overheats. Is there any benefit from running an alloy head at 195 vs 180 to dissipate heat from the engine quicker? That's another debate I think. Edit: The motor wont get any cooler than the low speed fan off point regardless of which thermostat is installed, so there is no point getting a cooler thermostat unless you did change the fans to force it colder.
  10. Get in touch with this guy. https://m.facebook.com/Whiteford-Tech-168145224027606/?__tn__=%2Cg
  11. Just booked Beachport Caravan Park in the surfside apartment for Saturday 13th. @Rab @EvilDaifu @Wilko16 it might be worth getting onto it as we're only a 3 weeks for that night. You blokes could probably all bunk together in the cottage. Details in my post above.
  12. Eh I got over 5000km from them so I'm happy with that. They'll probably be fine on 98 and 15 pounds but lighting off a e40 blend at mid 11s is a bit much at 17 pounds. Yeah I'm a tight arse but I have my reasons. Brb putting the toddler back to bed...
  13. It was good. I did a quick tune yesterday and the fuel was 11.8 to 12:1. I added 1.1% more fuel (based on injector size) after I removed the wb which would have put it mid 11's. I probably could have left it though. It broke up slightly a couple of times by the time I got home this evening, so I'll put some new plugs in. Haha I just regapped the original 150xxxkm iridium plugs when I bought it and they're stuffed. Lol they were already worn, but I squeezed the last bit out of them.
  14. To be honest I cranked the beats, cranked the heater and had an hour to myself driving my turbo territory so it wasn't that bad. I turned the boost up to 17psi after 4000rpm yesterday, so it was super quick tonight as the outside temps are 5c. It was still a wtf moment cos a 1 minute trip turned into a 1 hour trip. I just saw that thread, I wonder what cost 8k? He should get it sorted pretty easy now that he's here.
  15. Wow man...I wanted a long neck at 10 o'clock, about an hour ago. The local was shut so I figured I go to the 4 long necks for $20 shop. 20 minutes later they are shut too, even though they used to be open until midnight! WTF man?! Drive half way home and get a 6 pack for $21 and finally an hour later I am home. What the hell is that sh*t?!?! To top things off the hectic acceleration of my car dumped my phone out of my pocket under the seat which took a good 5 minutes to retrieve cos of the under seat glove box... Pfft time for a beer
  16. That's good mate, keep at it. Haha I can't do 140 for 3x10, I'd be about 30kg less for that rep range. Leg day sure does suck when starting out or getting back into it. I had to force myself to get it done cos I sure af didn't feel like it. My legs are aching and a bit sore too right now but not too bad overall.
  17. Pwo locked and loaded. Give it a minute to kick in and then it's time for mo gainzzz!!!! Heh then I'ma be a slackhole and do nothing all weekend. Could be time to write a program, now that everything is moving nicely and ready to lift properly.
  18. Far out man that took some fixing
  19. It goes above that steel crossmember bit, at the bend where it goes from flat to round, then down between it and the radiator fan assy. These instructions night help. http://photos.imageevent.com/kadepunk/hybridinstallationguides/FALCON XR6 intercooler installation.pdf

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